book review // “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling

harrypotter2title: harry potter and the philosopher’s stone
author: j.k. rowling
genre: ya-fantasy
type: paperback
pages: 332
start: 15.10.2017
finish: 15.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”



what it’s about:
harry potter has been living with his aunt and uncle for ten years, not knowing that he is a wizard. on his eleventh birthday he gets his acceptance letter to hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. he learns the truth about himself and a new adventure is about to start for him. becoming who he truly is, meeting new friends and fighting the evil, harry’s life changes completely and all of his adventures start.


what i think:
now, you might ask yourself: why is she posting a review for the first “harry potter” book? everyone has read it by now. but no, that’s not true. until the 15th of october 2017, i haven’t read a single “harry potter” book. i also have never watched the movies. so for me, this review is a big deal, because i finally did it. i have read “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling. and i loved it. (no surprise for many people!)

i have talked about this a lot on my blog. i was afraid of reading the “harry potter” series. i was afraid, i wouldn’t like it. well it’s me and the hype. 50/50 chance. but i also had very high expectations for this book, because really everyone loves it. so there was pressure. 😀 and also the fact, that i didn’t grow up with the books. most people i know, grew up reading “harry potter”. i didn’t. so all in all it was a big deal. so then this day happened. i woke up, i did some stuff and i was supposed to read my current read. but somehow i didn’t. i went to my shelf and picked up “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone”. i don’t even know what happened. i don’t remember if i was thinking at all. i just picked it up and started reading. and well, some hours later, i was done. this book had me right from the start.

j.k. rowlings writing is wonderful. i got lost in the story completely. i didn’t even pay attention to my cats who wanted some food (no worries, they are alive 😀 ). but i was just lost in this book. i wanted to know what is going to happen and i was completely excited. it was so much fun being part of harry’s world. i loved going on this adventure with him. first his meeting with hagrid and then everything else that happened after that. i fell in love with the characters, hagrid being my favorite. i love this guy. he is so much fun and the way he cares for harry warmed my heart. i teared up. i was happy. so many emotions.

but all the other characters were awesome too. ron, hermione, even draco and professor snape. all these guys are such cool characters and it was so much fun getting to know them better. getting to see their growth. i just loved everything. and no, i didn’t see the twist coming in the end. and that’s good, because i liked it even more this way. i was afraid, that i would have problems with all the characters, because there are so many. but i had no problems at all following them and the story. it was such an easy and fun read and it was an adventure for myself.

there really is nothing that i disliked about this book. it is a great story, so much fun, it’s emotional, it brought me joy and i just loved it. of course i immediately watched the first movie after reading the book, because i wanted to compare the images in my head with faces and pictures. it was a good movie and a perfect end to my “harry potter”-day 🙂


what you should know:
“harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling deserves all the hype. it’s a fantastic story, full of adventure and fun and a variety of great and awesome characters. i am really excited to find out, how the story goes on and what is going to happen. now i can say with honesty, that people really need to read this book, because it’s good. and fun. and so much more! 🙂


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book review // “without merit” by colleen hoover

wihtoutmerittitle: without merit
author: colleen hoover
genre: contemporary
type: audiobook
duration: 9h 13min
start: 11.10.2017
finish: 13.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Not every mistake deserves a consequence. Sometimes the only thing it deserves is forgiveness.



what it’s about:
merit lives in a very complicated family. her parents are divorced, she and her twin sister honor, her brother utah, her father and his new wife victoria and their son moby live in a church. and her mom lives in the basement of that church. merit’s life is very complicated and she feels like an outsider. she tries to deal with all the problems surrounding her family. when she meets sagan, things change for her, which brings her pain but also a new perspective.


what i think
“without merit” is the first book i have read by colleen hoover. i have heard so many things about her, her stories and her writing and i have some of her books on my tbr. but somehow i chose this audiobook as my first colleen hoover novel. i also read some reviews about this book and i was hesitant. a lot of people love it, but a lot of people also hate it. and this comes from some die hard colleen hoover fans. so i was a little bit scared going into this book. but i was surprised and i don’t want any of the negative thoughts influelnce my opinion, because honestly, i liked this book very much.

this book is kind of crazy. i mean, how much drama can be in one family? this is pretty ridiculous and that’s also why i didn’t give it a full five stars, because in the end i thought, that a little less drama would be enough.

