let’s do this – “heir of fire” by sarah j. maas

hello my lovely bookoholics! ❤ i hope, you have a wonderful first december weekend!! 🙂 today is a very, very exciting day!!

my girl adrienne from @darque dreamer reads and i started a readalong for “throne of glass” back in august and we made a blog event out of it. we sent each other questions before we started reading and then also during our reading to discuss the book. it was so much fun, that we decided to continue with “crown of midnight” in october. we were then joined by my girl kathy from books & munches and had such a good time with book two in the series. so, now it’s december and it’s definitely time to continue. starting today we will read book three in the series, “heir of fire”.




here’s a short synopsis of “throne of glass”, if you haven’t read the book, just to get a feeling, what this series is about:

throne of glass” is about 18 year old celaena, who was trained to be an assassin and ends up as a slave. she is freed by crown prince dorian to participate in a competition, where the winner becomes the new assassin of the royal family. celaena doesn’t think twice, because she wants her freedom. but with her being in that competition, things start to happen, that make her life complicated: friendships, feelings, killings, magic & mystery.



adrienne and i will again do two posts to discuss our feelings for the book. this time we’re taking two weeks to read it, because “heir of fire” is huge and with my schedule i probably won’t be able to read it in one week. so we’ll discuss part one of the book on sunday, december 10th and our final discussion will be posted on december 17th. so watch out for the posts. if you want to read along and discuss with us, please join us in the comments 🙂

now it’s time for our first q&a. i have sent adrienne three questions before reading “heir of fire” and here are both of our answers. please be aware, that these will contain spoilers (!!!!!!!!), if you haven’t read the first two books in the series.

1.) After “Throne of Glass” and “Crown of Midnight”, which rating do you think you’ll give “Heir of Fire”?

adrienne: “I think I will be giving it a 4-5 star rating. I am hoping anyway. I think there is going to be some new developments, and more magic, so I am hoping for at least a 4.5!”

alex: “of course i hope, that this one will blow me away and i will give it five stars. but i also thought that about “crown of midnight” and i couldn’t do it because part one of that book felt too slow. and i also think, that “heir of fire” will be the same, since there is some change in the story. i think, i will enjoy it a lot and in the end give it 4.5 stars.”

2.) Since Celaena is going on a journey in this book, are you ready for new characters?

adrienne: “I don’t know if I am ready for new characters. I wanted things resolved with her and Chaol. I guess we will have to be. I expect new characters since she is traveling somewhere new and facing new problems. I just hope the new characters fit.”

alex: “honestly, i don’t know if i am. i am really invested in the lives of celaena, dorian and chaol. obviously. i don’t know if i am ready to let that go and go on a complete different path. it could work out, but it also could go very, very wrong.”

3.) What do you expect from Chaol and Dorian in “Heir of Fire”?

adrienne: “I am almost wondering if Chaol and Dorian will be put on hold in this book. With Celaena traveling somewhere new, we may not get any story with them. I think there will be tension between them if they do show up, though. There is no way Dorian’s feelings are completely gone.”

alex:i expect, that they will interact more with each other. i think it’s going to be weird between them, but i think they will talk a lot, especially about celaena. and even though it’s breaking my heart, i have a feeling that we will see a lot less from them.”



adrienne will also have up a post with her questions for me, so don’t miss that one! i hope some people are joining us in the discussion! have a great reading week 🙂

let’s do this – “crown of midnight” by sarah j. maas

hi fellow bookoholics! ❤ do you know what time it is? that’s right! it’s time to continue with the “throne of glass” series by sarah. j. maas! whoooop whooop!! 🙂

the wonderful and amazing darque dreamer over @darque dreamer reads and i started a readalong for the first book back in august and we made a blog event out of it. and it was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!! ❤ so of course we wanted to read the rest of the series together. now it’s time to continue and as of today, we will  be reading “crown of midnight”, the second book in the series. i bought the hardcover edition, because i just love those hardcovers and i want to own them all.




this time we have a special guest joining our readalong and i couldn’t be more happy about it. my girl kathy over @books & munches is joining us, yay!!!  i hope she’ll be having a lot of fun with us and i can’t wait for the discussions with those girls. ❤


here’s a short synopsis of “throne of glass”, if you haven’t read the book:

throne of glass” is about 18 year old celaena, who was trained to be an assassin and ends up as a slave. she is freed by crown prince dorian to participate in a competition, where the winner becomes the new assassin of the royal family. celaena doesn’t think twice, because she wants her freedom. but with her being in that competition, things start to happen, that make her life complicated: friendships, feelings, killings, magic & mystery.



as last time, darque dreamer and i will be doing three blog posts with some q&a. this one with our expectations for “crown of midnight”. the second one will be up in the middle of the week for part 1 of the book and next sunday you can read our review and thoughts for the whole book. so watch out for that. and of course i will be linking all of darque dreamers posts, as soon as they are up 🙂

so let’s start with our q&a. be aware, that we will be talking about book two in a series, so if you haven’t read book one, there will be spoilers!!!!

