sunshine blogger award #3



happy friday my wonderful people! ❤ how are you all doing? i can’t wait for the weekend because i have a special trip planned and i am very excited to get some reading time and seeing special people. it will be a blast! what are your plans?

i got nominated for the “sunshine blogger award” by the wonderful emma over @emma reads and i am very thankful. i haven’t done an award in a long time and i thought, that now it’s time again. so thank you so much emma. i loved your answers and i am looking forward to answer your questions. guys, please check out her blog. go, go, go!


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blogger recognition award

hello lovely bookoholics ❤ how is everyone doing today? i thought it’s time to catch up with my awards and since i was nominated four times for the blogger recognition award, i wanted to do this one this time! 🙂




i was nominated by my girls and i am so happy about that, because these girls are just amazing. i love talking to them, discussing books with them and just knowing them because of this wonderful community. my first thanks goes to delphine @delphine the babbler. this girl lights up my mood with her posts and i am so happy for her, that she got her job in france and can enjoy a new and exciting life now. then i want to thank my girl darque dreamer @darque dreamer reads. i am so happy, that i met her here, because we started our “throne of glass” readalong together and it was sooooo much fun. we’ll be continuing in october, so just watch out for that. she is amazing and i love talking to her about books and everything else. my next thanks goes to naty @naty’s bookshelf. she’s amazing. i love talking to her and discussing books with her. i recently found out, that she lives in germany and it totally took me by surprise, when she posted a comment in german on my bookstagram haha. my last thanks goes to marianna @marianna reads, whose blog is amazing and whose pictures i love so much, because they are beautiful. ❤
ladies, you’re amazing! if you haven’t checked out their blogs, go over there and give them all the love they deserve! ❤ ❤ ❤



the rules:

1. thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
2. write a post to show your award
3. give a brief story of how your blog started
4. give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
5. select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to


how my blog started:

most things in my life happen from one second to another. i don’t think long, i just do. it was the same thing with this blog. i had a book journal since the beginning of the year and i gave every book i have read a page in that journal to put down my thoughts. i still do this, because i like the journal but after some time i saw that it’s not enough. yes, i could have given every book more pages. but i somehow needed something else. and then the blog idea came. i thought it would be too much work but i just did it. i wanted a place, where i could write about books. not just the books i have read, but also discuss books with other people. and i haven’t regretted it since then. i love my blog and i love communicating with others in this community. it brightens my mood. i met so many great people here and it’s only been a few months. i love how a thing i wanted to do for myself turned into a thing, that brought me so many people and books. that’s amazing and will always be happy about my spontanous decision to start this blog.


pieces of advice for newbies:

1.) communicate with others. go check out blogs and don’t be afraid just to jump right into it and talk to other bookish people. this community is amazing and everyone will be happy about a like or comment from you. just start discussions and explore and you will find great friends and people, that are the same way than you are.

2.) don’t force yourself to write. if you see, that you are pressured by posting, then don’t do it. this is a hobby and it should be fun. if you get the feeling, that you are stressed out, then take a break. nobody will be mad. this should be a place you love coming to and putting down words shouldn’t be a chore. everyone will get the feeling that you are forced to write a post, when you do it. so just write when you want to write and when you feel it. it will make much more fun for you.


my nominations:


please don’t feel pressured to do this award, i just wanted to send some love to your blog! 🙂 ❤


if you missed it, i am doing a 300 follower giveaway right now, which ends on october 13th. check it out! 🙂

one lovely blog award

wohooooooo, another award nomination! guys, you have no idea how happy i am about each and every nomination that i get. this is soooo cool! thanks so much, you make my day! ❤

this time i was nominated three times for the “one lovely blog award”. yes, three times!! say whaaaat? you shouldn’t have! but i am so happy that you did! :* first i was tagged by mischenko over @readrandrock&roll. the second nomination came from anatomy of a book thief and the third nomination came from my girl nika over @bookster. i am pretty sure you know these amazing people! if not, what are you waiting for? go check out their blogs. they are wonderful. ❤



now, after so much love, let’s jump to the award!