but let’s start at the beginning. merit’s family is nothing i have ever read about. there are a lot of people. there are a lot of problems. there are a lot of secrets and lies. but for me somehow it also felt very real. yes, i somehow could believe everything that has been going on in the family. while i went through this book, more and more problems are revealed and they left me shocked. i didn’t think, that all this was possible, but somehow it hit me hard and it made me understand merit so much more. yes, she herself is a complicated character. she has her own issues but on top she has also all those family problems. i could understand, why she felt the way she felt. but i could also understand, that she needs to work on herself and see things differently and not just the way she wants to. just because things are the way we see it, it doesn’t mean, that there isn’t a story behind it. and i guess, that was the key issue for me in this book. honesty. nobody is honest in this family and it was just a matter of time, that it would somehow blow up.

i myself went through some stuff in my life. i had my own drama of course, as everyone else did. but what i learned very, very early, is that i need to be honest. honest to myself and to others, because otherwise it will only cause problems. i always prefer the truth, even if it’s hard and hurts, than lies. because these hurt so much more. but now let’s get back. i think so many problems in that family could have been prevented, if these guys were honest with each other. if they talked to each other and not just suck everything up. it made me mad to hear, how nobody talked to each other. i really felt myself frustrated and that’s personally a thing, that i like. when a book can does that to me. when it makes me feel things.

all the characters in this book are unique. not just their names but also their personalities. everybody struggles and has his own problems and i love the speach of luck, because he sums it up so very well. nobody is perfect in life and this books shows it. everybody has issues and that’s what i liked so much. these characters represented real people. of course their problems have been a little bit harsh and too much for some people, but everybody has issues. and this book reminded me of that, which i am very grateful.

i was personally a big fan of sagan. he is this mysterious guy who suddenly shows up and changes things so much for this family. but in my opinion in a very good way. because this family needed that. maybe not going that far but just to talk to each other. sagans own issues hit me hard too, because i get this a lot here in germany. i know about this and it is part of my life, so this felt very real to me and i loved him for being who he is in the end, despite everything.

now, i do not agree with everything in this book and at some points it maybe went too far, but i still liked it a lot. it grabbed me right from the start. i was sucked into that story and i couldn’t stop listening. usually i take my time with audiobooks, but i needed to finish this one. it was so addicting, because the story build up so well. i needed to know what comes next and next and next. and because i was shocked about every new revelation and development, i wanted more. since i have no comparison i can’t say that that’s usually the writing style of colleen hoover. but i hope it is, because i really want her other books to be so addicting as well.


what you should know:
now, i didn’t go too much into detail, because i didn’t want to spoil the story. just know, that there are a lot of complicated problems in that family. these problems will affect you, each one different. there are consequences to those problems, that will affect you, each one different. i have to warn about depression and anxiety issuses and of attempted suicide, because people need to know about this going into this book. “without merit” by colleen hoover will affect you emotionally at some point. may it be anger, frustration or in the end hope. in my opinion it’s a great book, that is addicting and will probably shock you at some points, but it’s definitely a good book, that i would recommend.


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colleen hoover on goodreads

book review // “the smell of other people’s houses” by bonnie-sue hitchcock

thesmellofotherpeopleshousestitle: the smell of other people’s houses
author: bonnie-sue hitchcock
genre: ya-historical fiction
type: paperback
pages: 254
start: 07.10.2017
finish: 07.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Because sometimes you just have to hold on to whatever you can.”


what it’s about:
it’s alaska, 1970. this is a story about the lives of ruth, dora, alyce and hank. each of them live a very different live. they all have to struggle. they all want something different. but somehow their lives get connected and everything changes.


what i think:
one thing you need to know about me: i love alaska. i am totally fascinated with it and it’s pretty much number one on my bucket list. i want to visit it very soon. why? i don’t know why! i just know i need to. so when i heard, that “the smell of other people’s houses” takes place in alaska i had to read it. i didn’t even know what it was about. i just picked it up and i am so glad, that i did.

