top ten tuesday – bookish settings i’d love to visit

it’s tuesday and i am again participating in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. this weeks topic is:

Ten Bookish Settings I’d Love to Visit


happy tuesday my lovely bookoholics ❤ considering what’s been going on in the community lately because of netgalley and goodreads, i wanted to say a few words. i maybe once participated in a goodreads giveaway and i request very few arcs, just because i am a mood reader. so although i don’t use that services much i am very mad at this. and mostly sad, because it feels, as if we international bloggers don’t count that much. which sucks. i have met so many people in this community that are all over the world, not just the usa. and we all have one thing in common – books. and it doesn’t matter where we come from, where we live or how we got those books. it just matters that we have something to talk about. that we can recommend books to each other, that we can gush about books. that we learn about new authors. and until now it was easier for us to spread the word. now it won’t be that easy anymore and that’s so sad. and it doesn’t help at all. it doesn’t help new authors or authors in general. everything is limited now and that’s so sad, because we do have things to say. we also can spread the word and help promote authors, discover new favorites and just share the love. we matter too and it’s sad, that this is happening. i know, that for me this changes nothing. i will still buy my books and i will still blog, because i can’t imagine my life without it and you guys. i just wanted to say, that it’s not fair. and makes me sad. and i want these decisions to be taken back!

ok, now that i got that off my chest, i want to talk about books. because that’s why me and you are here. let’s see which bookish settings i’d want to visit today 😀

“bookish settings i’d love to visit”


1.) all the londons in the “shades of magic” trilogy


this one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? i’d want to visit that world, because i want to see kell, haha. but also the whole concept of all those londons is amazing. i have never been to london before and here i would see three, maybe four different ones with some of my favorite characters. sign me up!


2.) scotland from the “outlander” by diana gabaldon

Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon

i finally got my hands on the “dragonfly in amber” audiobook by diana gabaldon. i started book two in the series in february but i stopped. i hope this audiobook will help me get through it. but listening to it, i have this huge urge to go to scotland and see everything. i love ireland, you guys know this, but i have never been to scotland! i really, really need to go there and visit this wonderful country. and seeing all the filming locations for the series would be awesome!


3.) the moon from “artemis” by andy weir


there’s a reason, why i am choosing the moon over mars. i mean, mars with mark watney by my side from “the martian” would be pretty awesome. but there is no food. he made the potatoes kaputt. so life would eventually come to an end. but the moon in “artemis” has pretty good conditions. they have food, drinks and there is communication. and since i am a fan of galaxy and space, this would be a great place to visit.


4.) alaska from “the smell of other people’s houses” by bonnie-sue hitchcock


well, it’s alaska. i don’t have much more to say. alaska has been a dream of mine to visit. so of course it’s on this list here.


5.) “warcross” by marie lu

wouldn’t it be great to visit emika and the whole “warcross” game? i mean, YEAH!!!


6.) the grishaverse from “six of crows” by leigh bardugo


i’m just really, really curious about this world. i would love to visit it and the crew. it seems dark and bad, but visiting it would be so cool. also, i could hug kaz, even if he would kill me, i would do it! 😀


7.) the tower from “the thousandth floor” by katherine mcgee


i am not a big fan of heights, but when i read about the tower in “the thousandth floor” i was very fascinated. i mean new york as one huge tower? yes, i’d like to see that!


8.) middle earth from “the lord of the rings” by j. r. r. tolkien


who didn’t want to visit middle earth while reading or watching “the lord of the rings”? i mean the filming locations are still to visit, so heck yeah, that would be a cool trip!


9.) thornfield from “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte


i love victorian classics and it would be amazing to visit them all. but since “jane eyre” is my favorite classic, of course i would love to visit thornfield the most! ❤


10.) the pacific crest trail from “wild” by cheryl strayed


i love hiking and just taking a walk in general. it clears my head, nature is beautiful and imagine all the audiobooks i could listen to while hiking the trail. 😀 it really would be an amazing experience i would love to do one day.



that’s it. these are some of the bookish settings i’d love to visit! 🙂 do you agree? are you coming with me? which setting would you love to visit? let me know!