book review // “carry on” by rainbow rowell

carryontitle: carry on
author: rainbow rowell
genre: ya-fantasy
type: paperback
pages: 517
start: 11.08.2017
finish: 12.08.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5


“You have to pretend that you get an endgame. You have to carry on like you will; otherwise, you can’t carry on at all.”



what it’s about:
simon snow is supposed to be the chosen one. the one who saves everything. in his last year at watford school for magicks he has a new duty – find out who killed his roommate’s mother. the only problem: simon and baz can’t stand each other. they call it a truce and work together with simon’s best friend penny to find out the truth. of course it’s not that easy, because there is another great danger waiting for simon. after all he is the chosen one. but the chosen one for what exactly?


what i think:
first of all i have to say again, that i haven’t read “harry potter”. since “carry on” is kind of a fanfiction for “harry potter”, i went into this completely blind and i can’t compare any of the story to “harry potter”. for me this was a totally new experience. but since i have enjoyed this so much, i think, that i really might like “harry potter”. but that is something for another time.

“carry on” is written very well and i flew through it. it gripped me right from the start and i couldn’t put it down. i read it in two sittings, and this book has over 500 pages. that’s how much i enjoyed it.

it think the book does everything right with the different point of views. because you get all the information right from the start. who is who. what is what. but you also get a mystery right from the start and the task is to figure out how everything comes together. and i loved it. i love a good “let’s-guess-the-hell-out-of-it”-book and with these characters on top, this book was so much fun.

simon is so cute and i loved the fact, that he wasn’t perfect. he is struggling with himself, his personality, his abilities. he tries to figure out who and what he is and i think, rainbow rowell portrays him very well. he had a place in my heart right from the start and of course throughout the book i learned what he is and the process in which he is developing has the right pace. everything was done great. i loved simon! ❤

baz is another character who got his place in my heart. i didn’t know what to expect from him, but i now love this guy so much! he also makes a huge development throughout the book, he is funny and bad at the same time and i just love how he and simon work together and how they are together. there is a scene pretty early in the book, where my heart just couldn’t take it. i was so happy and my heart was filled with joy and love. aaahhh – so, so, so cuuuuute! ❤

penelope is badass. i mean it. this girl has it all. i love how bold she is and i love how smart she is. this girl looks out for simon and she is just what she’s supposed to be. the bestest friend anyone could wish for. i love how she stands up for simon, helps him no matter what. the relationship between them is precious and i love these two together.

the mystery behind everything is executed very well. i was excited right from the beginning and i was rooting for the characters to figure everything out. of course i was scared for them and i hold my breath a couple of times, but that’s what’s so great about it. i had no idea what was happening and how it all will unfold. and i kept turning the pages, because i wanted to know, how it all will come to an end.

the only negative thing, that bothered me a little bit, is the mix up with simon’s and baz’s story. in the end i was trying to connect the dots and i got a little bit confused, because i didn’t know what was important, which clue was the right clue and how everything came together. this messed a little bit with my head because there were a lot of side characters involved and in the end i was confused. the big showdown makes everything clear though, but the confusion is the reason why i can’t give this a full five stars.


what you should know:
“carry on” by rainbow rowell is a cute ya-fantasy, that is written very well and gripping and has an amazing cast of characters, who will make you happy. you immediately root for them and they easily grow on you. the relationships between those characters are precious and there is so much cuteness involved, that your heart will almost burst. this is no literary masterpiece, but it’s a cute read, which features diverse characters and a great story, where you completely get lost in.


have you read “carry on” by rainbow rowell? please let me know in the comments and we can discuss! 🙂


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book review // “crooked kingdom” by leigh bardugo (spoilers)

crookedkingdomtitle: crooked kingdom
author: leigh bardugo
genre: ya-fantasy
type: paperback
pages: 536
start: 06.08.2017
finish: 11.08.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐.75


