book review // “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling

harrypotter2title: harry potter and the philosopher’s stone
author: j.k. rowling
genre: ya-fantasy
type: paperback
pages: 332
start: 15.10.2017
finish: 15.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”



what it’s about:
harry potter has been living with his aunt and uncle for ten years, not knowing that he is a wizard. on his eleventh birthday he gets his acceptance letter to hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. he learns the truth about himself and a new adventure is about to start for him. becoming who he truly is, meeting new friends and fighting the evil, harry’s life changes completely and all of his adventures start.


what i think:
now, you might ask yourself: why is she posting a review for the first “harry potter” book? everyone has read it by now. but no, that’s not true. until the 15th of october 2017, i haven’t read a single “harry potter” book. i also have never watched the movies. so for me, this review is a big deal, because i finally did it. i have read “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling. and i loved it. (no surprise for many people!)

i have talked about this a lot on my blog. i was afraid of reading the “harry potter” series. i was afraid, i wouldn’t like it. well it’s me and the hype. 50/50 chance. but i also had very high expectations for this book, because really everyone loves it. so there was pressure. 😀 and also the fact, that i didn’t grow up with the books. most people i know, grew up reading “harry potter”. i didn’t. so all in all it was a big deal. so then this day happened. i woke up, i did some stuff and i was supposed to read my current read. but somehow i didn’t. i went to my shelf and picked up “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone”. i don’t even know what happened. i don’t remember if i was thinking at all. i just picked it up and started reading. and well, some hours later, i was done. this book had me right from the start.

j.k. rowlings writing is wonderful. i got lost in the story completely. i didn’t even pay attention to my cats who wanted some food (no worries, they are alive 😀 ). but i was just lost in this book. i wanted to know what is going to happen and i was completely excited. it was so much fun being part of harry’s world. i loved going on this adventure with him. first his meeting with hagrid and then everything else that happened after that. i fell in love with the characters, hagrid being my favorite. i love this guy. he is so much fun and the way he cares for harry warmed my heart. i teared up. i was happy. so many emotions.

but all the other characters were awesome too. ron, hermione, even draco and professor snape. all these guys are such cool characters and it was so much fun getting to know them better. getting to see their growth. i just loved everything. and no, i didn’t see the twist coming in the end. and that’s good, because i liked it even more this way. i was afraid, that i would have problems with all the characters, because there are so many. but i had no problems at all following them and the story. it was such an easy and fun read and it was an adventure for myself.

there really is nothing that i disliked about this book. it is a great story, so much fun, it’s emotional, it brought me joy and i just loved it. of course i immediately watched the first movie after reading the book, because i wanted to compare the images in my head with faces and pictures. it was a good movie and a perfect end to my “harry potter”-day 🙂


what you should know:
“harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling deserves all the hype. it’s a fantastic story, full of adventure and fun and a variety of great and awesome characters. i am really excited to find out, how the story goes on and what is going to happen. now i can say with honesty, that people really need to read this book, because it’s good. and fun. and so much more! 🙂


“harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” on goodreads
j.k. rowling on goodreads

book review // “without merit” by colleen hoover

wihtoutmerittitle: without merit
author: colleen hoover
genre: contemporary
type: audiobook
duration: 9h 13min
start: 11.10.2017
finish: 13.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Not every mistake deserves a consequence. Sometimes the only thing it deserves is forgiveness.



what it’s about:
merit lives in a very complicated family. her parents are divorced, she and her twin sister honor, her brother utah, her father and his new wife victoria and their son moby live in a church. and her mom lives in the basement of that church. merit’s life is very complicated and she feels like an outsider. she tries to deal with all the problems surrounding her family. when she meets sagan, things change for her, which brings her pain but also a new perspective.


what i think
“without merit” is the first book i have read by colleen hoover. i have heard so many things about her, her stories and her writing and i have some of her books on my tbr. but somehow i chose this audiobook as my first colleen hoover novel. i also read some reviews about this book and i was hesitant. a lot of people love it, but a lot of people also hate it. and this comes from some die hard colleen hoover fans. so i was a little bit scared going into this book. but i was surprised and i don’t want any of the negative thoughts influelnce my opinion, because honestly, i liked this book very much.