this is a book about several characters and it is told from the perspective of these four characters. throughout the book the different stories they are telling start to make sense in the bigger picture und you get to know them better. you get to know their life, their struggles, their problems, their wishes. and in the end everything comes together. i love these kinds of stories, where i slowly fall in love with each character and in the end it’s all part of a big story. that’s my thing. and the writing of bonnie-sue hitchcock only made it so much more special. i really flew through this book. i read it in one sitting, because i was captivated by the stories and the characters. i loved the writing details, especially the different smells, that were integrated so well into the story. but also all details about alaska, about the culture, about the living situations. it was executed so well and i am so happy, that i have read this book.

ruth is the main protagonist and her life is not easy. i immediately took her to my heart, because i was feeling bad for her. she struggles with her life and when one mistake changes everything, i was so surprised about the consequences, that i almost couldn’t believe it. it broke my heart, especially in the end. but i also came out with hope, because i know that she is strong and that she’s doing fine.

dora is a character i wasn’t the biggest fan of. it took me pretty much until the very end to warm up to her. it just clicked, when i read about her past and her story and i understood why she is the way she is. it broke my heart and when i think about the scene, that changed my feelings towards her, i still get goosebumps. it’s such a strong scene, that i will think a lot about in the future.

alyce’s story was kind of my favorite because it brought alaska so much closer to me. i loved what she did in the summer and just imagining being her, makes me happy. i couldn’t understand her actions at all times, but she had her reasons. i am just glad, that she experienced, what she experienced, because otherwise she would be miserable. and that way i also had my fun and it was just so cute.

hank got to me right from the beginning. he is strong on the outside, but i knew, that he is very weak and emotional on the inside. he was somebody i wanted to hug, because i wanted to make him feel better and take away some of his burdens. i am glad how his story turned out, because it made me emotional but also happy. i had to laugh and cry and that’s a thing i love most. books that can do that are always a win win for me.

so, as you can see, i liked the characters and the writing and the setting. it was a perfect combination and a wonderful story. i had my problems with dora, that’s why i can’t give this book full five stars, but all in all i really, really enjoyed it. it’s a wonderful novel, that really moved me.


what you should know:
“the smell of other people’s houses” by bonnie-sue hitchcock is written in multiple perspectives and each character has his or her problems. be aware, that topics like abuse and grief are discussed in this book. all stories come together in the end. it’s a moving book, that’s emotional and will take you by surprise sometimes. the writing is beautiful and if you are interested in alaska and different smells, then you’re going to be a big fan of this book.


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book review // “autoboyography” by christina lauren

autoboyographytitle: autoboyography
author: christina lauren
genre: ya-contemporary
type: paperback
pages: 404
start: 04.10.2017
finish: 06.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Are you willing to be a secret? Maybe you are for now. But this is your life, and it will stretch out before you, and you are the only person who can make it whatever you want it to be.”



what it’s about:
tanner is bisexual and moves with his parents from palo alto to provo at age fifteen. he’s been living there for three years and nobody knows, who he really is, because provo is city, where the majority of people is mormon. even tanner’s best friend autumn doesn’t know about him. when she convinces him to be a part of a writing seminar in their last semester, tanner gets to know the bishop’s son sebastian, whose book from the seminar is being published and who becomes a teaching assistant in tanner’s class. when their worlds collide, nothing will ever be the same.


what i think:
first of all i want to say, that i knew nothing about the life of mormons before going into this book. of course i have heard some things, but i wasn’t familiar with mormons at all. because of that i can’t judge the accuracy of this book. i just can state my honest opinion about what i have read. and my honest opinion is pretty simple. i loved everything about “autoboyography” by christina lauren.

i went into this book with high expectations and i don’t even know why. i guess i was excited for it, because i knew that it would confront me with the life of mormons, it would confront me with the life of people living in utah and it would confront me with a bisexual character. i have read about bisexual characters, but i knew that this was going to be emotional and deep. and i personally don’t know anybody who is bisexual and so for me this book was something completely new, because i knew it would deal with deep, personal feelings.

after reading the first page i knew, that i would love this book. i love the concept of it. i love the story of it. i love the characters and not just the main protagonists. i love the writing. i basically love this book in its entirety. i didn’t know, that christina lauren are two best friends writing together under one name. that was new to me too but i love it and i will definitely check out their other books.