“Fate has plans for us all.” – “And sometimes fate needs a little assistance.”



what it’s about:
after pulling the biggest heist in their lives, kaz brekker and his crew have no time to rest, because there are new dangers coming at them from all different sides. they need to summon their strengths, find a new plan and defeat all the enemies, that are coming their way to get what they want.


what i think:
i’m kind of afraid of writing this review, because i feel like everybody has already read “crooked kingdom” and loved it way better than “six of crows”. i am not one of those people and i will explain myself with spoilers, because otherwise there is no way for me to express my feelings towards this duology ending by leigh bardugo.

first of all i really loved “six of crows”. i didn’t expect to love it, but i did. i fell in love with kaz. he’s the bad boy and i love bad boys. why? don’t ask me. but i also fell in love with inej, because she is a badass female character that blew me away. i fell in love with jesper, because he was so funny, that i laughed out loud all the time. and then there were nina, matthias and wylan, who i liked, but they did not stand out to me.

this was a little pre story. with all these feelings i went into “crooked kingdom”. and since the starting point was a kidnapped inej, i was so excited, what the crew would come up with. so i started reading. and reading and reading. and somehow i had to realize pretty early in the book, that the point of view of kaz was missing. all the other characters got their time, their chapters. but inej was kidnapped and kaz had nothing to say? i was somehow irritated. and then i got mad. at some point, let’s say it was exactly page 127, i finally got, what i wanted. i got kaz’s point of view. and it was exactly for 8 pages. i was furious. i thought: “you’ve got to be kidding me?” but i stayed calm. i went on with the book. but it dragged. oh my, i have to admit, that i was bored. somehow nothing happened. there was no real exciting plot twists and i had a feeling, that nothing is happening at all. there were just filled pages, that had not much to say.

i realized, that i didn’t tab any pages, which is crazy, because i tabbed the hell out of “six of crows”. and here? nothing. i was starting to be afraid. what if this was all there was? i was scared, because i did not enjoy myself very much. i had a feeling that all chapters were just too long and nothing really happened that had me alarmed and focused and that made me hold my breath. nothing.

then page 357 happened. yes, i marked it, because it was the best chapter in the entire book for me. it was kaz’s point of view. it was emotional. it was gripping. it was wonderful. it was exactly what i was looking for. thank you! i was back again and i had new joy for this book. i even wrote down: “finally the chapter i wanted to have!”. here’s the evidence 😀


you may be asking yourself, why this book still got 3.75 stars from me. that’s pretty easy. the last third was strong. really strong. it saved a lot, it just came too late. because from this point on, the book got better and better. there was more action, more suspense and i was looking forward, which plan kaz and the group would come up to. i knew, i shouldn’t take everything seriously, because there would be plot twists, and yes, they happened. and i was so happy about that, because the final pages of this book saved it for me. bardugo wrote them beautifully and i was hooked. i really enjoyed how the plan played out. of course i was flinching and of course i hurt when they hurt, but it was good. it was what i wanted from the start.

inej was a character that also saved this book for me. she was still badass and i loved her so much. she was always there for kaz and i loved how they both worked together. the nothing-lovey-dovey-is-happening-thing was perfect, because everything that stood between the lines mattered so much more. thank you leigh bardugo for that. also the way inej is doing her work and how she feels and behaves is amazing. i love this woman so much.

another good thing for me was the way the situation between nina and matthias was executed. since i wasn’t the biggest fan of these characters, the ending didn’t hit me as much as it may have hit other readers. but i was happy how it was executed and i think leigh bardugo did the right thing here. many people may be disagreeing with me, but i really liked this development and how it was wrapped up.

but unfortunately, all that came way too late for me. all the suspense and action should have happened right from the beginning. i mean, that had a hell of a villain but even he couldn’t be the badass villain he should have been. instead i was bored and that is something the last third of the book can’t make up for. even the tears i’ve shed because of you know what, can’t make up for it. and that makes me mad and sad, because this book could have been so much more for me.


