top 5 tuesday – cover buys



hey my lovely fellow bookworms! ❤ how is everyone today? i know, i know, i promised to be back soon and hop on your blogs, i just don’t know where the time is going. my schedule is still a mess, but i promise, you’ll hear from me soon!! hang in there 😀 but first, it’s time for another top 5 tuesday. it was created by shanah over at Bionic Book Worm. please go and check out her blog, because she’s awesome!

this week’s topic is: top 5 cover buys. i admit, that i love beautiful covers and that i always tend to buy books with great covers. i mostly know a little bit about the story, but since i am hooked on the story already the cover does the rest. and sometimes i just buy it without knowing much. so let’s get to that list of mine, shall we?





1.) “the illuminae files” by amie kaufman & jay kristoff


this one is pretty easy. i saw the naked hardbacks and i was sold. i knew this series is sci-fi and i didn’t need to know more. i love both covers for “illuminae” and “gemina” and i am pretty sure, that i will love “obsidio” as well as soon as i have it in my hands. 🙂 ❤


2.) “shadow & bone” trilogy by leigh bardugo


i’m pretty embarrassed about admiting this one. 😀 i liked the “six of crows” series but i didn’t know if i wanted to read the original grisha trilogy. it was an option but no priority. but as soon as the boxset with the new covers came out, i was sold. i needed to have those new covers because they are GORGEOUS!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


3.) penguin english library editions


i have to admit, that pretty much every penguin english library edition is a cover buy for me. i am collecting them, even though i am not sure about reading them at some point haha. they just are gorgeous and floppy and look amazing on the shelf. i own 24 by now and i love having them in my collection.


4.) “furthermore” by tahareh mafi


this book has been sitting on my shelves for a long, long time. and i don’t know how long it will be there. but i just had to have this book, because it is so, so, sooooo beautiful!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


5.) “nevernight” by jay kristoff


yes, you are reading this right. “nevernight” was a cover buy for me. i saw the book, it looked gorgeous and i bought it. 😀 after buying it i heard more and more things about it and then decided to read it. i am pretty sure, that it would still be unread if i hadn’t seen so many booktube videos about it. but look at it? it’s so beautiful? wouldn’t you buy it too???



that was my list guys. my top 5 cover buys. are some of these books also cover buys for you? which books are on your list? let me know in the comments 🙂

43 thoughts on “top 5 tuesday – cover buys

  1. It makes my geeky heart happy to see Jay Kristoff on your list twice! His cover designs are perfection! And I’m with you on loving the new cover design for the Grisha books! I’m still not sure if I want to pick up that series or not but the covers are pushing my decision lol!
    Thanks so much for participating – added you to the list 🙂

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  2. I bought Furthermore because of the cover too (and because it was only $1.99) but I also love the new covers for the grisha trilogy. I just recently bought the Shadow and Bone one because I was trying to get them in hardcover and I got them 🙂 Great list!!

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  3. I have just seen someone with Six of Crows on their top 5 list, I have Language of Thorns on mine. Leigh Bardugo is the Queen of book covers it seems 😛
    I’m collecting the Penguin English Library Editions too! I only have like seven up to now though. I like how they all match 😀 Do you collect the paperbacks or the hardbacks?

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  4. I originally bought Illuminae because of the hardback books. The sheer covers and the book design, that setup is always one of my favorites and this series pulls it off so well! Luckily it’s a great read too.

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  5. The Penguin classic editions are everything. Gahhh I have so many classics I want in that version, mostly all of Jane Austen’s work. 🙂

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  6. I think if I had a more sizable book budget, that basically all of Leigh Bardugo’s books would be cover buys. She always seems to have these amazing minimalist covers. I just want to stare at them for a long time. 🙂

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