this book is kind of crazy. i mean, how much drama can be in one family? this is pretty ridiculous and that’s also why i didn’t give it a full five stars, because in the end i thought, that a little less drama would be enough.

but let’s start at the beginning. merit’s family is nothing i have ever read about. there are a lot of people. there are a lot of problems. there are a lot of secrets and lies. but for me somehow it also felt very real. yes, i somehow could believe everything that has been going on in the family. while i went through this book, more and more problems are revealed and they left me shocked. i didn’t think, that all this was possible, but somehow it hit me hard and it made me understand merit so much more. yes, she herself is a complicated character. she has her own issues but on top she has also all those family problems. i could understand, why she felt the way she felt. but i could also understand, that she needs to work on herself and see things differently and not just the way she wants to. just because things are the way we see it, it doesn’t mean, that there isn’t a story behind it. and i guess, that was the key issue for me in this book. honesty. nobody is honest in this family and it was just a matter of time, that it would somehow blow up.

i myself went through some stuff in my life. i had my own drama of course, as everyone else did. but what i learned very, very early, is that i need to be honest. honest to myself and to others, because otherwise it will only cause problems. i always prefer the truth, even if it’s hard and hurts, than lies. because these hurt so much more. but now let’s get back. i think so many problems in that family could have been prevented, if these guys were honest with each other. if they talked to each other and not just suck everything up. it made me mad to hear, how nobody talked to each other. i really felt myself frustrated and that’s personally a thing, that i like. when a book can does that to me. when it makes me feel things.

all the characters in this book are unique. not just their names but also their personalities. everybody struggles and has his own problems and i love the speach of luck, because he sums it up so very well. nobody is perfect in life and this books shows it. everybody has issues and that’s what i liked so much. these characters represented real people. of course their problems have been a little bit harsh and too much for some people, but everybody has issues. and this book reminded me of that, which i am very grateful.

i was personally a big fan of sagan. he is this mysterious guy who suddenly shows up and changes things so much for this family. but in my opinion in a very good way. because this family needed that. maybe not going that far but just to talk to each other. sagans own issues hit me hard too, because i get this a lot here in germany. i know about this and it is part of my life, so this felt very real to me and i loved him for being who he is in the end, despite everything.

now, i do not agree with everything in this book and at some points it maybe went too far, but i still liked it a lot. it grabbed me right from the start. i was sucked into that story and i couldn’t stop listening. usually i take my time with audiobooks, but i needed to finish this one. it was so addicting, because the story build up so well. i needed to know what comes next and next and next. and because i was shocked about every new revelation and development, i wanted more. since i have no comparison i can’t say that that’s usually the writing style of colleen hoover. but i hope it is, because i really want her other books to be so addicting as well.


what you should know:
now, i didn’t go too much into detail, because i didn’t want to spoil the story. just know, that there are a lot of complicated problems in that family. these problems will affect you, each one different. there are consequences to those problems, that will affect you, each one different. i have to warn about depression and anxiety issuses and of attempted suicide, because people need to know about this going into this book. “without merit” by colleen hoover will affect you emotionally at some point. may it be anger, frustration or in the end hope. in my opinion it’s a great book, that is addicting and will probably shock you at some points, but it’s definitely a good book, that i would recommend.


“without merit” on goodreads
colleen hoover on goodreads

giveaway winner and q&a

my wonderful blogger fam! a few weeks ago i reached 300 follower and i was sooooo happy about that. right now i am almost at 400 and i still can’t believe it! you guys are just the bestest of the best and still make my day every day!! ❤ ❤ ❤

i started a giveway, where i forced some of my favorite books on you haha 😀


now this giveaway has ended and i know why you are all here. to see, who has won! and i don’t want to ramble much longer, so here’s the winner:



the wonderful destiny over @howlinglibraries won the giveway!! congratulations girl! ❤ i am so happy, that i have met you here in this community and that you are the winner. please contact me with your adress and then we’ll see, which book will get shipped to you, haha 😀

to everybody else, i am so sorry, that you haven’t won, but i am sure, there will be more opportunities in the future 🙂



