DONE – neverending reading challenge

IMG_8487from july 2016 until june 2017 i participated in the “neverending reading” challenge, organized by the buecherbahnhofforum, a forum for german speaking readers i am part of. i already finished this challenge, but i want to list it here, so you can see, which books i read in the last year.


1. read a book that matches a monthly challenge
– Mary Miller / The Last Days of California

2. read a book with your favorite color on the cover (at that time it was blue 😛 )
– R.J. Palacio / Wonder

3. read a buddy read book
– Sarah Winman / A Year of Marvellous Ways

4. read a book during a reading night (we organize one each month)
– John Green / Looking for Alaska

5. read a book by an author that has your initials
– Alexandra Olivia / The Last One

6. read a book from your tbr which was rated highest on goodreads
– Angie Thomas / The Hate You Give

7. read a book by an author you finally should have read
– Roddy Doyle / The Commitments

8. read a book that won a prize
– Emma Donoghue / Room

9. read a book that contains a hobby or passion of yours (this one is about books, believe me 😀 )
– Debra Ginsberg / Blind Submission

10. read a classic
– J.D. Salinger / The Catcher in the Rye

11. read a childrens book
– Frank L. Baum / The Wizard of Oz

12. read a book you should have read during your time at school
– Jennifer Niven / Holding Up the Universe

13. read a random read
– Karen Joy Fowler / The Jane Austen Book Club

14. read a book that was published during this challenge
– Krystal Sutherland / Our Chemical Hearts

15. read a book with more than 500 pages
– Paul Auster / 4 3 2 1

16. read a book where the narrator is a child
– Dan Gemeinhart / The Honest Truth

17. read a book that was adapted into a movie
– Andy Weir / The Martian

18. read a book that only has a word in the title
– David Arnold / Mosquitoland

19. read a non-fiction book
– Stephen Hawking / A Brief History of Time

20. read a book based on a true story
– Anne Frank / The Diary of Anne Frank

21. read a book which originally isn’t German, English, French or Spanish
– Fredrick Backman / A Man Called Ove

22. read a book which isn’t a novel
– Allen Ginsberg / HOWL and other poems

23. read a bestseller
– The Girl with all the Gifts / M.R. Carey

24. read a book that takes place in Africa, Asia or South America
– Chris Cleave / The Other Hand

25. read a book which was read by another person for this challenge
– Charlotte Bronte / Jane Eyre

26. read a book which takes place in the 18th century or before that
– Outlander / Diana Gabaldon

27. read a book that takes place in the future
– Illuminae / Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

28. read a book which was released in your birth year (1985)
– Reinhold Ziegler / Es gibt hier nur zwei Richtungen Mister

29. read the last book of a series
– Anna Todd / Before

30. read a book with an animal on the cover
– Jennifer Niven / All the Bright Places

31. read a book you’ve read before
– John Green / The Fault in Our Stars

32. read a book that was published before 1990
– Jack Kerouac / On the Road

33. read a book with a title that doesn’t start with „the“
– Emma Hoofer / Etta and Otto and Russell and James

34. read the newest book on your tbr
– Sebastian Fitzek / Das Paket

35. read a book that takes place on an island
– M. L. Stedman / The Light Between Oceans

36. read a retelling of a fairytale
– Marissa Meyer / Cinder

37. read a book somebody else chose for you
– Blake Crough / Dark Matter

38. read a book from a different book club
– Gustave Flaubert / Madame Bovary

39. read a Austeigerroman (someone who leaves his life behind)
– Karen Swan / Christmas at Tiffany’s

40. read a book with a strong female protagonist who has a leading role in her society
– Suzanne Collins / The Hunger Games

41. read a book that contains some kind of mythology
– Jay Kristoff / Nevernight

42. read a horror/thriller
– Harlan Coben / Six Years

43. read a dystopia
– George Orwell / 1984

44. read a book by your favorite author you haven’t read before
– Harlan Coben / The Innocent

45. read a book that was recommended to you by goodreads
– David Arnold / Kids of Appetite

46. start a new series
– Charlie Higson / The Enemy

47. read a biography
– Lauren Graham / Talking As Fast As I Can

48. read a book in between a book series (0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.)
– Brandon Sanderson / Mitosis

49. read a book about an important worldwide event
– Markus Zusak / The Book Thief

50. read a book that has a beautiful title for you
– Patrick Ness / The Rest of Us Just Live Here

51. read a book by an author whom you discovered last year
– Harlan Coben / The Stranger

52. read a book whose title starts with the first letter of you name
– Ian McEwan / Atonement

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