top 5 tuesday – my top 5 ships



hey my fellow bookoholics, how are you all doing? ❤ i hope you had a great weekend and wonderful start into the week. i am taking a trip currently, which is very important for me and i hope, that i’ll got some news for you soon. i’m really excited. but before we get to all that, it’s time for another top 5 tuesday. it was created by shanah over at Bionic Book Worm. please go and check out her blog, because she’s awesome!

this week’s topic is: top 5 “ships” i’ll sail to the ends of the earth. this one is a little unfair, because i pretty much ship everyone in every book. 😀 i am a hopeless romantic and i love when people get together and find love or friendship. my heart can’t get enough of that and that’s why there are so many ships out there, that i love. this will definitely be a hard one to narrow down 😀





1.) cath & levi from “fangirl” by rainbow rowell


this one is pretty easy for me, because i love those two so much!! “fangirl” is one of my favorite contemporaries. i love the story, i love the characters and i just ship these two so much. although i wouldn’t mind levi leaving cath and starting a relationship with me 😀


2.) simon & baz from “carry on” by rainbow rowell


you see the connection here? 😀 i just can’t help it. rainbow rowells characters are just forever in my heart. and the same goes for simon and baz. these two warmed my heart and i had such a great time reading their story. ❤ ❤ ❤


3.) celeana & chaol from “throne of glass” by sarah j. maas


ok, i know that my opinion can still change, since “queen of shadows” and all the following books are still to be read by me. but up until this day, i am a hardcore celaena & chaol shipper. they are everything and i sooooo wish, that nothing bad happens and they will be endgame. i’m really curious to see where this goes 😀


4.) tanner & sebastian from “autoboyography” by christina lauren


this one is pretty easy, because there is NO way, that you wouldn’t ship tanner and sebastian. these two have such an emotional and heartbreaking story, that you can’t help yourself. at least that’s the case for me. this book surprised me so much and i am just in love with these two characters. please read this book!


5.) lucy & joshua from “the hating game” by sally throne


the love story between lucy and joshua is exactly what i love. it’s a romcom. it’s funny. it’s sexy and it’s what i love about romance books. sometimes i just need that in my life and this book convinced me. i ship these two very much, because their behavior made me laugh and i had so much fun reading their story. i think a movie for this would be amazing, i would watch it immediately. 😀



it was very hard for me to narrow down my ships. i just went with my gut, although my list contained more than 20 pairings 😀 maybe i’ll do another post to go more into my other ships. because the list is long hahaha. i hope you liked my list and let me know if you also ship those relationships. 🙂

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