november book haul

and once again it’s that time of the month were i try to think of all the books, that i have bought in the last few weeks. i really should put everything down on a shelf or something, because my brain just sucks πŸ˜€ i hope, i will get all the books together, but don’t hurt me, if not πŸ˜€




1.) fiction / mystery

watchingglassshatter goneforgood

  • watching glass shatter” by james j. cudney: i have already read “watching glass shatter” on my kindle, but i needed to have the paperback edition, because it is gorgeous!!! ❀ the only thing that’s missing, is the signatur from jay. πŸ˜‰
  • gone for good” by harlan coben: another book by one of my favorite authors. i got this as an ebook and read it already, but i needed the physical copy.


2.) young adult

hieroffireΒ itonlyhappensinthemovies thedistancebetweenus

180seconds thelastnamsara furyborn

  • heir of fire” by sarah j. maas: it’s time to continue with the readalong for this series
  • it only happens in the movies” by holly bourne: well, this just sounds like a book made for me πŸ˜€
  • the distance between us” by kasie west: i needed to go over a certain money amount to order and this books was on sale. so yeah, #bookworm
  • 180 seconds” by jessica park: heard about it, read it, loved it. ❀
  • the last namsara” by kristen ciccarelli: i got this one in a book subscription box, because i wanted to treat myself. don’t know much about it, except it’s about a dragon slayer. very intriguing.
  • furyborn” by claire legrand: this one was a surprise, because it also came in that subscription box and it is huuuuge. it won’t come out until may next year, so i have time to read it, yay! πŸ™‚


3.) science fiction

thecollapsingempire artemis22

  • the collapsing empire” by john scalzi: i’ve been meaning to read more books by john scalzi and this was on sale for kindle, so i picked it up.
  • artemis” by andy weir: this was one of my preordered books, but i saw it earlier in the store and picked it up. really, really enjoyed it.


4.) fantasy

adarkershadeblack amerciangods

  • a darker shade of magic” by v.e. schwab: do you guys know the feeling, when you see something and your brain stopps working? this happened to me with this book. i saw it in the store. i looked at the cover, saw the “as travars” writing, opened the endpages, which were full of artwork and then i discovered the signing for v.e. schwab. i didn’t think, i just bought it πŸ˜€
  • american gods” by neil gaiman: after my brain stopped working, i picked this up. i was always curious about this book and since i was a fan of “stardust”, i just wanted to pick this book up. it’s my bathtub book now. πŸ˜€ everytime i take a bath, i am reading a little bit of this book.


5.) classics

thememoirsofsherlock frankenstein

  • the memoirs of sherlock holmes” by sir arthur conan doyle: i got this from my best book buddy, because she collects other editions and had this book twice
  • frankenstein” by mary shelley: my best book buddy read this was and said i need to read it. so i bought it πŸ˜€


6.) classics / penguin english library editions

dracula northandsouth farfromthemaddingcrowd

thewaroftheworlds thetimemachine invisibleman

i admit, i went bananas with the penguin english library editions this months. they are just so damn pretty and i want to collect as many as i can. so i got six this time. “the invisible man“, “the war of the worlds” and “the time machine” by h.g. wells. then i got “dracula” by bram stoker, “north and south” by elizabeth gaskell and “far from the madding crowd” by thomas hardy.


oh my god, i bought 20 books in november?? :O :O :OΒ  can somebody please stop me!!!!!!! help! i need help!! and i have only five of those. aaaah, i am bad! no more books for me! ever. or like until later, because i am going book shopping today with my best book buddy! πŸ˜€

what did you buy in november? what are you most looking forward to reading? let me know! πŸ™‚

october book haul

guys, i have to confess something! i bought books. but i have absolutely no idea, how many and which πŸ˜€ i need to look at my amazon list, because i really lost track! πŸ˜€ i am awful. but the good thing is, that at the moment i do not have the urge to buy any books. it’s great timing since i am going book shopping tomorrow with my best book buddy hahaha. so, let’s see what this list will contain.




1.) fiction / ebook


  • watching glass shatter” by james j. cudney: my wonderful friend jay over @this is my truth now got published – yay to that!!! i have read the first two chapters before and i was hooked. so of course i bought the ebook when it got released. i love this cover so, so, soooooooo much!!!!! and i am also currently reading the book and loving so far!! i am very proud of you jay! πŸ™‚


2.) young adult / hardback

turtlesallthewaydown starfish dresscodes releasepatrick

  • turtles all the way down” by john green: well, i guess, i don’t need to say, why i bought this book πŸ˜€
  • starfish” by akemi dawn bowman: have seen this book everywhere. then came a giftcard. bought it πŸ˜€
  • dress codes for small towns” by courtney stevens: saw this on booktube, heard good things, picked it up. i love gift cards πŸ˜€
  • release” by patrick ness: i preordered this months ago and it finally got here in october.