what you should know:
“crooked kingdom” by leigh bardugo focuses on all the characters in the crew and goes deep into their lives and into their past. you get to know them very well and if you love certain characters, this book is right for you.

if you are a big fan of kaz brekker, this book won’t be enough for you. i counted. from all 45 chapters, kaz got exactly 8. that is way too less for me. his background story in “six of crows” had me shook. that was mind blowing, but “crooked kingdom” focuses more on the other characters. that’s a thing you should know, going into this book, because you won’t get as much kaz as you got in “six of crows”.

you should also know, that it’s not as funny as “six of crows”. i didn’t laugh often and i only tabbed three funny quotes, and one even didn’t come from jesper. that was a disappointment, because that was something i loved about him in the first book. here, he wasn’t that funny and i missed it a lot. he didn’t stood out for me in “crooked kingdom”, which is a real disappointment.

you may be thinking, that i didn’t like this book. but i did, at least the last third. that was what i was hoping for. but it came too late. if you are interested in the backgrounds and past of all the characters, you will enjoy this book. but don’t expect it to be suspenseful and full of plot twists right from the start. it needs its time to get there and in my opinion this time just came too late.


what did you think about “crooked kingdom”? please let me know and we can discuss! 🙂


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book review // “the outsiders” by s.e. hinton

outsiderstitle: the outsiders
author: s.e. hinton
genre: modern classic
type: paperback
pages: 160
start: 05.08.2017
finish: 05.08.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.”



what it’s about:
ponyboy curtis is a greaser. he doesn’t own much, he doesn’t have much money. but he has his brothers and the other greasers – a group of friends, who are there for each other and always get into fights with the socs. the socs are the rich kids, that always pick on the greasers. this is ponyboys story about his life and the night that changed everything.


what i think:
i didn’t know what to expect from “the outsiders”. of course i heard a lot about it and a lot of people have read it in school. i wasn’t one of these people. i have never read this modern classic. so i was happy, that it became my random read for august. i was excited and i read it in one sitting, because, let’s be honest, it was amazing.

this book is addictive. i couldn’t put it down. ponyboys story grabbed me right from the start and it was told so good, that i got all the chills and all the feelings while reading it.

at the beginning i had some problems, because the writing is very descriptive. you get every detail on everybody and it slowly builds up to the night, that changed everything. it was a wonderful build up, because deep down i knew something bad is going to happen and through the writing, i got to know these characters very good and i got attached to them. then there are these hints, where i needed to mentally prepare myself for the big bang.

and a big bang it was. right from the point of “the night” it just doesn’t stop to be suspenseful. there are things happening, that i never thought would happen. and this was the beauty of it. i had no idea and i was sitting there speechless and in my little bubble, because this book wouldn’t let me go.

in the end i was a mess. i was shocked, i was angry, i was sad – so many emotions. but i loved the ending too. i love, when an author is going in this direction and i always get goosebumps when that happens. i think the best thing for me about this book is, how naturally ponyboy told his story. these are hard and unbelievable conditions he is living in, but his telling was as if this was everyday’s life. it scared the s*** out of me. i couldn’t believe what i was reading. but in the end, this was exactly what kept me turning the pages.


what you should know:
“the outsiders” is no fluffy coming of age story. it’s a book about teenagers who don’t have a good life. they do not have money, they do not have the best family conditions but what they have is each other. and they need each other because the incidents that happen in this book are tough. you will be shocked. your emotions will go up and down. you will feel with these characters but you will also be very mad about how naturally violence is taken in this book. and there is a lot of violence, so be prepared for that!

have you read “the outsiders”? did you like it? have you seen the movie and can recommend it?


