wonder woman book tag

happy sunday my friends! i hope you are doing great and that you are healthy and happy! ❤ since this is the last day of the #makemeread read-a-thon i thought i would celebrate this with a tag, because apparently i love to do tags and why the hell not? 😀

i got tagged for the wonder woman book tag by haley @fangirl fury and donna @moms book collection a while ago and now it’s finally time. thanks so much girls! ❤ if you haven’t checked them out, please do, because they are amazing. the tag was originally created by amber @amber’s books and more on booktube.




1.) wonder woman: your favorite badass female book character


hands down mia covere from “nevernight” by jay kristoff! that girl is like whaaaaaaat? i love her. she knows what she wants. she takes what she wants and she doesn’t listen to anybody. go girl!!!


2.) fantasy island: a book setting you want to escape to


i choose red london from the “shades of magic” series by v.e. schwab. i think the whole world in this series was created perfectly and i think it would be so amazing to be part of it. of course i would need to be an antari, because i want to see the other londons too 😀


3.) london: a hyped book that let you down


i recently finished “crooked kingdom” by leigh bardugo and if you read my review, you’ll know why this book let me down. i wanted it to be so much more! 😦


4.) steve trevor: a book that has a beautiful cover and a great story (i.e. great personality)


i haven’t talked a lot about “we are the ants” by shaun david hutchinson on this blog and i don’t even know why! look at this cover! and have you read it? the story is beautiful and you will cry and it’s just wonderful! ❤


5.) lasso of truth: a book you hated


hate is such a strong word! i don’t hate books. some i don’t like but i think every book gives something to the reader, so hate is not a good word. but “jane steele” by lyndsay faye is a book i didn’t enjoy recently.


6.) wonder woman’s shield: a book so sad you need a shield


there’s no way you won’t cry when reading this book. your heart will break. there’s no way around it.


7.) no man’s land: a book that you want to send through no man’s land (i.e. shoot it to death)

i could never do that! every book deserves it’s existence. (i say that now because i haven’t read a book so far that proved me otherwise 😀 )


8.) ares: a villain that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate


maybe we shouldn’t talk about this one. because it’s disturbing. and i don’t know what’s wrong with me. but it just seems, i can’t hate joe from “you” by caroline kepnes. *facepalm* 😀


9.) dr. poison: a villain that has no reason to exist

this one is hard as well, because i love a good villain. you put so much more emotion into a book, when there is a good villain that wants to hurt your favorite characters. so yeah, i wouldn’t want to miss any of my favorite villains. 🙂


10.) the amazons: a book that you wish had more/better LGBT+ representation

wow, seems like i can’t answer these questions 😀 i know, that a lot of people wish that the “a court of thornes and roses” series by sarah j. maas would have better LGBT+ representation. but i haven’t read this series, so i can’t say much about that…


11.) justice league: what superhero book friends do you tag?



that was it guys. i know i haven’t had answers for everything, but well, sometimes it is how it is 😀 what would your answers be? feel free to do the tag or let me know in the comments 🙂

summer book tag

i recently did a summer book tag, but that one had different questions. so when haley @fangirl fury nominated me to do THIS summer book tag, i was like: “oh yeah. it’s summer. let’s do more summer thingys”. 😀 thank you haley so much for tagging me. if you guys don’t know her blog yet, then what are you waiting for, go and check it out, she’s amazing! 🙂




1.) what book cover makes you think of summer?


do i even need to explain that one? do i? ok, i will 😀 i mean, look at it. it has “sun” in the title. it has wonderful colors, that just jump right at you. it makes you happy. so yes, i think of summer. and the story is also great. i really loved “the sun is also a star”. 🙂


2.) what book has brightened your day?


i loooved “the hating game” by sally thorne. this book is so funny, i had to laugh all the time while listening to the audiobook. the characters are so adorable and this is a perfect romance chick-lit for the summer.


3.) find a book cover with yellow on it


if you haven’t read a book by sarah winman yet, then it’s really time for you to do so. “when god was a rabbit” and “a year of marvellous ways” are two wonderful stories, that will make you happy. they are beautiful and sarah winmans writing is just magical. i am so happy, that her new book “tin man” is now in my hands and i will read it immediately after the #makemeread read-a-thon is over. ❤


4.) what is your favorite summer beach read?


there’s no beach near me, so i’ll have to pass on this one. i just remember reading “the light between ocean” last year at the lake and i was mad all the time, so i think that one doesn’t count as a good summer beach read 😀


5.) what action book had you running for the ice cream man?


this book guys, this book! :O i read it in one sitting, because i couldn’t put it down! there was so much stuff happening. so much action. so much WHAAAAT? i loved it. read it. it was perfect. ❤


6.) (sunburn) what book has left you with a bad and/or painful ending?


let’s just not talk about this one!


