about me


  • classic: “jane eyre” by charlotte brontë
  • sci-fi: “the martian” by andy weir
  • ya-contemporary: “the fault in our stars” by john green
  • coffee: african blend
  • tea: morrocan masir
  • country: ireland
  • season: summer
  • bands: coldplay, mumford & sons
  • comedy: friends
  • series: gilmore girls
  • movie: forrest gump


my reading story

what can i say? i wasn’t a big reader when i was younger. my world consisted more of movies and series. that was my big hobby. which also explains, why i have NEVER read “harry potter”. yes guys, facepalm. i did not grow up with it. BUT, i loved reading too. i loved going to bookstores and spent my days there. i loved a good book on vacation and mostly, when i got a book into my hands, i read until i couldn’t put it down. i had some reading phases, but i wasn’t a frequent reader.

as life happens and you develop yourself and make different experiences, your taste changes and your hobbys change. that’s what happened to me. and then harlan coben happened. i saw a book by him, i bought it and on one weekend i read three books from him – and everything changed. books became my world. i wanted to read more and more. i wanted to talk to people about it. and then goodreads happened and my life changed completely. i am so happy about that, because there is nothing better than a good book, where you can escape and have a great time while reading it.

since books became my world and i love talking about them, make pictures of them, watch videos about them, i decided that it’s time for me to write things down. that’s the idea behind this blog and i am looking forward to talk to you guys and have a place, where i can share my thoughts. i hope you will be part of this journey and we can spend a great time together talking about the best thing in the world – a good book.

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