3.) young adult / paperback

stalkingjacktheripper janeunlimited

  • stalking jack the ripper” by kerri maniscalco: i have been seeing this book EVERYWHERE!!!! so when i got an amazon giftcard, i had to pick it up. what can i say?
  • jane, unlimited” by kristin cashore: saw this on booktube a lot and needed to pick it up!


4.) young adult / audiobook

wihtoutmerit daremightythings

  • without merit” by colleen hoover: i had a credit left on my audible, so i picked up my first colleen hoover book. and i do not regret it.
  • dare might things” by heather kaczynski: had another credit and since i couldn’t get the physical copy via amazon, i just got the audiobook. πŸ™‚


4.) romance / ebook

inthismoment crushed

  • crushed” by a.d. mccammon: my girl kathy over @books & munches wrote a review about this and i immediately put it on my tbr. when i saw it on sale in the ebook store, i immediately bought it.
  • in this moment” by a.d. mccammon: then i saw that “crushed” is part of a series, so of course i picked up the first book, since it was on sale too πŸ˜€



okaaaay, that’s eleven books in october. didn’t think it would be that much hahaha. BUT, there is aΒ  but! i have read three of those books and i am currently reading one. so i say that’s good, considering i only read one of my bought books last month. i am getting better at this hahaha πŸ˜€

what did you buy in october? what are you most looking forward to reading? which of the books should i read first? let me know! πŸ™‚

ireland book haul 2017

hello my lovely bookoholics! ❀ i am back from a long weekend in dublin! i had a wonderful time with my best friend over there, as always.

here are some of my favorite moments that weekend πŸ™‚ ❀

on saturday we went to howth and walked the cliff walk. we walked 18km on that day and we had beautiful weather, so we took a lot of pictures. i love this place. it’s so quiet and so beautiful. you can get lost there and completely relax and that’s exactly what i needed. here are some pictures:

IMG_2025 IMG_2024


IMG_5396 IMG_2247


on sunday there was supposed to come a strom, so we had to decide if we want to go out or do something indoors. fate wanted for us to go outside, so we rented some bikes and i drove on the left side of the road for the first time. it was so cool. we drove to phoenix park, where we spent about 4 hours. it was so much fun. we were so lucky about the weather, because it wasn’t storming at all. in the evening we went to a pub to go see some live music and there i finally got my guinness, yay me! here are some pictures of the day:

IMG_8576 IMG_5950

IMG_2099 IMG_2098 IMG_2097


on monday my best friend and her boyfriend had to work, so i had the day for myself. and what did i do? of course i went bookshopping! πŸ˜€ i started with dubrays on grafton street, then i went to hodges figgis, which was huge! by that time i bought some bookmarks, but no books, because i was overwhelmed. so many books. then i went to the secret book & record store, which has cheap used books, but after looking through all the books, i still couldn’t find a book, that i wanted. it was so hard to decide. so by that time, i was in three book stores and didn’t by any books. so i went to eason, where i spent quite some time. i had five books in my hands in the end, because the ya section of that store is amazing. i wanted to by all of them. but i only picked up” night owls” by jenn bennett. i liked “alex, approximately” by her, so i picked this one up.

IMG_0179 IMG_0180


my last stop was chapters at parnell street and that shop just blew my mind!!! first of all, it is sooooooooooo huge. really huge! but the worst thing was, that they had SO MANY cheap books. like, there were huge hardcovers for 5 euro, which is NOTHING!!! i wanted to take them all. but i had to restrain myself, because i only had a small suitcase, so i couldn’t take all the hardcovers with me. but i bought “landline” by rainbow rowell and “stay close” by harlan coben. these are some of my favorite authors and i didn’t own these books, so i picked them up. since i couldn’t take more i picked up a “book nerd” tote bag to make me happy, haha!


IMG_9950 IMG_5969


after being sad, that i couldn’t take more books with me, i went to a pub and drank some guinness and enjoyed some live music which is always amazing! ❀ then i met my friend, who got me signed “this savage song” by v.e. schwab a couple of months ago. it was so nice to meet up with her and finally have that book in my hands πŸ™‚ i had an amazing time in ireland and i can’t wait to go back there in may. i will definitely change my suitcase situation by then, because i will have to go back to chapters!!!!! πŸ˜€



so, what do you think about my haul?

september book haul

and again, this girl aka. me, went book shopping. i just can’t be stopped. i bought books and books and books. it seems, the less time i have to read, the more books i buy hahaha. but well, i am a book collector. every book bought is justified, right? πŸ˜€ so let me tell you about the books i have bought in september πŸ™‚



1.) fantasy

godsgrave crownofmidnight everyheartadoorway

  • godsgrave” by jay kristoff: THIS BOOK IS PHENOMENAL!!!!!
  • crown of midnight” by sarah j. maas: i want to continue my readalong with darque dreamer reads in october, so i needed book two. it was inevitable!
  • every heart a doorway” by seanan mcguire: i saw this book on booktube a lot and i was very interested in it, but it was really expensive, so i didn’t want to spend so much money. but one day it was on sale for kindle and i couldn’t say no.