the rules:

  • thank the person who nominated you
  • share 7 facts about yourself
  • nominate 15 bloggers and inform them of the nomination


since i was nominated three times, i should share 21 facts about myself right? that’s a lot of facts, wow. so, i thought i would divide the facts into three groups. i will share 7 facts about my bookish life, 7 facts about my personal life and 7 random facts of things i like/dislike. let’s see, how this turns out 😀


7 bookish facts about me:

  • i was never a huge fan of hardbacks. i always wanted the floppy paperbacks. but recently my opinion has changed and i am happy about every hardback in my life. they are just so pretty…


  • if a cover is colorful and not white or black, it immediately draws my attention. i just love colors and the book will always get more attention from me, if it has bright colors on the cover.


  • i usually mark and tab the books i am reading, but sometimes i just feel like reading a book in one sitting and then i just focus my attention on that and leave the sticky notes and markers behind. (regretting it afterwards haha 😀 )


  • everytime i decide to do a book challenge or a readathon, life happens and i do not have time to read or i loose interest in the challenges and go with my mood instead. somehow it happens all the time and then i am angry at myself, why i always do that mistake 😀


  • i feel bad leaving a bookstore without a book. this is usally really rare, but when it happens, i feel bad and weird and something is totally missing 😀


  • i own a book journal, that i started in january 2017. it’s a purple, dotted leuchturm and it’s almost full. there are some challenges written down, a monthly overview page, a wrap up page and each book i read has a page dedicated to it with facts about the book, what i liked and disliked. it also had my tbr and the books i bought each month in it, but i stopped that, because let’s be honest, my tbr is out of control and who wants to keep up with chaos, right? 😀 😀 😀


  • sometimes on the weekend, i do not leave my bed, except for getting something to drink or using the bathroom. the rest of the day i spent lying in bed with a book in my hands. i do social media breaks, but usually i just read all day and these are the days i love so so soooo much! ❤



7 personal facts about me:

  • i have never broken a bone in my body, which i am very happy about. that’s the worst thing i can imagine.


  • i am really afraid of the dentist. i hate it. it gives me panic attacks. every time i have an appointment, i can’t sleep and i am anxious and it’s really, really bad!


  • when i was in the usa, i went skydiving. it was a one time thing and i was scared, but it was such a great feeling and the memory that i have, will always make me think of it. i would never do it again, because for me that’s a memory i want to cherish and if i would do it again, it wouldn’t be special anymore.


  • i am still working for the company, that i started my first job with after my studies 8 years ago. a lot of things changed and i developed many skills, but i am still here and love my job!


  • my two cats, paulchen & pippi, kind of saved my life two years ago, when i got them. i was in a really bad situation and i knew, that i need to change a lot of things in my life and then they came around and everything turned out great. i love those two so much and i can’t even describe what they give me every day! ❤



  • i stopped counting how many times i have moved houses in my life. it was a lot, really a lot. that’s why i don’t have a childhood home to look back on or anything. my home will always be my family. it’s always them i come back to and never a place.


  • i am kind of scared of the dark. i do not like sleeping when it’s completely dark, i do not like being outside when it’s dark, i just don’t like the dark in general. i am a person who gets scared very easily and i hate it. that’s why i always prefer daylight to nighttime, because i can see things haha 😀 i do enjoy a sky full of stars, i just always feel uncomfortable being in the dark.



7 random facts about me:

  • i love socks! i am obsessed with socks. i buy socks on each shopping trip i go and i just can’t have enough!



  • i love mugs! 😀 yes, i am also obsessed with mugs. my kitchen slowly has no space for them anymore, but i love a good mug and since i drink a lot of coffee and tea, i need a great mug collection to drink it from, right? right? 😀



  • i am a coffeejunkie, which you all should know by now. but what you may not know is, that i hate cold coffee. i can’t drink that. ice coffee, or anything coffee tasty, that is cold, i hate it so much! bleh!