7.) (sunset) what book gave you the happiest feelings when it ended? 


“geekerella” by ashley poston was just so so so sooooo cute. i was so happy after reading it and it was the perfect book to help me out of my reading slump! yay! 🙂


8.) what book cover reminds you of a sunset?


this cover isn’t bright yellow to me, it’s more a orangy type, so that’s why it reminds me more of a sunset than of the sun brightly shining. does that make sense to anybody other than me? 😀


9.) what is one book or series you hope to read this summer?


i hope, i’ll finally get to “red rising” by pierce brown. maybe not the whole trilogy but at least the first book. i really want to read it and so many people are counting on me to do it. so yeah, this will happen. hopefully 😀



i hope you enjoyed my summer book tag. have you read any of those books? let me know! and since i want to spread some summer love, i tag these wonderful people:

dreamy book covers tag

a while ago, the one and only james from this is my truth now tagged me for the dreamy book covers tag. jay is an amazing person, i got to know better in the last weeks. i love his writing and his posts, he is always kind and i enjoy communicating with him. please go and check out his blog, it is so worth it! 🙂


the rules:

  • thank the person who tagged you
  • mention the creator of this tag (tiana @the book raven)
  • use the original tag image in your post.
  • at least tag one fellow blogger for doing this tag!
  • list the rules


the questions:

1.) “no ideas but in things” – a book cover that perfectly expresses the novel inside it


well i think, this one is obvious. 😀 this book is about mark watney, an astronaut who is left behind, after a dust storm hits his crew. it’s about mars, the atmosphere color is orange, so yeah, i think this one fits perfectly.


2.) “dark and lovely” – a cover that is so creepilicious, that you want to eat it up


this cover is so creepy. when i first saw it, i was intrigued. it’s dark, it’s mysterious and it stands out. unfortunately, i wasn’t that excited with the story, but the cover intrigued me a lot.


3.) “sugary Sweet” – a CUTE cover that is so fluffy, you want to give it a hug


yes, i love this cover. there is levi ❤ there is cath working at her laptop. i love the color of this cover and it’s so cute, it definitely represents the story inside.


4.) “the simple aesthetic” – a book cover that stuns with the most minimalist of designs

mansfield park

loooook at this! i really love all the penguin english library editions, but my favorite is definitely “mansfield park” by jane austen. i love this. light purple, nothing much, but still so beautiful.


5.) “cover envy” – a book you wish you had on your shelves, but don’t yet


i mean, do i need to say more?


6.) “traveling abroad” – a beautiful book cover featuring a country outside of your own


this book takes place in nigeria and in england. the cover represents a scene from the book and i really love it! 🙂


7.) “the colour wheel” – a cover that showcases one of your favourite colours


purple, i mean purple! i love purple. i love a lot of colors, but i love purple very much! 😀 also this edition is just gorgeous!


8.) “changing gears” – a cover change you absolutely adore

oh, unfortunately i have no answer for that! :O


9.) “oldie but goodie” – a favourite cover of your favourite classic


oh look, purple again! 😀 “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte is my favorite classic and i love this edition. it’s so so so beautiful! ❤


10.) and the winner is – which book cover mentioned above is your favourite

i’d say the edition of “alice’s adventures in wonderland”. although i wasn’t the biggest fan of the story, i love this cover. it totally speaks to me, because it is purple, playful and somehow fits perfectly with my taste – because yes, i am a child. i need such covers 😀



these were my answers for the “dreamy book covers” tag. do you like the covers? which one is your favorite?

oh, and i tag:

what makes me happy

i was recently tagged by the wonderful noriko @diary of a book fiend – thanks so much noriko! please go and check out her blog! she is an amazing person and i am so happy, that i met her in this community! ❤

and since it’s monday and the second day of the #makemeread read-a-thon, i first wanted to update you. i started with “crooked kingdom” by leigh bardugo yesterday. i got to page 186, which is ok. i wanted to read more, but i had a big headache yesterday and wasn’t able to concentrate. so far, i really like the book, but there is one thing, that annoys me very, very much. i’ll be writing about it in my review.

but now, let’s get to the tag, so you guys can learn a little bit more about myself.