now, there was a second part in the giveway. i wanted you guys to ask me some questions and i wanted to thank you so much for that. there are some really cool questions and i am happy to answer them. 🙂 let’s get straight to it:


abbey from three cats and a girl asked: what is your favorite snack to eat?
definitely chips. i love snacking chips. like all kinds of different chips. i also like chocolate, but i really need to be in the mood for it. 🙂


leni from lenisbooks asked: i know you are a succer for bad boys so: if you could choose 2 bad boys to have a book writen about who would you pick and who should write it?
well, this girl knows me so well, so she knows, that i would want v.e. schwab to write the book. of course, who else? 😀 my first bad boy is pretty obvious, everyone knows my love for kaz from “six of crows”. so he definitely would need to be in my book. the second one would fit perfectly, because she knows this guy already from her “shades of magic” trilogy. i am talking about kell. i mean, come on! kaz and kell together??!!! 😀


kathy from books & munches asked: what’s your top three favorite bookish gifts – apart from books?
definitely bookish mugs! i loooooove mugs in general and bookish mugs are just the best. i also love booksmarks with great quotes. i mean you can’t do anything wrong with bookmarks, right? and the last thing are socks. if i could get bookish socks, i would be the happiest person on earth 😀


naty from naty’s bookshelf asked: what’s your favorite book genre to read on a rainy day?
haha, since i am a mood reader, i really don’t mind any book. but probably ya-contemporary 😀 😀 😀


michaela from journey into books asked: what book or book series means the most to you? what book would you love to see turned into a move or TV show?
the book that means the most to me is still, after so many years, “the fault in our stars” by john green. i connect a lot of memories and moments to this book, it will always be special for me. as for book turned into a movie, i would choose “autoboyography” by christina lauren and “warcross” by marie lu. i think these would be amazing movies.


addy from addynikitabooks asked: do you have any advice for a blog that’s barely starting out?
yes, communicate with others. check out other blogs, don’t be afraid to talk to people and leave comments. this community is amazing and open and you’ll be able to make friends so soon. 🙂


hanna from hanna reads asked: what is the best thing about blogging? and the worst?
the best thing is all of you! i love the community and i am having so much fun being part of it. talking to you about the favorite thing in the world is just awesome. the worst part is, that it gets easily overwhelming. sometimes i am so busy at work, that i fall behind on reading posts and commenting. it’s hard to get back on track, because everone of you deserves to be on their blog.


bube asked: if you could be any disney villian, who would you be?
that’s an awesome question. i think i’d choose ursula from “the little mermaid”. i love the ocean and i loved that movie so, so much as a kid!


kenzie from KenzieCantShutUp asked: if you were stranded on a deserted island with only one book, what book would you want to have? what’s your favorite character pet? would you rather only ever read series or only ever read stand-alones?
as for the deserted island. i always chose a “harry potter” book, because then i would finally read it. but since i can only pick one, i would cheat and go with a bind up. maybe all of charles dicken’s novels in one book. that would keep me busy a while 😀
character pet? hmmm, probably the bad boy thing? i love my bad boys 😀
and i would prefer stand-alones. at least i wouldn’t have to wait for coming books 😀


grace from hey grace and sophie from beware of the reader asked: how do you choose what to read next?
i always go with my mood. since i read almost every genre, i have a lot of different books on my tbr. and then i just pick, what i want to read.


the winner destiny asked: what is the first book you remember ever just really falling head over heels in love with?
ha, it was “kiss an angel” by susan elizabeth phillips. it’s a romance novel and i don’t even remember when i read that. but i loved it so, so much, that i read all of her books i could get. as of today, she is my most-read author. what can i say, i had a phase, when i was young! 😀 😀 😀


swetlana from living the caffeinated bookworm life asked: what would you say has been the best part about having a book blog? apart from meeting a ton of great people, obviously!
haha, you did it right girl, because you knew i would answer with that. 😀 apart from the great people? i would say all the book recommendation i get. i would probably never hear about some of the books you guys are mentioning and i love that. it’s bad for my tbr, but i still love it 😀


alicia from miss honeybug asked: if you had $20 to spend on one new book or 4 used books, which option would you choose and why?
definitely the 4 used books. i love used books and i don’t mind them at all. i love it, when a book tells a story and that’s why i would prefer used books. and i would get four of those – so win win 😀

toni-emma from book & bloom asked: what did you find most successful in building up your followers?
honestly, i am not sure. i started this blog for myself and it was never about gaining followers. i am still shocked, that so many people of you are here to read my stuff hahaha 😀 so i do not have an answer for that. maybe just be honest about what you write and communicate with people? it’s what makes you unique, being yourself.