  • i am a hoodie person. i usually dress very casual and as long as it’s comfortable, it’s for me. i would love being in sweatpants all day, but unfortunately that’s not possible. so i wear hoodies. i own a lot of hoodies. i think i have a hoodie in every possible color. a girl needs her choices!


  • the same goes for sunglasses, which is why that gif is so perfect. i think i own around 40 sunglasses. they were not expensive, just some random sunglasses, that i pick up, whenever i can. i have them in each color to of course match my hoodie and converse chucks. i am a color coordinator when it comes to my outfits and it works very well for me haha 😀


  • i am a bath person. i love taking baths. i hate the shower because i am always cold. brrrr. nope, thank you. a long, hot bath, music and a good book, that’s my thing!


  • i have a desk in my living room, that has a great working space, including two big screens for me to work. i can be very productive there and do so many cool things. the only thing is, that i never use it hahaha 😀



alright guys, i think you should probably know everything about me by now hahaha. i hope you liked all those facts about me! 🙂


here are my nominations:


liebster award #2

hello bookoholic friends! ❤ how are you doing! the weekend is in front of us and i wanted to let you know, that i will be gone a little while. my best friend from ireland is visiting me and we are going to a music festival on the weekend. i am reeeeeaaally looking forward to it. but that also means, that i won’t be active on my blog and on your posts, because there is no internet on music festivals hahaha. also, i need to socialize 😛 i wanted to prepare some posts, but my work life is so busy right now, that i didn’t have time to do this and so the weekend will be empty on my side. just to let you know. i hope you have a great time and i will be back latest on tuesday. whooop whooop!

so, now for this post. i am trying to get to all my tags, but they are piling up haha. so i decided to do another award. this time i got nominated by the great kate and serena over @the library ladies and the amazing naty over @naty’s bookshelf. please go over to their blogs and spread some love. they are wonderful! 🙂


the rules:

  • acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award
  • answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
  • give 11 random facts about yourself
  • nominate 11 blogs (with under 200 followers)
  • notify these blogs of the nomination
  • give them 11 questions to answer



kate & serena’s questions:

  • if you could be transported to any fantasy world just for a day, where would you go?
    i need to choose? that’s tough! but i think i would love to see my boy kaz, so i want to be transported into the grisha world 😀



  • do you know your myers briggs type? if so, what is it?
    yes i do. i am “the advocate” (INFJ-T). apparently i am very rare but still leave a mark in this world 😛


  • you can have any kind of mystical creature for a pet. which do you pick?
    definitely mr. kindley from “nevernight”. he is a very, very special mystical creature and i would love to have him by my side!



  • did you have any irrational fears when you were growing up? what were they?
    actually yes and i still do. i once got lost in the forest when i was a child and my dad only found me about an hour later. i was crying and scared, because i couldn’t find anybody. since then i am afraid of forests. at night, i would never walk into a forest and also in the bright day, i only go into forests when someone is with me.


  • do you have any favorite myths (greek, roman, egyptian, norse, etc)?
    so far i don’t.


  • who would you bet on in a fight? a witch or a vampire?
    uh, that’s a tough question, because i do not know that much about witches. i mean, i never read books about them or watch movies or series. on the other hand, i watched and read a lot of vampire stories. so probably i’ll go with vampires.


  • desert island: which five books?
    oh my god! :O i think this answers changes every day. but as of right now, i would take “the fault in our stars” by john green, “the martian” by andy weir, “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte, “fangirl” by rainbow rowell and “harry potter” by j.k. rowling because on that island nothing would keep me from finally reading this book. 😀


  • if you could have one super power, what would it be?
    teleportation. it would save sooooo much time and money. i think there is no better super power than this.


  • if you could visit only one website for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    youtube! that way i would still get a lot of information and entertainment!


  • what household chore do you hate the most?
    wiping the floor! omg you have no idea how much i hate to do that!!!


  • what is your favorite snack food?
    chips forever and ever and ever! ❤ ❤ ❤



naty’s questions:

  • what book you wish you could un-read to experience it for the first time again?
    i am chosing “dark matter” by blake crouch, because it totally blew my mind and i love when that happens!