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book review // “the hating game” by sally thorne

thehatinggametitle: the hating game
author: sally thorne
genre: chick lit
type: audiobook
duration: 11h 29min
start: 30.07.2017
finish: 05.08.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“The trick is to find that one person who can give it back as good as they can take it.”


what it’s about:
lucy hutton and josh templeman work in the same company and their desks are opposite each other. and then there is one big problem: they hate each other. they can’t stand each other. when a promotion for one them is in sight, the big battle between them just begins.


what i think:
when i was searching for a new audiobook i wanted something light and fluffy. then i remembered “the hating game” and picked it up. i didn’t know what i would get but i wanted to be surprised. and oh boy, this book surprised me. 😀

usually i try to spread listening to my audiobook throughout the whole month, because i just have one credit from audible. but as you see, i had to finish it immediately 😀

i was walking through the streets, laughing. i was cleaning my apartment a lot the last few days, because that’s when i get most of my listening done. i think my house never was so clean before. 😀 but this book was addictive. i needed to know what would happen.

basically it’s a story i’ve heard before. two people hating each other and suddenly something happens and everything is turned around. the concept of this book is nothing new, but it is so. much. fun. lucy and josh are two adorable characters, i couldn’t get enough of. i was rooting for them right from the start and i had so much fun with them. there is no way you won’t like these characters, because they are adorable. separately and together.  lucy is this funny, independent and strong woman, who can’t say no to other people, where as josh is this handsome, good-looking guy, who never smiles but is very successful in his job. they fit together while being so different from each other. i loved this pairing, because both of them are themselves and i knew, that no matter what, these are strong characters on their own.

the “game” they are playing is so hilarious, made me laugh out loud and roll my eyes at the same time. it is so obvious, what they are doing and what is going to happen. and the teasing is excellent. i was just having fun all the time. but it’s not just that. i couldn’t stop with this book. i needed to know what was going to happen. these characters saved their place in my heart right from the start and i needed to know how it would end. i love books, where you can’t just stop. where you need to know. these are my favorite books and i am so happy, that “the hating game” could fulfill this wish of mine.


what you should know:
“the hating game” is nothing new. it’s a romance, where you root for the characters, because they are just adorable. it’s a perfect chick lit, where you smile and laugh and just want a happy ending. it’s easy to listen to and perfect for the summer, because it is light and entertaining.

on the other side it is also very predictable, as it usually is with these kinds of books. you know right from the start what is going to happen. there are also a lot of tropes inside this book, but this was never a problem for me. i just wanted something fluffy and i got something hilarious with amazing characters and that just made me very happy. 🙂


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book review // “the long ride home” by tawni waters

thelongridehometitle: the long ride home
author: tawni waters
genre: ya-contemporary
type: e-copy from netgalley
pages: 256
start: 29.07.2017
finish: 30.07.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Pain is a driver. It drives people to drugs. It drives people crazy. It drove me to the ocean.”


what it’s about:
“the long ride home” by tawni waters is harleys story. harley lost her mother and is still grieving and in a lot of pain. six months after her mothers death she decides to take her motorbike and drive through the country to new york to scatter her mother’s ashes. she goes on a journey full of pain, meets a lot of people that are good but also bad and goes through and emotional rollercoaster. in the end she has to decide, which is the right thing to do for her.


what i think:
when i read the summary for this book, i was sold. i read roadtrip and that was all i had to know. i love books about roadtrips, because i love going on roadtrips myself. but what i got here, was so much more. i was so happy, that the publisher approved me for this e-copy via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

this is a story about a broken girl, who lost her mother and just goes through the worst time of her life. i felt right from the start for this girl and i was sorry for her too. i didn’t want her to go through this all. i was in pain for her, which showed me, that tawni waters did everything right.

the writing was gripping and i couldn’t put this book down. i needed to know, what was going to happen. but not only that, harley just seemed so real to me. she was a teenager who lost her mom and everything in that moment is just shit. and that’s what you are going to get. an angry teenager who speaks the truth freely. she shares her thoughts and feelings and you just feel for her. i felt like i was reading about so many people, who go through such a tragedy and these kinds of books are my favorite. where i get the feeling, this person really exists and goes through all that. it’s what kept me turning the pages.