heavenisaplacewithbooks asked: if you could live in a fictional world, which one would it be?
definitely the london word from the “shades of magic” series by v.e. schwab. i would just need to be an antari, so i could travel between all those londons 😀



that’s it guys. thank you so, so much for all your questions and your participation! it was so much fun reading them and answering them! 🙂 congratulations again to destiny and have a great rest of the weekend everybody! sending you lots of love! ❤ ❤ ❤

the book blogger test tag

it’s weeeeekend!!! yay!!! at this moment i will probably taking a nap, or reading in my bed or whatever! but i will definitely be relaxing the hell out of this weekend. i need that! but first, let’s do this tag, because it’s such a cool tag and i love that my wonderful girl naty over @naty’s bookshelf tagged me in this!!! naty is just awesome! she’s so kind and great, there is nothing more to say. so of course you need to check out her blog! ❤



the rules:

  • thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  • answer the ten questions asked on this post
  • nominate at least five people to do it also


1.) top 3 book pet hates

  • i really don’t like mass market paperbacks. i would always prefer a different edition than the mass market paperback. and it makes me mad, that these editions are the cheapest. (only exception: the “outlander” series by diana gabaldon)
  • the font. there is one font that i hate. i just can’t read it well. in a bookstore i always look for it, and if the book has that font, i don’t buy the book. and if you want to know which one it is, the uk paperback edition of “a darker shade of magic” by v.e. schwab has that font. that’s why i never bought those books. i paid a lot of money to have the us hardcovers, which are way prettier in my opinion. but yeah, as you can see, i won’t buy a book with that font 😀
  • i am not the biggest fan of people on the cover. i don’t know what it’s about books with people on the cover, but i always prefer other covers. and don’t kill me, but i love the “tower of dawn” cover so much more than the other covers, with the person on the front. yepp, unpopular opinion here 😀


2.) perfect reading spot

that is soooo easy. my bed. always my bed. i got a new bed at the beginning of this year and i just can’t get out of it! i even put my bookshelves in my living room, so that i would read on the couch and get out of the bedroom, but no way, it didn’t work. i am basically just in the living room, when i want to get to the balcony or grab some books. and that’s a pity, because my living room is huge and cute but it doesn’t have my bed… 😀


3.) three book confessions

  • i crack the spine, i write in the books, i dog ear pages, i mark, i tab, i do all those things to my books. sue me!
  • my goodreads isn’t updated, because i am scared to see, how huge my physical tbr is 😀


4.) last time you cried reading a book


although tears came during “autoboyography” by christina lauren, “words in deep blue” by cath crowley was the last book where the tears were streaming down my face!!! like big time!


5.) number of books on your bedside table


just two ha! but i won’t talk about the books on my shelf further away from my bed 😀


6.) favorite reading snack

chips, chips and always chips! forever and ever and ever! 😀


7.) three books you’d recommend to anyone

janeeyrepurple martian AManCalledOve

i specifically didn’t pick any young adult books. why? i even don’t know myself hahaha. as for a classic, i would always recommend “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte. i love it. as for a sci-fi i will always be going with “the martian” by andy weir, because that book is sooooooo amazing and funny and it has mark watney. ❤ and as for contemporary fiction, i will go with “a man called ove” by fredrik backman, because i love ove and this is such a beautiful story, that broke me. i cried like a baby and i felt all emotions. so beautiful!


8.) a picture of your favorite bookshelf


never pick a favorite child, right? 😀 😀 😀


9.) how much books mean to you (in three words)

books are everything!