  • what’s your hogwarts house?
    you know i haven’t read “harry potter” yet but i did the test and apparently i am a hufflepuff.


  • who is a character you love who you think belong in your hogwarts house?
    since i don’t know anything about that, i need to skip this question! 😀


  • what popular book have you not read yet?
    i can’t choose “harry potter” again, because that is so obvious. but there are many more. for example the ACOTAR series by sarah j. maas. but i will go with “the raven boys” by maggie stiefvater.



  • what’s your favorite color?
    that changes like every day. it totally depends on my mood. purple, blue, green, yellow. all of them except orange and red. i do not like those colors.


  • what are some of your favorite authors?
    john green, v.e. schwab, rainbow rowell, harlan coben


  • what bookish universe could you live in?
    oh, so not just a visit but to live in? i am choosing the world from the “shades of magic” series by v.e. schwab. i would love to travel between all the different londons. go on adventures. and of course there is kell! ❤



  • what superpower do you wish you had?
    again: teleportation! 🙂


  • what is your favorite dessert?
    uh, that’s a great question, because i really do not like dessert. i never eat dessert! i don’t know what it is, but i am not a fan of cake, or ice or whatever after eating real food. crazy, right? 😀


  • what genre do you read most?
    definitely ya-contemporary. i love my fluffy contemporaries. they are easy to read, i like reading about younger kids and their choices and experiences. i don’t know what it is, but i just enjoy contemporaries so much! they are just so fluffy to me! 🙂


  • what is a bookish goal that you have for 2017?
    i had many goals for 2017 but it all changed throughout the year because stuff happened. but my main goal was to read 80 books and i reached that goal already and i am very happy about that. ❤ now i just want to enjoy my time with books.



now let’s go to the 11 random facts about me:

  • i hate radish. bleh!
  • i have a tongue and a nose piercing
  • my favorite number will always be 13
  • i wanted to study astrology or meteorology at some point in my life
  • i deleted my facebook account in february this year and i do not miss it one bit
  • i have an older brother
  • i’m a beer person
  • i can’t cook. at all.
  • rainbow shelves are my favorite kind of shelves
  • i am a short person and i love it. it makes traveling so much easier
  • i am an apple person. as in like iphone, ipad, mac and so on




alright guys, that was it. i won’t tag anyone this time either but i still hope, that you liked my answers! 🙂 we’ll talk again next week and i wish everybody a wonderful weekend! 🙂 ❤

sunshine blogger award #2

guys guys guys… you know what? i was recently tagged five times (!!!!) for the sunshine blogger award… say what now?? yes! five times. i can’t process this myself. *mindblown* since these are a lot of questions, i will be splitting them up, so you won’t have to read that much nonsense about me hahaha 😀

the first person who didn’t actually nominate me was kristin over @kristinkravesbooks. she spread the love for my blog and that’s why she deserves some answers to some cool questions! 😛 (i’m cheating here, yes, but i want to answer those questions, hahaha 😀 and i want to give back the love) kristin is amazing. you need to check out her blog. she is such a nice person and i love talking to her about books. it’s so much fun. ❤

one of the people, who actually nominated me was steph over @lost: purple quill. she also has an amazing blog and is such a wonderful person. go and check her out if you haven’t already and give her some love. 🙂

and the second person who nominated me was marianna @marianna reads. her blog is beautiful. please head over there and check it out! ❤ spread the love guys, spread the love!


the rules:

  • thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • list the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post and/or on your blog



the questions kristin answered and i want to answer too: (i know, i am cheating, bla bla bla, but i don’t care. i do what i like to do!)