of course i do not agree with all the decisions harley makes, but that’s just the thing. you never know, how a person will react, when something like that happens to them. everyone is different and everyone does what he or she thinks is best for them. i could totally imagine harleys story to play out the way it did. although it was a little bit too much at some points, where i thought the author needs to be careful not to loose what she build up until that point. that is also the reason, why i couldn’t give it a full five stars, because sometimes it felt exaggerated. also harleys behavior in some situations didn’t feel right to me personally and i sometimes lost the feeling i could identify with her. but these was just in a few situations.

most of the time i was feeling her and i could understand her. especially when it came to dean, her friend, she sleeps with. her reaction is totally understandable, although it broke my heart, because i wanted her to react different. but that’s the thing about pain. it drives you and you do what feels best for you in that situation. and harleys story is just the perfect example for it. i was feeling sorry for dean, because he didn’t deserve this. his character was just SO cute. i loved dean right from the start. and although i think that it’s not easy to find such a person in real life, i was happy, that he was there for harley. the book does not focus on their story, which made me like it even more, because this is a book about harley and dean is just a very important side character, who plays his part in it.

i will say, that i was a little bit disappointed in the end, because i didn’t think the author would go that way, but after thinking about it, it was a very good ending. and i really could picture it. and of course i was sobbing like a mess the last pages, because it just hit me so hard.


what you should know:
“the long ride home” is no light contemporary. it is very emotional and heartbreaking. it deals with some heavy stuff and you are caught emotionally right from the start. you will read a lot about grief, about anger, about sadness. you should also be warned for anxiety. this one is not easy, especially if you lost a close person yourself. i can imagine this book hits right home, because it feels so real and deals with real issues. so be warned.

for me, these real issues are the beauty of this book. it doesn’t say how great everything is. it says, how shitty everything is and you can also see that in the language. you will read a lot of swearwords and you will know that they are appropriate and they fit. i liked that very much, because it gave the book it’s authenticity. and be also warned, that you will cry. there is no way around it, because it is emotional and harleys story just makes you so sad. but you should also know, that there is hope. this book is full of wonderful quotes, that speak the truth and you can feel the hope all the time. you will get a book, that will make you cry and happy at the same time and that’s what i loved about it. of course i wanted a different ending, but what i got is reality. the fact, that the author didn’t sugarcoat anything, makes “the long ride home” really special. i will definitely check out her other work.


“the long ride home” on goodreads
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book review // “eliza and her monsters” by francesca zappia

elizaandhermonsterstitle: eliza and her monsters
author: francesca zappia
genre: ya-contemporary
type: hardback
pages: 385
start: 10.07.2017
finish: 11.07.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5


“Maybe that’s normal. The things you care most about are the ones that leave the biggest holes.”


what it’s about:
“eliza and her monsters” by francesca zappia is about eliza and her webcomic “monstrous sea”. she lives in her own world, the only social contact she has is with her online friends and her fans. she build her own little life, where not many people have access to. even her parents struggle with their own daughter. one day she meets silent boy wallace, who is a big fan of “monstrous sea” and writes popular fan fiction for it. their worlds intertwine and suddenly everything changes.