1.) What do you expect from “Crown of Midnight” in general?

darque dreamer: “I am expecting more of everything in general. I expect more violence, more action, more magic, more of the love triangle, and more of the political aspects with Nehemia.”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “first of all i expect it to be as much fun as “throne of glass”. i was laughing a lot during the first book and i hope this will stay during the second book. but i also expect to get more information about the magic part and also some interesting scenes, since celaena is the king’s new champion now. i also hope the writing will be as good and the change of the perspectives as smooth as in book one.”

2.) What do you think is going to happen, now that Celeana is the new assassin for the royal family?

darque dreamer: “I think Celeana is going to be sent on a very immoral mission that will have her questioning her decision to stay.”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “i am not sure, that she will be able to do her job. i mean, yes, she killed people before, but i also think, that she will have problems, doing the job for the king. i know she hates him and doing such a cruel job, will be very problematic for her. and i am not sure, that she has it in her. i am really excited to find out, how she will behave in her new role. i don’t think she has it in her to just kill, because the kings wants it to.”

3.) What are your thoughts on the love triangle? Do you think, that Celaena will make a choice in “Crown of Midnight”?

darque dreamer: “I don’t think Celeana will make a choice in this book. I think it will drag on at least to book 3 of 4.”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “i reeeeeeeeeally hope, that she will make a choice, because i don’t want to be torn between dorian and chaol. i don’t want their hearts to break, and neither mine. but i have to agree with darque dreamer. i think it will drag on and take more time. and i don’t know, if i can do this.”



darque dreamer also asked me some questions, so head over to her blog to see my answers and discuss with us. also, if you want to read with us, just tell us in the comments. we’d be happy to have many people joining us 🙂

let’s do this – “throne of glass” by sarah j. maas

hello fellow bookworms! ❤ i hope you’re all doing great. i wanted to keep you updated about my book life and i have very special news for you: i will finally be reading “throne of glass” by sarah j. maas. isn’t this exciting? i thought so! 😀

the wonderful and amazing darque dreamer over @darquedreamerreads and i decided to read this book as a buddy read and make a blog event out of it – whooop whooop! as of tomorrow, the 28th of august 2017 our readalong is going to start. we decided to read this book until next sunday, the 3rd of september! there will be questions discussed and we hope you all will participate in our discussion and tell us, what you think. we wanted to bring you guys a long. 🙂


now, you might ask, why just now? and i really don’t have a good answer for that, because i myself am just a little bit afraid of this book. first of all it’s an ongoing series, which means, if i don’t like this book, then there will be a problem. well not really a problem, but it will be kind of sad, because there are so many readers out there, who love that series. which brings me to the second point: there is just so much hype!! hyped books are hit or miss for me. either i love them as every other person does, or i don’t enjoy them at all. so it will be very interesting to find out, which group of readers i belong to. and the last reason, why i am reading this just now: i found a wonderful buddy to read and experience this book with. and i am sooooo excited. buddy reads always are more fun, especially when you can share your experience with others. that’s why this blog event came to life. 🙂



now, darque dreamer and i sent each other three questions at the beginning of this readalong. without further ado i will let you know her and then my answers to my questions:


1.) Why did you decide to read the “Throne of Glass” series and not the ACOTAR series?

darque dreamer: “I do plan on reading the ACOTAR series, but I think what made me decide to start the Throne of Glass series first is the fact that it doesn’t seem as well known as ACOTAR. There is so much hype and controversy over the ACOTAR series, that I kind of feel like letting it all die down before I start it. I want to form my own expectations first before divining in.”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “there are two reasons, why i wanted to start with “throne of glass” first. i wanted to go in the chronological order, because i wanted to see, how sarah j. maas’ writing develops throughout her books. and secondly, i wanted to start with her YA books, before getting into her new adult books.”

2.) Would you prefer one character’s POV or multiple POV’s? What do you expect at all from the narration?

darque dreamer: “As far as POV’s go, I think it depends on the story. Multiple POV’s have to fit the story and make sense, and not feel like they are jumping around. Single POV’s are good as long as they are not boring. So, I prefer both, depending on the action in the book. In Throne of Glass I am expecting one POV from the way the synopsis reads, but may be okay with multiple POV’s if there is enough going on with the different characters to make sense.”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “for me it always depends on the book and about how much characters it is. usually i’d like to know, what each character thinks and feels. but sometimes it’s just not possible, because there are too many. and at some point, i also scream: “stop it”. i do not like too many POV’s because it’s hard to always jump between them. i expect more POVs in “throne of glass” and i hope it will be executed well.”

3.) What do you know about the book or series so far and how does that influence your expectations towards it?

darque dreamer: “I honestly don’t know much about the series so far. I have heard the last book in the series has some raunchy sex scenes, which I am not really looking forward to, as I like more left to the imagination. Other than that, I have heard that people enjoy it and its full of action and suspense. I think I can overlook the graphic sex if there is not so much of it, and if the story is exciting enough.”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “i honestly don’t know anything. like there is a girl assassin and that’s pretty much it. 😀 i do not like to know that much about the books i read, so i am totally fine with not knowing more. i mean, assassin is enough to have me hooked!”



if you want to read more about my and darque dreamer’s expectations, head over to her post for the readalong. please feel free to discuss with us and let us know if you’ve read the books, if you are planning on reading them and if this is a series we can look forward to. 🙂

we will be discussing the first part of the book in a couple of days, so wait for the blog post. and now, there is nothing more to say then: “let’s get started”. 😀