10.) biggest reading secret

i still have a book on my shelf, that belongs to a person, i haven’t seen in over 12 years…



i tag:


i would also tag kathy from books & munches, but she’ll probably kill me, so i specifically won’t tag her! 😀

the music book tag

wohoooo, it’s friday!!! which means, the weekend is coming! ❤ i can’t wait! also, it’s friday 13th and i love the 13th. it’s my number. 😀 and to celebrate this wonderful day, i wanted to do another tag! i will be doing “the music book tag”, which combines two of my favorite things: music & books. yay!! thank you so much to the wonderful charlotte annelise for tagging me! if you don’t know her, please go check out her blog! she’s an awesome person and deserves all the love! 🙂

the rules:

  • link back to me as bookchanted, as the creator of the tag. i want to read your answers y’all!!
  • you can use the graphics if you want
  • tag at least four other people!
  • HAVE FUN!!!!


1.) ed sheeran: an adorable book that left you feeling warm and fuzzy


i could probably list so many ya contemporaries here, but i am going with “the sun is also a star” by nicola yoon! i loved this book. it was such a cute story with wonderful characters and it made me happy while reading it.


2.) taylor swift: a book with way too much drama to keep track of


if you want drama in the style of “gossip girl”, then please read “the thousandth floor” by katharine mcgee. this book is a guilty pleasure for me, because i enjoyed the drama so much! 😀


3.) zayn malik: the broody, mysterious character you totally fell for


no surprise here, right? you all know, that i love kaz from “six of crows” by leigh bardugo with all of my heart! ❤


4.) jelena: a ship you really wanted but it never sailed

i honestly have no answer for that. i am shocked myself!! :O


5.) fall out boy: a series that just keep getting better and better


i know, that “the nevernight chronicle” by jay kristoff isn’t done yet! but, i am pretty sure, that mr. kristoff won’t disappoint! i loved “nevernight”. but “godsgrave” was better. and now there is just one more thing to top that. the ending! give it to me please!!!!!!!


6.) halsey/demi lovato: a badass female character you really admire


you all know, that i wasn’t the biggest fan of “the long way to a small angry planet” by becky chambers. but i was a huge fan of kizzy! that character is phenomenal! she is smart and strong and has amazing skills. and most of all she is funny and made me laugh so much! i love that girl!


7.) one direction: the romantic, cheesy book you couldn’t help but love


i really enjoyed the “to all the boys i’ve loved before” series by jenny han. it was fun, it was cheesy, it was romantic, it was just so cute! 🙂


8.) adele: a book that delivers a really powerful message


i was pretty shook after reading “thirteen reasons why” by jay asher. even more after watching the series on netflix. it’s a powerful book/series. you never know what your actions are going to do to other people. you never know, how you affect them and you never know what the consequences can be!


9.) miley cyrus: a book/series that exceeded your expectations


i am going with a classic here. i did hear a few things about “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte before going into this book. but i also knew, that it was a classic and i was kind of scared of it, because it is huge. what i didn’t expect, is, that i would love this book so much! i love the story, i enjoyed reading it and i flew through it!! it’s an amazing book and i am so happy, that i read it, because it’s my favorite classic so far! 🙂


10.) katy perry: a book/series that didn’t live up to the hype


first of all, i love rainbow rowell. i love her books and her stories. that’s why i was so eager to read “eleanor & park”, because this was everyone’s favorite book by her. but no, i just have to say know. i had trouble while reading this book, because i couldn’t connect with eleanor at all. i don’t know what it was, but this book was just not for me!



i tag:

hocus pocus book tag

i realized, that i haven’t done a tag in quite some time now. so it’s perfect, that the wonderful katie over @never not reading tagged me in the hocus pocus book tag. she created the tag herself and i am sure, i will have a lot of fun with it! i love the movie so much! thank you katie for tagging me. ❤ if you don’t know her blog, please go and check it out, because katie is awesome! 🙂



1.) the sanderson sisters

giphy (13)

a great trilogy:


well, it shouldn’t be surprising, that i choose the “shades of magic” trilogy by v.e. schwab. i have talked about my love for these books and especially for kell a lot on my blog. but i do not regret it. it’s an amazing series!


2.) winifred sanderson

giphy (14)

a book with a truly evil female villain:


huh, turns out, i haven’t read a lot of books with female villains. but the queen of hearts from “alice’s adventures in wonderland” by lewis caroll counts, right?