2.) horror/mystery/thriller

birdbox theressomeoneinside joshuaprofil

  • bird box” by josh malerman: i don’t know much about this book, but it’s supposed to be creepy as hell and i want to challenge myself, hahaha
  • there’s someone inside your house” by stephanie perkins: since this is ya-horror, i am hoping not to be that scared. but we’ll see! πŸ˜€
  • das joshua profil” by sebastian fitzek: this is a german thriller author, whose thrillers i enjoyed very much so far. don’t know anything about this one, but that’s the best way to go into a thriller


3.) sci-fi

bravenewworld warcross nyxia thedazzlingheights

  • brave new world” by aldous huxley: i wanted this book for quite some time now and since i HAD to buy it, which is a complete different story, i finally got it.
  • warcross” by marie lu: EVERYONE is raving about this book. the hype is so big and i couldn’t let this book just pass.
  • nyxia” by scott reintgen: i saw this book on so many blogs that i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy it…
  • the dazzling heights” by katharine mcgee: i recently finished “the thousandth floor” and i really enjoyed it. so i had to pick up the sequel, when it was lying in front of me…


4.) contemporary

thebelljar.jpg iftheresnotomorrow

  • the bell jar” by sylvia plath: this classic is the book of the month for the rory gilmore reading challenge. have i read it? no! did i need it? yes! πŸ˜€
  • if there’s no tomorrow” by jennifer l. armentrout: do i need any excuses for buying a book by now? i don’t think so πŸ˜€



wow, 12 books again. and i have read one! yay me! πŸ˜€

what did you buy in september? have you read your bought books already? which was your favorite and which one are you looking forward the most?

august book haul

so this happened: my best book buddy asked me, which books i bought in august. and i had no idea. i really didn’t know. august was very busy for me and it was a loooooong month. somehow it skipped my mind, which books i bought. but, of course i checked and i wanted to take you with me on the discovery, that i made. πŸ˜€



1.) ya contemporaries

wordsindeepblueΒ underrosetaintedΒ ps i likeyou

  • words in deep blue” by cath crowley: i am not sure, on which blog i saw this book, but i loved the synopsis and the cover is so beautiful, that i could not stop myself πŸ˜€
  • under rose-tainted skies” by louise gornall: same thing as with “words in deep blue”. only at that point, when i read about this book, there was a huge sale and it went into my cart immediately
  • p.s. i like you” by kasie west: ever since i have read “by your side” by kasie west, i wanted to read another book by her. and “p.s. i like you” was the lucky one πŸ˜€


2.) fiction

thesmellΒ tinman

  • the smell of other people’s houses” by bonnie-sue hitchcock: i just heard alaska and i was sold πŸ˜€ it’s that easy with me hahaha
  • tin man” by sarah winman: she became my auto-buy author because i love her writing. but unfortunately it was very hard to get into this book first. the second half was phenomenal though! this is also the only book from this list, that i have already read.


3.) margaret atwood

oryxΒ theyearof the floodΒ maddaddam

  • oryx & crake
  • the year of the flood
  • maddaddam
  • i have read “oryx & crake” earlier this year and i really, really enjoyed it. it was my first atwood and it was so good! i decided to read the rest of the series and i wanted to have this edition, because these books look so amazing on my shelf. ❀ and also, did i tell you about that huge sale? πŸ˜€


4.) sequel time & audiobook

goldensonΒ gentleman

  • golden son” by pierce brown: yes, it’s sequel september and i wanted to continue with this series, because i don’t want to let too much time pass in between. so i picked up “golden son” and i am excited to find out, if i will like it better than “red rising”. let’s do this!
  • the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue” by mackenzi lee: i saw this book everywhere in the past months and i finally picked it up, when my audible credit arrived. i am still at the very beginning, because there was not much time for listening. but so far i liked the beginning and i am excited to listen to more.

that was my august book haul. i know it’s a lot, again. i just can’t stop myself. but well, i just love books πŸ˜€

what did you buy in august? have you read your bought books already? which of these books have you read? let me know! πŸ™‚