but now to “autoboyography”. the story is bittersweet. a teenager who is supposed to go to college soon, who basically was out of the closet, needs to live a life in secret. and there are good reasons for it, which i can totally understand, when i read the background story. this goes deeper, than i thought and i loved how tanner’s life was explained. his family plays a big part in his life and i just adored his mom and dad. these two are such special characters and in every scene i wanted to hug and thank them. they are awesome parents i loved how their characters were written and how they protected and loved tanner with everything they had.

tanner himself was my little precious one and i wanted to be his best friend. i know he has autumn, but come on! who wouldn’t want to be tanner’s best friend? this guy is amazing and i still applaud him for his strength, courage and love. i could totally relate to him and i believed every feeling he felt. it was just so heartbreakingly beautiful. he is a wonderful character and the plot around him and his book was just so perfect. it was so, so good. i loved it!

as for sebastian. oh my! can i hug him all the time please? i LOVED this character. his journey and development brought me to tears so often. i could feel what he goes through. i could understand him. i could feel how hard he was fighting. he is who he is but he has so much pressure from his family, that it’s almost unbearable. it broke my heart. i was sad and angry and i wanted to punch something, because it really brought me pain. argh. i am still furious. but on the other side it’s so hard to judge his parents. yes, they made me mad and i really have problems understanding, how someone can believe in something, that for me just isn’t right. but that’s the thing. it’s not right for me. i feel differently, but they lived their whole life a different way. they were raised differently and they stand by their beliefs. i can’t understand it and i will never understand it, but the sad thing is, that this is reality. i could write so many things about this whole topic, but i will come back to the book and just say, that i loved the execution of the story. i personally learned a lot while reading this book and to me it is realistic and that’s maybe, why it broke my heart.

one last thing i want to mention is autumn. her relationship with tanner was a completely different story, but i thought it was done very well. i loved how their relationship developed and i found it absolutely believable what happened between them. that’s just life. things like this happen. and it made their relationship stronger and that’s what i loved about it so much.


what you should know:
“autoboyography” by christina lauren is a beautifully written story about two characters, who fall in love and their struggle – because of beliefs, because of family, because of fear. it’s heartbreaking but hopeful at the same time. it will make you cry, if you are an emotional person and it will also give you a good feeling. it’s a story that seems very realistic and that could also be a non-fiction in my opinion. it could be a biography and that’s what made me love it so much more. i recommend this book, if you want a rollercoaster of emotions, if you want to learn more about mormon life, if you want a beautiful story, that will give you so much.


“autoboyography” on goodreads
christina lauren on goodreads

book review // “station eleven” by emily st. john mandel

stationeleventitle: station eleven
author: emily st. john mandel
genre: science-fiction
type: audiobook
duration: 10h 41min
start: 26.09.2017
finish: 03.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐


“First we only want to be seen, but once we’re seen, that’s not enough anymore. After that, we want to be remembered.”



what it’s about:
arthur leander is an actor, who suffers a heart attack during a theater performance just before a flu is about to break out in georgia, which kills many people. civilization changes completely and 20 years later, kirsten raymonde, who survived the flu, travels through the former usa with a symphony to perform the play she did with arthur when he died. she’s also on the search for further comics of “dr. eleven”, that arthur once gave to her.


what i think:
well, i need to tell you, that i really struggled with the synopsis, because honestly, i still don’t know, what this book is about. i went into this thinking that it was a post apocalyptic story, which i usually really enjoy and which i am really interested in. i wanted to buy this book but i wasn’t sure, so i borrowed the audiobook from my library, when it was available. i was excited but pretty early i came to the point to think: what is going on here?

the thing with this book is, that it jumps between different timelines. there is the present with kirsten in focus but there is also the past with arthur – his life, his marriages. but that’s not all, it’s also about other characters like arthurs ex-wife or one paparazzi, that was follwing arthur’s life. and the book jumps back and forth between all those timelines. so it’s hard to focus, because once you are in one storyline, you jump to another one and in the end it somehow tries to come together. but by that time, i already gave up. i really had a problem with the jumping between the different storylines. and i was mostly interested in the world after the flu. but that wasn’t the focus of this book and it made me mad, because i expected something else.

another problem i had were the characters. i could not connect to a single one of them. i honestly just didn’t care for them. i found myself drifting of, because i wasn’t interested about their lives. i just had no interest in them. and i wanted to dnf this book many times. i didn’t do it, because so many people love this book and i wanted to know why. but i never found that out. in the end i still asked myself, what this book is really about. i didn’t manage to figure this out.