3.) sarah sanderson


a book that uncannily attracts children:


i am going with germany here, because i know, that all books by astrid lindgren are still very popular in this country. i myself loved all her stories and i loved the tv series even more. pippi longstocking is my favorite, which probably explains, why my cat is named after her 😀


4.) mary sanderson

giphy (3)

a book that is just plain silly:


i’m going with silly as in funny here and not with silly as in stupid here. 😀 just to clarify. a book that was so funny and made me laugh so much was “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” by douglas adams. i love that book and especially the little depressed robot marvin. 😀 ❤


5.) max

giphy (6)

a book that is trying really hard to be cool, but doesn’t always succeed:


i have to go with this anthology here! “because you love to hate me” had a great concept. booktubers paired with authors to make them write a story about villains. all in all it sounds pretty cool. for me, a frequent booktube watcher, i was really looking forward to it! but i was disappointed, because there were just a few stories that could convince me and the rest was just meh.


6.) dani

giphy (2)

a book that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is:


i have to go with my recent read “autoboyography” by christina lauren. this book felt so honest to me, because it portrayed the feelings of the protagonists so well. i was really feeling their feelings and it just was so believable how shitty both their lives were regarding their situation. i will always be greatful for this book!


7.) binx


a book series that just won’t die:

i don’t have an answer for this, because i haven’t read that many long series yet, to say this.


8.) ice

giphy (5)

a book with a character that’s dumb as a rock:


i have absolutely nothing more to say about bryce from “thirteen reasons why” by jay asher!


9.) the black flame candle

giphy (7)

a book or series you wish you could resurrect:


is it too early to talk about this? 😀


10.) headless billy butcherson

giphy (4)

a book that’s not so bad as people make it out to be:


i hear so many people talking trash about john green’s books and i need to defend them. they are not bad. you may not like them but they are absolutely not bad. they are written beautifully, have some of the most amazing quotes i have ever seen in books and they make you feel something. so please stop saying, that they are bad. maybe you do not like them, BUT THEY ARE NOT BAD!!! (i somehow needed to get this of my chest)


11.) winifred sanderson’s spell book

giphy (8)

a book with a mind of its own:


that’s definitely one of my recent reads – “station eleven” by emily st. john mandel. still don’t know, what this book is supposed to tell me… (sorry, guys)


12.) garry marshall

giphy (1)

a book with a cameo:


this is the only book, that comes to mind. in “the upside of unrequited” by becky albertalli there appear some characters from her first book “simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda”. that was pretty cool! 🙂



that was the hocus pocus book tag! i hope you liked it! 🙂 i am tagging a few people, that were not on katies list, haha 😀

WWW wednesday #13

www wednesday is hosted by sam on Taking on a World of Words. everyone can participate in answering the three questions below and posting a link on sams website or just answer the questions on her post, if you do not have a blog.

the three questions are:

1.) What are you currently reading?
2.) What did you recently finish reading?
3.) What do you think you’ll read next?



What are you currently reading?


title: nyxia
author: scott reintgen
page: 160
status: i really enjoy it so far, but i the competition stuff is getting kind of boring, because nothing new is happening. i somehow want more!



title: without merit
author: colleen hoover
progress: 16%
status: so, funny thing. i wanted to cancel my audible subscription but they made me a deal i couldn’t resist. so i picked up this one. and it’s my first colleen hoover novel. so far i like the narration and i am curious where the story will go.



title: war and peace
author: leo tolstoy
page: 323
status: i managed to get back on track and i am 25% through it, yay!



What did you recently finish reading?


title: invisible
author: paul auster
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
thoughts: i haven’t written a review for this one yet and i am not sure if i will, because it was weird, but good. i am still sorting my feelings out for this one.



title: the smell of other people’s houses
author: bonnie-sue hitchcock
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
: i really, really enjoyed this one. it’s about alaska ❤ my review can be found here



title: autoboyography
author: christina lauren
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
: LOVED IT!!! my review can be found here


What do you think you’ll read next?


title: turtles all the way down
author: john green
i do now have my copy yet, because amazon is very mean. but it doesn’t matter. i can get one from my bookstore and i will definitely do that latest friday. this will be my next read, no matter what!


what are your three www? let me know in the comments! 🙂