1.) my cats – paulchen and pippi. i love those two so much. ❤ they’ve been with me almost two years now and i can’t believe how time flies by. they were so small and now they are so big. they still behave like crazy kids, but that’s what i love about them. and when you lie in bed and those kitties come and purr and want to cuddle, it’s the best thing ever! ❤ i can’t imagine my life without them and they helped me through the toughest period of my life. i will always be grateful to them! and yes, of course you’ll get new pictures 😀

IMG_5984  IMG_5057


2.) traveling – i love to spent my time in other countries. i am not a big fan of flying anymore, but it’s worth, once you get to a magical place! i try to travel as much as possible and always try to think about my next trip. i am a water person and every place, that has an ocean or pool or lake next to it, is a place i want to be. also the sun. i love the sun and i always try to travel to places that combine all those things. places i loved in the past:

  • usa: i was living in san francisco for 4,5 months. the rest of my time abroad i spent traveling through the usa. i was in  los angeles, las vegas, hawaii, 2 week roadtrip through a lot of national parks, chicago, memphis (yes, i made my dream come true and visited graceland!! – big elvis fan 😛 ), new orleans, washington d.c., orlando, miami and of course new york.
  • ireland: i made a roadtrip through ireland and saw dublin, cork, the ring of kerry, dingle, the cliffs of moher, galway and connemara. since then i’ve been in ireland at least once a year.
  • portugal: visited a friend of mine in porto and we were driving around portugal, which is a wonderful country.
  • cuba: at the beginning of this year, i went to cuba for 3,5 weeks. my best friend and i traveled through the country and had the best time of our life. cuba is a wonderful country with wonderful people and an amazing spirit. i loved every minute of it. my highlights: cayo levisa, varadero, vinales, santa clara, cayo coco, cienfuegos and trinidad. loved it so much!

IMG_4739 FullSizeRender 3F94A653-F915-4BF5-95AD-2451C5F655CC


3.) coffee – well, this one shouldn’t be a surprise, when you look at my nickname. i love coffee. there is nothing better than the smell of fresh brewed coffee. ❤ i could drink coffee all day. i love the taste, i love the smell, i live for it. give me coffee. honorable mention goes to tea, because i love tea too. not as much, but in the evening i change from coffee to tea, because i need some change in my life 😀



4.) books – that shouldn’t be a surprise either. books make me the happiest person. it’s not just the escape into a different world. it’s not just characters, that grow on you and that you start to love. it’s everything. the smell of books. the visit to the bookstore. filled-up bookshelves. pictures of books. reviews. communicating with other booklovers. everything about books and it’s community makes me so happy. i met some very good friends because of books and they are a part of my life, i never want to miss again.



5.) minions – yes, you read right. i love minions. i am obsessed with them. of course there are more important things, that make me happy, but i wanted to mention something, that describes me very well. i am a little child and i love everything cute, funny, tiny, glittery, bouncy and so on. and minions are a thing, i can get very excited about. my merch is huge and i just can’t get enough. and one more thing: every minion is called kevin by me. i don’t know why. just don’t ask. it is how it is… 😀





1.) coldplay – “yellow”


2.) israel Kamakawiwoʻole – “somewhere over the rainbow”


3.) mumford & sons – “the cave”


4.) queen & david bowie – “under pressure”


5.) muse – “time is running out”


wow, it’s really hard to pick five of your favorite songs. there are so much more, because i love music and i am surrounded by music all day. at least i mentioned one song of each of my favorite artists 😀



so guys, these are some of the things that make me happy. i forgot a lot of things, because i am usually a very happy person and a lot of things make me happy. but maybe these are things for another time. i hope you liked my answers. and one more thing you need to know. alex doesn’t like things. alex loves things. alex also talks about herself in the third person. because alex is weird. but it’s either loving or hating. when i like something, i don’t just like it. i love it. and i show that love. spread the love guys! (ok, maybe i had too much of that coffee… 😀 )


here some people i want to tag, because i want to know more about them! 🙂

the how i choose my books tag

i was recently tagged by the wonderful darque dreamer reads for this tag and i am so happy about it, because this is such a cool tag. it was originally created by the bookish underdog. so please go and check out both their blogs! 🙂 ❤




