in case you’ve been wondering…

hello my lovely friends! ❤ how are you all doing?

it’s been a while since i posted anything on my blog or posted comments on your blog. there is a reason behind it and it’s called time. a lot of things happened the past weeks and i am still in a big project, that i will share with you, once it’s finalized.

the thing just is, that i don’t have time at the moment. i don’t know where it goes, but it’s just not there. you all know, that i have been dealing with health issues the past year and it got to a point, where i couldn’t ignore it anymore. the wonderful mischenko over @ReadRantRock&Roll posted her story in january and while reading that story, so much stuff just made sense to me. it clicked and i knew, that i needed to change some stuff in my life. and number one was my health. so i switched everything. like high detox and it just gave me more trouble. the health level last month was basically very, very bad. but i am feeling the change slowly and that’s a very very good thing. i will work on it more and i am very confident, that it will turn out for the best!


so, you can imagine. me, not cooking EVER. not eating healthy at all, changing my whole day. cooking in the evenings, doing smoothies and juices. that all takes time. also shopping everything. i never did that and it’s basically a huge part of my day now. that also cuts into my reading, BUT i figured, that audiobooks are the best way to go. i have been flying through books lately, because i spent so much time in the kitchen. 😀 my physical books are sitting on my shelves and crying, but that’s just how it is right now.

so, you may be wondering, what i’m doing in my other time. well, i am working my ass off. sorry, for putting it that way, but work is such a burden at the moment. it’s ok, because i got stuff to do, but it’s been long days, long meetings, lots of concentration and doing all that stuff while still not feeling well. so when i come home, i basically just spent time in the bathtub and in the kitchen, play with my kitties and then go to bed at 10pm and sleep like a baby. i don’t watch booktube a lot anymore. i just put in some tv series for falling asleep and then the day is gone.

now, work and health are occupying me a lot and there is just no time and energy for prepping blog post, or browsing through yours. here and there i find a minute but i miss so much, that it discourages me. and that’s not good. i will work on a balance, but bookstagram and blogging is just not in the picture for me right now. i know it will get better and it will sort itself out. so just have some patience with me and the cheery, crazy girl will be back, hahaha 😀

let me know, how you are doing! i really want to know and i will be back, don’t worry about that, ok? i am sending you a lot of love and kisses and we’ll talk soon! take care my lovelies! ❤ ❤ ❤

23 thoughts on “in case you’ve been wondering…

  1. Aww Alex – kudos for you! I’m so happy to be reading what’s going on with you. I’m sorry that you’ve been going through a rough patch but it also seems that you are making all the right decisions in your life to go healthier in your diet and concentrating on your job. Just remember to keep your balance between work and all the leisures that make you happy!
    So keep your chin up butter cup, everything always turns out alright in the end! ❤ ❤ :*

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  2. Alex, I’m so happy you’re doing this. I know it’s hard in the beginning, but the rewards will come! I’m glad to hear you are feeling a little better and that you’re sleeping so well! I know the supplements have made a huge impact on me and I hope those will speed your recovery when and if you start them.

    Thanks for sharing your progress and for linking to my post. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Be well, friend! Big hugs! ❤💜❤

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  3. Take care and get better soon! ❤ i’m sure i’m not the only one waiting for you to get back and feel better!
    I just spent a week with influenza half dead in bed and couch and felt so bad that every time the baby needed to be fed I just kept thinking that someone else should do that, I can’t touch her or even want to. It made me feel so bad that I had thoughts like that but it just hurt even more when someone touched me. I’ve been kicking myself from those thoughts but contacted our nurse and got to talk with someone who could assure me that it doesn’t matter cause I took care of her no matter my own health.

    Sorry for babbling my own problems here, hope you’ll feel better soon! ❤

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  4. Tak care Alex. The most important thing is to get your health under control and time spent on anything related to that is time best spent. Glad you’re figuring out a new routine to help. All the very best. Enjoy your audiobooks!

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  5. i’ve missed seeing your blog but glad to hear you’re doing well!!! i really respect the time you’re putting into your work and health ❤ i hope your health continues improving & that things continue to go well for you! 🙂

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  6. Glad you are taking care of yourself ❤ Things like eating and sleeping well (why are they so hard to do at first??) make such a difference. Take as much time as you need to come back!

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  7. Dude, you do you. Get that health worked out! I know it’s difficult, but it’s going to be sooooooo worth it! In the meantime, gonna miss you. Of course you would be outta here right when I come back, 😦


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