sunshine blogger award #3



happy friday my wonderful people! ❤ how are you all doing? i can’t wait for the weekend because i have a special trip planned and i am very excited to get some reading time and seeing special people. it will be a blast! what are your plans?

i got nominated for the “sunshine blogger award” by the wonderful emma over @emma reads and i am very thankful. i haven’t done an award in a long time and i thought, that now it’s time again. so thank you so much emma. i loved your answers and i am looking forward to answer your questions. guys, please check out her blog. go, go, go!





1. kiss, marry, kill: the main characters of the last three fiction books you read

theinvisibleman sleepinggiants missperegrine

so, the last three books i have read were “the invisible man” by h.g. wells, “sleeping giants” by sylvain neuvel and “miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children” by ransom riggs. since mr. griffin from “the invisible man” is kind of bad, i would definitely kill him. that’s an easy one. jacob from “miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children” is very young, so he would get a little kiss on the cheek. that leaves one of the main characters of “sleeping giants” to marry. i guess i would settle on ryan, because vincent couldn’t convince me that much. 😀


2. would you rather be an elegant princess/prince type character in a fairytale, or a witchy badass villain?

of course the witchy badass villain. you should ask my coworkers hahaha 😀 just kidding. but i am waaaaay too impatient with people to be an elegant princess!


3. you fall into a pit of acid or get bit by an exotic spider or into a verbal altercation with a wizard, and you’re given the power to pull things out of books. which book are you reaching into first???

uhhh, that’s a hard one. i guess real weapons wouldn’t be that useful in this case. so i would need magic. i think i would pull “a darker shade of magic” by v.e. schwab? that’s a hard one!


4. you’re being sent to a desert island and you can only bring one book, and it has to be one you haven’t read yet. what book are you bringing?


probably this one. it’s big, so i would have some pages to read. it’s a stand alone, so i wouldn’t be mad when it’s over and there isn’t a cliffhanger. and it’s one i desparately want to read. 😀


5. link your favorite blog post of yours!

i don’t have a favorite blog post of mine. they are all my precious! 😀



6. which hogwarts house would you most want to be in, and which do you want to be in least?


that’s hard to tell, because i have only read the first book in the series. i am a hufflepuff and happy about that sorting. i guess slytherin isn’t that good? i can’t answer that until i have read aaaaaall the books.


7. would you rather have a pet unicorn or grow a mermaid’s tail when you touch water?

a pet unicorn? where?  i want it now! GIVE IT TO MEEEEEE!!!!!!!! aaaaaaahhhh!!!!!


8. the last book you gave 5 stars and the last book you gave 1 star?


wow, that’s actually a hard question. 5 stars are easy for me but i never gave a book just one star. at least not in the last years, where i have read a lot of books. there is only “dubliners” by james joyce that got 1,5 stars from me. that’s acutally very interesting. i am apparently not a 1 star rating giver 😀


9. who’s a popular author you’re just… not that into?

i think i have to twist the answer a little bit for this one, because i haven’t read that many books of authors i don’t like that much. my answer for this one is stephen king, but not because of his writing, just because of his horror books. i am not into horror, which is a shame, because stephen king writes great and i would love to read more by him, but horror is just noch my thing.


10. show you’re currently watching, or last one you watched?

FULL HOUSE!!! i just love that show. i am in the middle of my third rerun currently, because i just can’t get enough! 😀


11. picture this: you’re at the altar, about to say “I DO” to cornelius (or cornelia) wainwright III, a disgraced businessperson who is only marrying you for your chocolate factory fortune. you dramatically say “I CAN’T DO THIS” – which fictional character or celebrity do you confess your love to instead?


i am not going with a celebrity, because otherwise this would be a long list. i am just going with the first book character that comes to my mind and that’s kaz brekker from “six of crows” by leigh bardugo. i love that guy. still. even months after reading this book. 😀 ❤




i am not going to tag anybody, simply because i am in a hurry. weekend is waiting hahaha. i hope you liked my answers. let me know your answers to these questions! 🙂 have a great weekend everybody! ❤

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