1. find a book on your shelves with a blue cover. what made you pick up the book in the first place?


well, since my name is alex, the title immediately drew my attention. then i figured out, that the boy’s name is alex and not the girl’s, but i didn’t care. alex is alex hahaha 😀 then i found out, what this book is about. kind of “you’ve got mail” in book form. and since this is one of my favorite movies, i was sold 😀 i really liked this cute contemporary. it’s perfect for the summer months, where you can just sit back and relax. 🙂


2.) think of a book you didn’t expect to enjoy but did. why did you read it in the first place?


honestly, i just wanted to know what the fuss is all about. i didn’t think i would enjoy it, but i wanted to give it a try. it was nothing special, but i was sucked in and i couldn’t put it down. it was addictive and i liked it. so the next day i bought all the other books in the series 😀


3.) stand in front of your bookshelf with your eyes closed and pick up a book at random. how did you discover this book? 


i didn’t! i got this book in one of my book subscription boxes. i didn’t know, that it was out there in the world, but i am glad i got it. the cover is so beautiful and i am excited to read it 🙂


4.) pick a book that someone personally recommended to you. what did you think of it?


a friend of mine tried to get me to read this book for years. she thought the series was great and she loved the movies too. i always said, that i am not interested. why? because i didn’t like jennifer lawrence at that time. now i love that woman. she is soooooo amazing. ❤ and then i was curious and more and more people recommended this series to me. so at the beginning of this year i finally did it and i read all three books over one weekend. and i loved them, except one thing. but i don’t want to talk about that 😀


5.) pick a book you discovered through book blogs. did it live up to the hype?


i haven’t been that long in the book blog community, but i already have some books on my tbr. but i will be counting booktube and bookstagram too, since these are communities i’ve been for the past year. and “six of crows” ALWAYS popped up. so i gave it a chance. and i loved it. so much. kaz is my man. i want to cuddle him. so badly. 😀 ❤


6.) find a book on your shelves with a one word title. what drew you to this book?


this year was the year where i decided to read all six of jane austens novels. i was afraid, because i had such high expectations. but then i just started and did it. it turned out, that “persuasion” is my favorite one of her. i love this book so much. the only one left is “emma” and i am excited to read my last jane austen novel.


7.) what book did you discover through a film/TV adaptation?


the same friend who recommended “the hunger games” to me, was a huge fan of “outlander”. i didn’t know the series back then, when the first season came out, but my friend and i were big into tv series. and she was so excited about that show, that we started watching it together. i just saw the first couple of episodes and then i decided, that i want to read the books first, before i watch the show. and see, what happened… i am at the beginning of book two and i am stuck… :/ but i loooooooved the first book! ❤ james alexander malcom mckenzie fraser ❤ ❤ ❤


8.) think of your all-time favorite books. when did you read these and why did you pick them up in the first place?

thefaultinourstars  martian janeeyre

i don’t remember when i first read “the fault in our stars”. since i read it seven times now, it’s all a blurr. but it was a recommendation from a friend and i read it, it broke my heart, i was crying, i couldn’t function for a couple of days and that was it. favorite book of all time. ❤

i read “the martian” last year, when i joined the “traveling book project germany“. it was a traveling book and i LOVED it. this book is amazing as hell! 😀

“jane eyre” was one of the books of the month last year in “the rory gilmore reading challenge” group on goodreads. and i am so glad. because until this day, it is my favorite classic. ❤



that’s it guys. i hope you liked my answers. i am tagging everybody who wants to do this tag. feel free and let me know! 🙂

what cats do book tag

i love cats. i always loved cats. i was always surrounded by cats and now i own two cats. so when i saw this tag at katie’s blog over at never not reading i was sooooo happy. this is MY tag haha. 😀 so let’s just get started!

pabook         pibooks





the rules:


1.) purr – as cats do when they’re happy or relaxed. what is the book that makes you the happiest or relaxed?


“fangirl” by rainbow rowell is one of my favorite contemporaries. it is so cute and fun and i love the characters. ❤


2.) sleep – what is a book that put you to sleep or was just boring?


i finished “jane steele” by lyndsay faye last month. it took me forever and i didn’t like it. i was bored. nothing exciting was happening. very disappointing.