what i think:
i was looking forward to “eliza and her monsters” so much. it sounded like “fangirl” by rainbow rowell to me, and that book i loved. so i couldn’t wait to pick it up. i usually don’t buy hardbacks, but there was no paperback available and i just wanted to read it. i was a little bit scared, because this book was hyped so much, but boy was it worth it. ❤

i finished “eliza and her monsters” in two days, which is very good for me considering my reading slump the past month. i was sucked into elizas world immediately and it turned out, it was the right kind of book at the right time for me. 🙂

eliza is a character totally relatable to me. i felt connected to her immediately because of her life, which is mostly taking part in the online world. i could relate to that so much, because most of my best friends i met online and these are the most important people for me now. i always was a part of an online community so i knew elizas feelings and her thoughts just felt real to me. the fact, that she was the creator of this webcomic was a big plus for me, because it made her fears very real. she is a character, i think many people can relate to and who is lovable right from the start. her struggles throughout the book gave me chills, because this girl has so much pressure on her and she just wants to do her thing. anxiety isn’t helping here, but the struggle she goes through hits you in the heart and you feel for this girl all the time. ❤

the same goes for wallace. he is this silent boy, who doesn’t talk very much and does everything very slow. there is no way not being curious about him. what’s his deal? what happened to him? why is he the way he is? it’s so thrilling to go on this “let’s find out”-ride, because we follow eliza and what she gets to know, you as a reader gets to know. it’s a slow process but these two make a wonderful pairing, because they develop so much throughout the book and getting to know them separately and also together makes this story so special. it’s a cute romance based on some heavy topics, that make you cry. but it is also full of hope, so it’s not possible to feel bad. these two are great together and their story is very special. ❤ ❤ ❤

i loved how slowly the story developed into this huge thing, that i did not expect at all. i felt for the characters and when certain things were revealed, i had to cry and it gave me chills, because i was already invested so much in these characters, that it punched me right in the heart. there are some trigger warnings like anxiety, grief or suicide i did not know about, so it took me by surprise and made me cry, because i love these characters and i didn’t want anything happening to them. ;-( the ending is done perfectly though and there is no way, you are not satisfied. 🙂

also the side characters are lovable and everything, that seems weird in the beginning of this book, makes sense. why certain relationships are how they are. why people act the way they act. i was confused in the beginning, but after reading “eliza and her monsters” until the end, it all came together and the conclusion blew me away. i was so happy and had to think about it a long time after. i got so invested and lost in the words, that this book warmed my heart in the end so much. also the writing is easy and i got lost in elizas world almost immediately. 🙂


what you should know:
i thought this book was just a cute ya-contemporary. but it is so much more. it deals with topics like anxiety and grief, so you should know this about it before you get into it. i didn’t know, that it would get so serious at some points, but for me it was perfect. it just made so much sense. but be warned, if these are trigger warnings for you.

there are also some illustrations and artwork in this book based on the webcomics of “monstrous sea”, which i personally loved very much. it made the book more real. also the online conversations and emails loosened the writing a little bit, which was fun and made the book more special. ❤

as you can see, i am a huge fan of “eliza and her monsters” and all the characters in it. also the story was beautiful and it hit right home. there was just one thing, that reminded me too much of “the fault in our stars” by john green, which is why i can’t give it a full five stars.

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book review // “one of us is lying” by karen m. mcmanus (SPOILER)

oneofusislyingtitle: one of us is lying
author: karen m. mcmanus
genre: ya-mystery
type: paperback
pages: 360
start: 05.07.2017
finish: 06.07.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐.75


“Things’ll get worse before they get better.”


what it’s about:
“one of us is lying” is about five teenagers going into detention. they are five different characters with five totally different lives. they are not friends, they don’t interact in school and have mostly nothing in common. there’s the prom queen, the nerd, the sports guy, the bad boy and the outsider. they meet one afternoon in detention and then an incident happens, that ends one life and changes the other ones.