  • do you listen to audiobooks?
    yes i do! i love listening to audiobooks when i am cleaning my apartment. it’s pretty huge and i need a lot of time to clean it, so audiobooks are perfect for that. 🙂


  • do you structure your bookshelves? (genre, colour, author…etc)
    weeeell, i try to! 😀 in my living room i have three shelves. my books are divided into read and unread books. then into series and standalones, then into genre and in that into colors. so there is a lot of structure haha. my classics are separated from that and also my english and german books are separated. you see, i have everything under control here 😀



  • how do you feel about comics and graphic novels?
    not a big fan. or i should say, that i don’t read them at all. for me (and please do not hate me or punch me) these don’t count as books… (going into my cave and hide)


  • unpopular opinion! which popular book or series don’t you like?
    i guess you could say that i wasn’t the biggest fan of “the upside of unrequited” by becky albertalli. i really couldn’t connect with molly on so many levels, so it was hard for me to love this book as much as other people did. 😦



  • summarize your last read in 5 words
    the lucky number is 13.


  • do you participate in readathons?
    i haven’t participated in that many readathons, but if i can squeeze it in, i really enjoy doing it. it gives me motivation! 🙂


  • do you snack while reading?
    uhm, yes! i do. not often but if there are some chips lying around in my apartment, i pick them up while reading!


  • where do you like to read?
    my bed. totally and compeletely. i love my bed. i could stay there all the time! it’s a great reading spot, it’s comfy, it gives me a great feeling and my cats also have space to lie next to me! ❤



  • apples or oranges?
    definitely apples. i hate oranges. it’s so much work to eat them and if they are not sweet, i am so mad. i stay away from oranges 😀


  • recommend a diverse read!
    since i was so negative on “the upside of unrequited”, i will recommend “simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda” by becky albertalli! this book is sooooooo adorable. it made me feel all the feels and i just loved it! ❤




stephs questions:

  • what would you do if you were invisible for a day?
    that’s an awesome question! i would probably hop on a plane and fly somewhere where i have never been before but which is close by (we don’t want to waste any time). and there i would visit all the bookshops, cafés and sights you need to see, without paying for everything and skipping all the lines. now, that i think about that, it would probably be london!


  • what was your favorite movie as a child?
    “e.t. the extra-terrestrial” – i knew this movie by heart. i watched it over and over and over again, so that my parents worried a little about me, because they didn’t know what was wrong with me 😀 second place goes to the disney version of “robin hood”. i knew that one by heart as well!



  • what is your favorite kind of blog post to write?
    you know me, i am a tag person. i just love doing tags, it’s so much fun! but i also loved my blog event for “throne of glass”. ❤


  • if you could commission any author to write a book for you, who would you choose?
    definitely v.e. schwab! i love her writing and she became one of my favorite authors this year. she’ll do the best job ever!


  • is there a talent or skill you don’t have, but which you did?
    i guess she means one talent i would like to have. and yes, i would love to play the guitar. unfortunately, i suck at music but it would be amazing if i could play the guitar, because i LOVE music! ❤


  • what is your least favorite book?
    if you go by the ratings on goodreads, then my least favorite book is “dubliners” by james joyce.


  • any random subject/fact/phenomenon that fascinate you?
    i always had a thing for stars/star constellations or space in general. it’s a thing that blows my mind, but i really like it and i’m interested in. the same goes for weather. i was obsessed with tornados in school and the weather fascinates me very much.


  • what was your favorite birthday?
    honestly, i have no idea. i am not the biggest fan of birthdays at all. i don’t know what it is, but i do not like my birthdays.


  • what kind of music do you like to listen to?
    coldplay, mumford & sons, robbie williams, indie rock, oldies, rock classics, everything i am in the mood for 🙂


  • what book have you ALWAYS meant to get to, but haven’t yet?
    well that one is obvious: “harry potter”. yes, i always wanted to, but i never did…



  • if you could relive a day in your past, what would it be?
    when i was in the usa i did a roadtrip for two weeks through all the canyons. we were three people and on one day, i walked alone along the grand canyon (i didn’t do the walk all the way down). i just stayed up, but enjoyed all the beauty. after meeting up with the others, we drove to the parking lot of the havasu falls in arizona. we went down the canyon and all the way to the havasu falls. i saw paradise there. i swam in the pools, i jumped through the water fall, which was so scary and then we went back all the way up to our car. we were on our feet for so long and i thought, i wouldn’t make it up the canyon. i really thought, that this was the time were i would break together and it’s over. i was exhausted. but it was also the best day ever. i learned so much about myself and i will always cherish and be proud of what i did there. i would love to relive that!



mariannas questions:

  • what is the book that you loved reading so far this year?
    OMG, do i need to say one book? i loved so many books this year, i can’t possibly decide. or can i?? i will go with “kids of appetite” by david arnold, because it’s still with me after all those months and after all those other great books!



  • a book that you love that is a movie
    i love the book for “the outsiders” by s.e. hinton. and i also loved the movie. it was such a great book adaption and i know, that i will watch it again very soon!



  • favorite book with a male protagonist
    “a man called ove” by fredrik backman. go read it! now! but also “six of crows”, “a darker shade of magic”, “the martian”, and and and…



  • a classic book that you love
    best classic ever! “jane eyre” is amazing! ❤ ❤ ❤



  • show us a cover that scares you
    this cover scares the shit out of me. it reminds me of the twins in “the shining” movie and i hated them. soooooo creepy. and now this little girl here. come on, why?



  • how many books have you juggled at the same time?
    like literally juggled? one haha! but no, let’s be serious. i think five at the same time was a record for me. audiobook, ebook, 2 buddy reads and one main book. but let me tell you, that were tough times 😀


  • a book you absolutely recommend
    just one? oh man! ok, i know which one. i will be recommending a sci-fi book. it’s called “fuzzy nation” written by john scalzi. but you need to listen to the audiobook for this, because the one and only wil wheaton is narrating it and oh my god, that was soooooooo much fun!!! i laughed and i cried, it was a perfect book!



  • a book that you have read more than 2 times
    too easy! i will go with a book i have read seven times! and it is, *drumroll*, “the fault in our stars” by john green. 😀 (what surprise, i know)



  • is there a book that you have regretted reading?
    no, actually there isn’t. i do not regret reading a book, because i can always learn something from reading a book.


  • other than reading, what do you like doing on a rainy day?
    does watching booktube or blogging count? if not, i’ll say rearranging something in my apartement or playing with my cats or watch a romcom on tv 😀


  • name an author that you love
    well, since i already mentioned v.e. schwab in this post, i will say harlan coben, rainbow rowell, john green, jay kristoff and a couple more… 😀





these were my answers. wow, this took longer than expected hahaha. i hope you enjoyed this post. i won’t be tagging anyone this time, because i feel, everybody already has been nominated for this award. also, i am lazy. yes, i am. ok, not lazy, but busy. yes, i am. ok, you see, i am talking nonsense, that’s why i better stop now. have a great day my friends! ❤ 🙂

mystery blogger award

hello my fellow bookoholics out there. ❤ it’s time for another award – whooop whooop!!! a while ago i was nominated for the mystery blogger award by the wonderful fernanda @the wanderlust reader and the amazing nika @bookster. i am so happy about that nomination! thanks guuuuuurls! and you guys head over to their blogs, they are great. of course after reading my answers muhahaaa 😀 (too much coffee today…)


this award was originally created by maggie @okoto enigma

“mystery blogger award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. they are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. this award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.


the rules:

  • put the award logo/image on your blog
  • list the rules
  • thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  • tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • you have to nominate 10 – 20 people
  • notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  • share a link to your best post(s)



6 things about myself (since i was nominated twice and because i am in the mood for it haha)

  1. when i was 4, i fell down off my bike, was unconscious and woke up at the doctor where i got 16 stitches on my chin, because there was a huge hole
  2. before studying computer science in media i started my studies with life science but stopped that after 4 months
  3. as books are my most obsessed thing right now, a couple of years ago i was obsessed with tv series. i watched like every one and knew all there was to know
  4. getting my cats was a spontaneous decision. i saw they were available, called, got in the car, drove to the market and got all kitty stuff there is, went to see the cats and brought them home
  5. i love going to concerts. i’ve seen “coldplay” twice, “mumford & sons” and “muse” three times and robbie williams also twice. concerts are my passion
  6. when i went to study abroad in san francisco i visited new york first and while i was standing in from of the statue of liberty i broke down and cried, because i was so happy, that i finally was where i wanted to be for so many years



fernandas questions:

1.) why and how did you decide on your blog name

that was pretty easy. it’s my bookstagram account name and i just went with it. i love coffee and i am a bookoholic, so that fits well 😀 (and damn you twitter for not allowing that long usernames!!!)


2.) if your life were turned into a movie or book, what would the title be? 

since i don’t want to focus on the negative things, i’m going with the positive and this title fits pretty well i think: “as long as you’re happy”. 🙂


3.) what’s your favorite genre to read?

definitely ya-contemporaries. i love those. i get lost in those. and yes, most of them are the same over and over, but i don’t mind at all.


4.) what’s a hobby of yours?

books, blogging, playing games & my cats 🙂


5.) if you could go anywhere, where would you go?

alaska! that’s on my bucket list and i soooo badly want to go there, just to see it for myself! ❤



nikas questions:

1.) if you could live in one European country aside from the uk, which country would you choose?

IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


2.) favorite color?

purple. no, blue. no, green. no, yellow. aaaaahhh, i don’t know. depends on my mood 😀


3.) if you could own every edition that exists in the world of one particular book, which book would you want it to be?

“the fault in our stars”. it’s my favorite book so yeah, definitely that one!


4.) favorite social media platform?

definitely instagram. i love photos and beautiful pictures. i could scroll through my feed for hours!


5.) have you ever been outside your country? where?

yes, i have. i’ve been to poland, france, czech republic, greece, italy, spain, portugal, ireland, england, cuba and the usa. ❤ ❤ ❤



my best post so far was one i recently posted – the 200 follower and anything but books tag. you can find it here


and here are my nominations. if you guys already did that one, no pressure! 😉


the questions i want to know your answers too:

1.) recommend one bookstore you love and tell us why you love it?
2.) what were the last three books you bought?
3.) if you’d win in the lottery right now, what would be the first thing you would do?
4.) if you could be any animal for one day, which one would it be?
5.) how would your perfect library/reading room look like?

the awesome blogger award

so, it’s been a while since i did an award post, but i have been nominated recently by three wonderful bloggers and i thought, now it’s time to do the post. i want to thank noriko @diary of a bookfiend, donna @moms book collection and hannah @peanutbutter & books so much for nominating me. you guys are amazing. please everyone, go and check out their blogs. you will have a lot of fun! 🙂

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norikos questions:

1.) what movie have you watched recently? was it good?

haha, just yesterday, i watched the jane austen book club, because noriko reminded me of it and i love this movie. i felt like i needed a break from reading, but with this movie i still felt, like i was doing it. so win-win! thanks noriko! 😀


2.) what food would you recommend everyone to try at least once?

oh my god! what a question! i can’t cook at all, so never ask me to give you some food. but since i was born in poland and my grandmother makes the best pierogis, i would suggest everyone to try these with potato filling. awesome and yummy as hell! ❤


3.) what are some of your hobbies?

obviously reading and blogging. 😀 but i also count my cats as my hobby. and i love playing games, like family games. i love to sit in the park and just play the whole day.


4.) what’s your beverage of choice?


coffee, coke, tea – in that order


5.) do you collect anything other than books?


back before my book phase, there was a huge movie and tv series phase. i have a huge collection of dvds/blurays of movies and tv series at home!


6.) what is your favorite season?


it’s a mix between summer and autumn. i love summer, because i love to get some tan, go outside in the park, lie in the sun and read. i am a sun girl. if there is water somewhere near, the better. but since i am very sensitive to weather change and the weather does get tricky here in the summer, i prefer autumn, because it can still be warm but you can breathe! 😀 also, the colors in autumn are amazing! ❤


7.) what do you spend most of your time doing?

working, reading, blogging, instagramming and socializing with my friends. also listening to music, because music is always playing in my background.


