ONGOING – neverending reading challenge II

IMG_8487from july 2017 until june 2018 i am participating in the “neverending reading” challenge part II, organized by the buecherbahnhofforum, a forum for german speaking readers, that i am part of. last year i already participated in this challenge and i managed to do it, so i wanted to give it another shot. 🙂


1. read the 12th book on your TBR

2. read a book with a blue cover

3. read the book which has been the longest on your tbr

4. read a book from your tbr challenge

5. read the book you bought last
– Francesca Zappia / Eliza and her Monsters

6. read a traveling book
– Gayle Forman / Where she went

7. read a book which is the next in a series

8. read a book whose title doesn’t start with “the”
– Lindsay Faye / Jane Steele

9. read a book with a white cover

10. read a book with over 500 pages

11. read a german book

12. read a classic

13. read a book with a beautiful/interesting cover
– Cath Crowley / Words in Deep Blue

14. read a non-fiction book

15. read a book with a number in the title

16. read a book with a black cover

17. read a book that was published in 2017
– Mackenzie Lee / The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

18. read a book by an author you didn’t know before
– The Long Ride Home / Tawni Waters

19. read an english book

20. read a book that takes place in a fantasy world
– Sarah J. Maas / Throne of Glass

21. read a book that was adapted as a movie or a tv show
– Emily Bronte / Wuthering Heights

22. read a debut novel
– Karen M. McManus / One of us is Lying

23. read a book in a genre you don’t often read

24. reread one of your favorite books

25. read a book whose main characters name is the same as a person in your family or one of your friends
– Sarah Winman / Tin Man

26. read the last book of a series
– Leigh Bardugo / Crooked Kingdom

27. read the first book of a series
– Pierce Brown / Red Rising

28. read a stand alone
– A.S. King / Ask the Passengers

29. read a book that won a prize

30. read a book someone picked out for you

31. read a book by an author you’ve read before
– Jane Austen / Sense & Sensibility

32. read a book from your tbr which was published the longest time ago

33. read the first book in a series, which you own completely on your shelves

34. read a book with illustrations
– Patrick Ness / A Monster Calls

35. read a book which was written by more than one author
– edited by Ameriie / Because you Love to Hate me

36. read a book that was gifted to you
– Morgan Matson / Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour

37. read a book from your tbr that was rated best on goodreads

38. read a book from your tbr that was rated worst on goodreads

39. read a book with more than one point of view
– Rainbow Rowell / Carry On

40. read a random read
– S.E. Hinton / The Outsiders

41. read the shortest book on your tbr
– John Steinbeck / Of Mice and Men

42. read a book that you already wanted to read in 2016

43. read a book which takes place at a very cold place

44. read a book with a long title
– Lewis Carroll / Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

45. read a book about time travel

46. start an anthology
– edited by Stephanie Perkins / Summer Days & Summer Nights

47. read a book you expect to love

48. read a book that intimidates you
– Linda Young Spiro / There’s Always More To Say

49. read a book that takes place somewhere you’ve been before
– Katharine McGee / The Thousandth Floor

50. read a book with LGBT characters
– Adam Silvera / They Both Die At The End

51. read a book you can finish in one day
– Jennifer E. Smith / Windfall

52. read a book that has a map on the cover or inside the book
– Jay Kristoff / Godsgrave