3.) twitch while dreaming – have you ever dreamt of a book you read?

honestly, i have no idea. i don’t remember this at all. mostly i forget all of my dreams, that’s why i am not sure, if i ever dreamt about a book.


4.) seems to play nice … until the claws are out – which book had the biggest plot twist?


i can pretty much put every harlan coben stand alone as an answer here. his books are so amazing and the plot twists are WTF? i mostly just sit there and stop guessing, because it always comes differently. 😀


5.) cuddles – which book character would you give a hug to?


oooooh there are soooo many! but i choose auggie, because auggie from “wonder” by r.j. palacio deserves so many hugs. i love him ❤


6.) catnip – what’s a book that made you have warm and fuzzy feels?


i choose the “to all the boys i’ve loved before” series by jenny han. these books are just so cute and there is no way not falling in love with these characters. i love this series.


7.) cat breeds – what are your favorite books?

  • “the fault in our stars” by john green
  • “the martian” by andy weir
  • “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte
  • “kids of appetite” by david arnold
  • “shades of magic” series by v.e. schwab
  • “monsters of verity” series by victoria schwab

and so many more….


8.) the vet’s office – your least favorite book


“dubliners” by james joyce got the lowest rating from me, so i guess that one? 😀


9.) being in places they shouldn’t – least favorite cliche

i don’t like that the female main characters in ya-contemporaries always have to be a virgin? why? why?


10.) the good old cardboard box – most underrated book series


i don’t see many people talk about the reckoners series by brandon sanderson. i really enjoyed this series, “steelheart” was amazing. it’s fun, it’s a cool world with great characters and an amazing idea behind it. i had so much fun reading it. 🙂



that’s it guys! if you love cats as much as i do, consider yourself tagged! 🙂 and now, without further ado, more cat pictures, because the world needs more cat pictures 😀

pipamini   pamini   pimini

paulchen   pischrank   pipa1

the “friends” character book tag

confession: i rewatch “friends” every year. i love this comedy and i will always love it. each time i find something new i love about that show. so when i saw this original tag on haleys blog over at fangirl fury, i HAD to do it. this is perfect for me, because it combines my love for books and my love for this show ❤


the rules:

  • answer the following questions
  • tag your fellow bloggers, vloggers
  • mention haleys original post in your tag

the questions:

1.) Rachel: a character whose wardrobe you want to steal


well, of course i wouldn’t want to wear his wardrobe all the time, but i definitely would steal the space suit of mark watney from “the martian” by andy weir. i mean, come on, it’s a space suit. doesn’t everybody want to wear a space suit at some point in their life? 😀


2.) Joey: a book that left you mind-blown


i have a feeling, that i am repeating myself on this blog, but i had to put this book down for this question. “dark matter” by blake crouch was whhhuuuuaaaaat???? i mean, i was reading this book, i couldn’t put it down and i couldn’t believe what i was reading. the concept of all the parallel universes and the traveling through them, it just messed with my head completely! such. a. great. book.


3.) Chandler: a book that made you laugh out loud


i could have taken “the martian” again, but where would be the fun in that? 😀 so instead, i am choosing another sci-fi book, that made my laugh so much. “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” by douglas adams. this was the first book i’ve read this year and it was a perfect start. i loved the characters, especially the depressed roboter marvin, who made me laugh the entire time throughout this book. it’s funny, it’s so enjoyable and a sci-fi must-read in my opinion! 🙂


4.) Monica: a book that made you hungry


this one wasn’t hard at all. the first book that came to my mind, was “to all the boys i’ve loved before” by jenny han. why you ask? cookies guys. all those cookies!!!!!!! ❤ 😀


5.) Ross: a book that gave you all the feels


i’m not gonna go with “the fault in our stars” by john green or “a man called ove” by fredrick backman, because i already talked enough about them on this blog. that’s why i choose “the book thief” by markus zusak. i read this book in one day and i was a complete mess afterwards. i think the second half of this book was spent with drying my eyes, because i was crying all the time. this book made me feel so much and it just broke me. the writing is so beautiful and the story just punches you in the heart.


6.) Phoebe: a quirky & enjoyable read


a year of marvellous ways” by sarah winman is different. but it’s so good. the writing is beautiful, although i think you have to get used to it. this is a story about an unlikely friendship between a soldier and an old woman. it’s beautifully told and it will make you tear up. it’s different than other books but it’s worth the read 🙂



i tag: