book reviews

i manage to read quite a few books in a month and with that, you move to new books pretty quickly and forget about what you read before. i own a book journal, where i write some of my thoughts, but i needed a place, where i could write more in depth reviews about books. not just a couple of words. i wanted to share my experience with books. i wanted to write about what i loved and what i didn’t like. here you will find my book reviews, which hopefully will grow in the near future. all thoughts in these reviews are my own. it’s my honest opinion about what i liked and what i didn’t like. there are also things about the book, i want to tell other people so they know it, before getting into this book.


alire sáenz, benjamin – aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe


bardugo, leigh – crooked kingdom(spoilers)
bowman, akemi dawn – starfish
brown, pierce – red rising


crowley, cath – words in deep blue(spoilers)
cudney, james j. – watching glass shatter


green, john – turtles all the way down


hanks, tom – uncommon type: some stories
hinton, s.e. – the outsiders
hitchcock, bonnie-sue – the smell of other people’s houses
hoover, colleen – without merit


kristoff, jay – godsgrave(spoilers)


lauren, christina – autoboyography
lu, marie – warcross


maas, sarah j. – throne of glass(spoilers)
maas, sarah j. – crown of midnight(spoilers)
matson, morgan – amy & roger’s epic detour
mcgee, katharine – the thousandth floor
mcmanus, karen m. – one of us is lying(spoilers)
menon, sandhya – when dimple met rishi


nelson, jandy – i’ll give you the sun


park, jessica – 180 seconds
poston, ashley – geekerella


reintgen, scott – nyxia
rider, catherine – kiss me in new york
rowell, rainbow – carry on
rowling, j.k. – harry potter and the philosopher’s stone


silvera, adam – they both die at the end
spiro, lynda young – there is always more to say
st. john mandel, emily – station eleven
stone, nic – dear martin


thorne, sally – the hating game


waters, tawni – the long ride home
weir, andy – artemis


zappia, francesca – eliza and her monsters

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