8.) what is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

i recently watched “the outsiders” and i have to say, that i am a big fan of that movie!


9.) tell us something about yourself?

there is not a month going by, where i don’t arrange something different in my apartment. bookshelves, furniture, whatever. something always has to change.


10.) what is your favorite book of 2017 so far?


still “kids of appetite” by david arnold! ❤



donnas questions:

1.) what is your proudest achievement?

being where i am doing all by myself.


2.) what is your favorite blog post that you’ve written?

i think my “top ten books of 2017 so far” post. it was one of my first posts and i knew, i would have a lot of fun with this blog! 🙂


3.) if you could spend a day in any city, where would it be?

london. i have never been there and i always wanted to. also, the bookshopping! can you imagine! :O ❤


4.) what is your favorite tv show?


drama: gilmore girls, sitcom: friends ❤ ❤ ❤


5.) do you have any pets? share a photo if you want to.

IMG_0408 IMG_0513

yes, i do. i have two cats. brother and sister, named paulchen and pippi. their 2nd birthday is on september 5th and i love them with all that i have!


6.) do you prefer reading in first or third person? present or past tense?

first person, because i love to know about the feelings and thoughts of a character. tense doesn’t matter to me.


7.) what is your favorite time of the year?

christmas. i love being with my family, eat a lot and spend the days playing games.


8.) the best book you’ve read recently?


my latest five star read was “the outsiders” by s.e. hinton. i still think about this book and i also have the urge to reread it!


9.) your favorite item of clothing?


definitely my converse all star chucks. like all 25 of them! 😀


10.) what was your favorite movie to watch as a kid?


“e.t. the extra-terrestrial” – i loved that movie. i knew it by heart. i watched it, brought the tape back to the start and watched the movie again. i was obsessed with e.t.



hannahs questions:

1.) what’s your favorite book of 2017 so far?

“kids of appetite” by david arnold (in case you missed the first answer 😀 )


2.) what food/drink would you want to try the most from any book?


definitely all of lara jean’s cookies. oh boy, while reading all about these cookies, i wanted to have them all! 😀


3.) what’s your favorite love triangle that actually worked??



4.) what’s your number one #BROTP? (it’s like an OTP, but for bros. as in bromance!! as in wholesome platonic relationships.)


i’m picking kell and rhy from the “shades of magic” series by v.e. schwab. i mean they are not related by blood, but they are like brothers. i love these two and their relationship and how they would to everything for each other! ❤


5.) what’s your number one book-related pet peeve?

i hate it when paperbacks are not floppy. i mean, i get mass market paperbacks, i try to stay away from them. but there are also big paperbacks and for me they always should be floppy. please give us more floppy!


6.) what’s one culture you always love reading about?


the irish. i love the irish! ❤ ❤ ❤


7.) which character do you hate with a burning passion?

still haven’t come across that one!


8.) which character do you love with a burning passion?

oh my god, where do i even start? :O :O how can you even ask me that question? *startstopanic* (levi, kell, august, kaz, henry, vic, … IT JUST NEVER STOPS!!!!)


9.) blandest character you’ve read about this year?

i have read so many books this year. no one in particular comes in mind…


10.) favorite smell?

the smell after a summer rain, the smell when you blow out matches



wow, i made it! 😀 i hope you are still here reading this hahaha 😀 i hope you liked my answers to all those questions and let me know, if you have different answers. 🙂

here are my nominations, because those people are awesome:


and here are my questions (a mix of all the above):

1.) what food would you recommend everyone to try at least once?
2.) which character do you love with a burning passion?
3.) do you prefer reading in first or third person? present or past tense?
4.) if you could spend a day in any city, where would it be?
5.) do you collect anything other than books?
6.) what was your favorite movie to watch as a kid?
7.) what do you spend most of your time doing?
8.) tell us something about yourself?
9.) favorite smell?
10.) what’s your favorite love triangle that actually worked??