traveling book project germany

when i started reading a lot in 2016, i discovered goodreads for me. i was very surprised, that there was a website, where people could have their virtual bookshelves, do challenges and talk about books. i was so happy about that site, because i felt like i found something i didn’t know i need in my life.

while surfing through the page, i discovered the traveling book project germany.
the idea behind this group is sending books around in germany. everyone has the possibility to send their books to other people. one person on the list gets the book, reads it, draws in it, writes in it and makes it unique. then the next person on the list gets the book. in the end, the owner gets back his or her book which is full of comments, colors and drawings. its unique and the owner has a very special book back at home.

i loved the idea behind this and of course i started to participate. i met some wonderful people there and a lot of friendships developed. what i love about these people is, that they are spread through germany and we still communicate a lot and try to do some book boxes, which give the opportunity to meet these guys in person. we also met in march 2017 in leipzig for the book fair and had an awesome weekend together. this project changed my life a lot and i am so happy about it. my life wouldn’t be as it is, if i hadn’t discovered goodreads. so, thanks a lot! 😀

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