i’m giving this still two stars, because it kept me going. mostly because of curiosity and because in the end the story with the prophet was kind of interesting. also the comic part was ok. but it was way to less. there should have been so much more. the only thing, that i can definitely say, is that the writing and narration was amazing. i really could lose myself in it and it was beautifully done. it was just the plot and the characters that didn’t work for me at all.


what you should know:
“station eleven” by emily st. john mandel focuses on many timelines, before and after the outbreak of a flu in the world. there are several characters that are connected to each other and you’ll get to know those better throuought the book. what you won’t get is a lot of story about the life after the outbreak of the flu. i can’t really say, what you will get, because until now, i personally still don’t know, what this book is really about. i hope, that you will and maybe then you can tell me. 😀


“station eleven” on goodreads
emily st. john mandel on goodreads

book review // “warcross” by marie lu

warcrosstitle: warcross
author: marie lu
genre: ya science-fiction
type: paperback
pagse: 353
start: 26.09.2017
finish: 03.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Everything’s science fiction until someone makes it science fact.”



what it’s about:
emika chen is a hacker and also a bounty hunter. when she’s asked to work for hideo tanaka, the inventor of warcross, she can’t turn the job down. she’s thrown into the championship of the most popular game all over the world. as she starts to connect with her teammates, she’s digging deeper to find out who’s threatening hideo and slowly everything gets out of control.


what i think:
i was very curious about “warcross”, because it was my first book by marie lu and also it was hyped so, so much. i haven’t read “ready player one” by ernest cline so the whole idea about a videogame was new to me. i was also afraid, that i would not like it at all, because of the hype and hyped books are always a 50/50 chance with me. but i am glad, that i can tell you, that i enjoyed “warcross” very much.

i had a little bit of trouble getting into it, because my mind had some problems getting used to the whole videogame idea. i had a feeling, that i was thrown into it and just get the concept of it. it took some time but at some point it was easy enough to follow and i really, really enjoyed the whole concept of the game, of the glasses and lenses and i was also kind of freaked out about the whole idea, because it’s hard to imagine, that something like that could be possible at some point in the future. i was sold on the whole idea. give me more, because i am very interested in that kind of stuff.

as for the plot, hell yeah! the story is so interesting, that it never gets boring. i was always on edge, because things happen all the time. i didn’t get a break and it was constantly thrilling and suspenseful. i didn’t see many things coming and was surprised of how the story unfolded. but there is one thing, that still bugs me, because it’s pretty clear, what’s going to happen in the end. i could see it pretty early in the book and i was sad, that it was so predictable. this could have been done differently and it kind of took away the fun. BUT, yes, there is a but. in the end there is another plot twist and that one was really surprising. i couldn’t believe it at first and i was sooooo happy, that it took me by surprise, especially since the other plot twist was so predictable. i am really curious how the story unfolds in book two of the series and i am really looking forward to it.

as for the characters, i really loved emika. she is such a cool character. i could really relate to her, because she is a programmer and knows her stuff about computer science. i studied computer science myself and it’s great to see female programmers represented in ya books. that really made me happy. but she is so much more. she is very smart and i loved the choices she made in this book. which leads me to hideo. i like this guy. he is like the wounded bad boy, who shuts down and you know there is a reason behind it. and boy, there is a reason. i was really surprised about his whole development and i want to know, what will happen.

lastly i want to mention the writing. since this was my first book by marie lu, i was very happy about the writing. it’s easy to follow, she has done some thrilling and suspenseful plot twists and all in all it was a book, that i couldn’t put down easily and if i had the time, i would have read this in one sitting.


what you should know:
“warcross” by marie lu really is an adventure. you’re thrown straight into the story and it’s exciting right from the beginning. the technological aspect can be a little bit overwhelming at the beginning and it takes some time to get used to the whole videogame concept, but it’s still easy to follow and at some point, you won’t be able to put it down, because there is a lot happening and there is so much action. there are some plot twists, that are predictable but there are also some twists, that are not predictable. it’s an action packed book, that has great characters and a fun story, that leaves you wanting more.