WARNING: there will be spoilers ahead, because without, it would be impossible for me to put down my thoughts.



what i think:
i went into “one of us is lying” thinking it was some kind of “the breakfast club” but with a mystery twist. but after the first chapter, the detention was already over and the story started with the death of the outsider in school, simon. he had an allergic reaction in detention and had to go to the emergency room, where he died. and suddenly everybody is a suspect. of course it’s obvious from the beginning of the book, that the four remaining students are suspects, but also there is the teacher and the car accident outside the classroom, which you always keep in mind throughout the book.

i was a little bit sad, that the detention part was already over after the first chapter, because that took away the “the breakfast club”-feeling. but that didn’t matter, because this book is so thrilling, that you can’t put it down. it is written very well, so that you fly through the pages and you get to know the characters page by page. i loved, that we got the perspectives of all four students. with their point of view, it was impossible to guess, who the killer was. step by step you learn more about their imperfect lives and there were a lot of WTF-moments, that completely screwed with your head. i had no idea, what to think and what to believe. in this point, “one of us is lying” did everything right. you keep guessing until the big revelation. is it one of them? is it one of the side characters they talk a lot about and that seems to become a bigger suspect? was it the teacher? who was it? there is no way to tell, which was so much fun! 🙂

but here is the bad thing. the big revelation. i am still undecided, what to think of it, because it was an easy way out. i don’t know, what to think about simons suicide and dragging other people with it. on the one hand you think that simon just wanted his revenge and end his miserable life. and with his private chatrooms and websites he was influenced. he wanted to go with a big bang and he did. something you see a lot on the news these days – sadly. 😦
on the other hand you think: why did the outsider need to take his own life? why did all the actions of the other kids get him to this point? it kind of reminded me of “thirteen reasons why” by jay asher, where hannah ended her life and wanted to show all the other students, that it’s their fault. and here is the point where i don’t know, what to think about. simon was depressed and wanted to take revenge and end his life. he almost destroyed the lives of the others. but wasn’t it their fault, that i came to that point? it is so hard to take sides in this matter. of course you sympathize with the characters throughout the book, because they go through hell and you start to love them all. and you can’t ever imagine something like that happening to you, because everybody has his faults and makes mistakes. but then you find out, that a boy took his own life, because he couldn’t take it anymore and some of those people where the reason why. do you still love them? could they have prevented it? i would have been more satisfied, if it would be another outsider, who’s life was destroyed by simon, but i am not satisfied with simon taking his own life just to take revenge.

that also brings me to another point. his best friend: janae. she knew about it. she knew the whole plan, everything simon was up to. she knew, he wanted to take his life. WHY DIDN’T SHE DO ANYTHING? i mean, come on. your friend is plotting something like that and you decide not to do anything about that? what is wrong? go to the police, go to the parents of that kid. but don’t just sit around and wait, until your best friend really kills himself. that really makes me mad, because it does not fit. i know, why jake is mad and why he wants to take revenge on addy, but i can’t understand janae at all. maybe i have to think about that all a little bit more.

another thing, that didn’t fit for me, was the romantic relationship between bronwyn and nate. don’t get me wrong. i love me some good romance. and i always love the bad guys (i kind of have a week heart for them 😀 ) but in this mystery it didn’t really fit, because it took a huge part of this book. i mean, a student takes his life and four other lives are a mess, but in the end, a huge part of that book is the relationship between those two different people. if that were a contemporary romance book, hell yes (bad boy and geek –  a dream come true) but this was a mystery about a death in school. i don’t think, that romance should have been such a huge part of it. but that’s just my personal opinion.

what you should know:
after reading this, you would maybe think, that i don’t like “one of us is lying” at all. no, that’s not true. i really enjoyed it. it was a thrilling read, which was written very well. you keep turning the pages, because you have no idea, who is who and what the hell is happening. mystery wise this book did everything right. also the characters are very lovable. you instantly get this “i want to protect you, because you are amazing”-feeling. nate, addy, bronwyn and cooper are great characters, that you fall in love with. they have their faults, but they learn from it and make a huge development throughout the book. you cannot not like them, there is no way. you feel for them and you want them to be safe. the revelation in the end is a thing everyone has to decide for themselves, if it’s appropriate or not. all in all, “one of us is lying” is a good and suspenseful debut novel by karen m. mcmanus, which makes you look forward to her next book(s).

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