“warcross” on goodreads
marie lu on goodreads

book review // “words in deep blue” by cath crowley (spoilers)

wordsindeepbluetitle: words in deep blue
author: cath crowley
genre: ya contemporary
type: paperback
pagse: 269
start: 24.09.2017
finish: 24.09.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Death is something we shy away from, except in literature or television, when we tend to stare right at it.”



what it’s about:
after three years away rachel moves back to the city she grew up in. back to the boy she loved. back to the bookshop, where she made a lot of memories. back to the people she knew so well. but rachel isn’t the same anymore. and her life isn’t the same anymore. did her feelings stay the same?


what i think:
when i started reading “words in deep blue” by cath crowley, i completely had forgotten what it was about. i have read some reviews about it and i knew, that i was interested in this book. so basically i went into this blind. and i had no idea what i was up to. i read this book in one sitting and even minutes after reading it, the tears were still running.

this book was perfect. it is definitely one of my favorite books from now on and i am pretty sure, that it will be my favorite from this year. maybe even next year. this book hit my right in the heart. it ripped me apart emotionally and i still have no idea, how it had me so invested. in the characters, in the story and in all the emotions. this book blew me away.

from the moment i started this book, i knew, that it will be tough. rachels brother is dead and she is broken. cal drowned and rachel is still not over it. at the same time she needs to move back to the city, where she left her big love behind. not just her big love, but also her best friend. i knew that this book would be a love story, but it was so much more.

rachel is a person who had my whole attention right from the beginning. i could feel her pain. i could relate to her so much and i have to thank cath crowley’s writing for that. the story is written beautifully, it’s easy to follow and you just get lost. i have marked so many great quotes. i have marked whole pages, because i loved them. they spoke to me. i loved this book and writing so much. the words just gave me so much, i can’t even describe it right.

henry’s broken heart is definitely one point you could argue about, but this is still a ya contemporary, so of course there is a little drama and he needs his time to develop, but i still loved his development. it was honest. he is confused but he deals with his problems and he tries to do the right thing. i loved how he threw himself back into the friendship with rachel and that he didn’t give her the time to back away. he just pushed her and he never gave up. i loved how they slowly became best friends again and their whole story was just beautiful. when she finally told him her secret, he handled it so well, that i started to love him myself. henry is a great character and i love how it turned out in the end.

as for rachel’s development, i can’t say anything negative about it. she made so much progress but her feelings were always visible and i could always feel them myself, which wasn’t easy. i cried so many times, i don’t even know, how i managed to read this book. rachel’s pain hit me right in the heart and it was hard for me to take. but i love how she works it out and deals with it and not avoiding it. she makes a great development throughout the book and at the end i was very proud of her and it made my heart warm.

i think i could go on and on about rachel and henry and their friendship, but there are also all the side characters, that are worth mentioning, because they are perfect. i loved henry’s sister george and her school mate martin. i mean just the combination of george and martin made me laugh. pairing those two together was wonderfully done and i am so happy, that there was one twist in the end, that i didn’t see coming at all. it all made so much sense and it hit me so much more when i realized what was going on. i loved their story, i just loved all the relationships in this book.

now you would think, that this is enough, but i left out the best part of the book so far. and that’s the bookshop. the bookshop that made me sob so much. henry and george live in a bookstore. yes, you read right. their parents bought a secondhand bookstore, that has a letter library. all books in the letter library are not for sale. you just go there and write in your favorite books. you mark, you write, you draw or you leave behind letters and notes for others to read. i loved this part so much, because the idea was done so well. it was integrated in the whole story and it warmed my heart to read the letters, that were left behind. i think that’s an amazing idea. there’s a whole plot dedicated to the letter library and it made me cry so much in the end. the involvement of all the characters, all the words that are shared, all the memories and the whole perfect integration into the general story, was just amazing. i cried so much, because the words cath crowley used to bring all those emotions to life, were perfect.


what you should know:
i think i could talk endlessly about “words in deep blue”, because to me this book was perfect. i am already thinking about rereading it. you will get a wonderful and heartbreaking story. if you love books, which i think you do, you will love the part about the bookstore. if you like love stories, your heart will be warmed. if you love great character development, this book is right for you. but be warned, it’s not an easy read. there are heavy topics discussed, like grief and death. they are described honestly and all these emotions will hit you right in the heart. you will feel a lot and it will break you but also put you back together. in the end everything in this book comes together perfectly and it is definitely one of my new favorites.


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