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hello wonderful people! ❤ i hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂 it’s time for another top 5 tuesday. it was created by shanah over at Bionic Book Worm. please go and check out her blog, because she’s awesome!

this week’s topic is: top 5 rewind – books i don’t talk about enough. so, i guess we all have this little problem. we love a book and then we can’t stop talking about it. which is good in my opinion. but it mostly is reflected on our current reading or the last books we’ve read. at least that’s my case. ok, i also love to talk about “the martian” by andy weir or “the fault in our starts” by john green, because these are some of my favorite books and i have great things to say about those. but mostly i talk about how awesome the books are i recently read. but there are also amazing books, which i don’t mention enough and which i should because in my opinion these are great books that people should read or they’re books that tell a story and were important in my life. so, let’s see, which books i’ll pick 🙂





1.) “the light between oceans” by m.l. stedman


i think i never spoke about “the light between oceans” before on my blog. but i should, because it was an emotional ride for me. i loved the writing and the setting right from the start. so i was curious where the story would go. but oh boy, i never thought, that this book would turn out the way it turned out. i was so mad while reading this book. i was furious at some points. i cried also, i really didn’t know what i was feeling. it was so weird for me, because i read this book at the begining of my “i’m back to reading”-phase and i don’t think i ever exerienced so much anger while reading a book. this was defintely a ride and worth mentioning it! 🙂


2.) “looking for alaska” by john green


you guys all know, how much i love “the fault in our stars” but i keep forgetting, that “looking for alaska” is also a very much loved book by me. i read it two years ago for the first time and i loved it so, so much. it crushed me completely, because i had absolutely no idea what it was about and how much of an effect it would have on me. i read it in one sitting because i could not put it down. i had to know, what it was about. it’s crushing, it’s emotional and just beautifully written.


3.) “before i go to sleep” by s.j. watson

before i go to sleep

i love me some good thrillers. and i love reading about books where the main character lost their memory and you need to find out what happened to them. so when i picked up “before i go to sleep” i was hooked. i thought it was a great story with many twists and turns and i just kept turning the pages. if you like mysteries, then give this one a try. i myself still have to watch the movie for this one.


4.) “the sisterhood of the traveling pants” by ann brashares


“the sisterhood of the traveling pants” was a book that accompanied me while i did my exchange semester in san franciso. i bought it in one of the bookstores and i fell in love with the story. for me it was refreshing and i really loved the characters. also the whole travel concept made me relate to it. i took my copy everywhere i was traveling and it’s really, really beat up, but i love it, since it tells a story and i have so many great memories of it. i also love the movies by the way 🙂


5.) “the shining” by stephen king


ok, let’s talk about this book and go deep haha. i was never a big fan of the dark. never. i don’t know why, i just hated the dark. i always felt safer during the day when i was a kid and into my teens. when i was fifteen i somehow had the brilliant idea to read “the shining” by stephen king. i still don’t know why, but i did. and i was completely terrified. i was so scared while reading this book. it messed with my head so, so much. but i also could not put it down. i read through it and the consequence was, that i couldn’t sleep for a whole week, unless there was bright light in my room. 😀 it was really crazy. and if that’s not enough, i also watched the movie, which i still don’t know, how i managed to do that! but until this day i somtimes dream of the twin girls. 😀 i guess that’s a book i’ll always remember in my life haha. because it’s the reason why i don’t like horror movies, or don’t watch at all. and horror books too. nope, not my thing. 😀 i’m the screaming one who sits in the cinema and screams every minute of the movie! 😀



so, that’s my list of books, that have a little story to tell and had an impact on me, you maybe didn’t know. i hope you like this list! let me know about the books you don’t talk enough about! 🙂

39 thoughts on “top 5 tuesday – books i don’t talk about enough

  1. Looking for Alaska didn’t really touch me.

    BUT. THE SHINING. Holy mother of bushes. I’m still freaked out with the neighbor’s animal bushes, for real. Doesn’t matter if it’s light out or dark; those things scare the living shit out of me and I am NOT ashamed to say I sometimes go around the block simply so I don’t have to walk by those things.
    But I have to say that I simply adore King’s writing. He has such an elaborate and detailed style of writing. You gain so much background knowledge and yet you don’t even feel like the story’s going slow, at all. Simply because he does it in a brilliant way. The King-way, ha! It’s pretty much the reason I started buying every King-book I could get my hands on.. Now to actually read them.. [Oh, and I do have IT as well.. Buddyread, Alex? xD]

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  2. I only read Before I Go To Sleep and really loved that one as well. The movie is slighty different though, if I remember the book uses penned journal entries and the movie uses a camera, but it’s great too! I’m pretty excited to read The Light Between Oceans in the future :-). Nice selection!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really want to read The Light Between Oceans!! sounds wonderful!

    I didn’t love Looking for Alaska, I think from John Green my favorite still is The Fault on the Stars… also YOU and KATHY are majorly responsible for the fact that I had to get Turtles All The Way Down although telling myself I wouldn’t 😛

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  4. I got Looking for Alaska from our book fair last October but I have been pushing it aside because the fault in our stars was so crushing. Is it as emotional and heartbreaking as the fault in our stars?


  5. Yes Before I go to Sleep was fantastic! There was a permanent tension in the book! Looking for Alaska on the other hand did not work for me. A cas of “it’s not you it’s me”.

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  6. Awwww I love love love the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! I loved it so much when I was younger and I really want to reread it now that I’m a little older. 🙂

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  7. Looking for Alaska was actually recommended to me by my blogger friend, but The Fault in Our Stars” didn’t actually impress me that much so I wasn’t that interested in reading John Green… but now I’m all interested! I’ll definitely pick that up! Plus, I love Before I Go To Sleep and wow, I’ve got Shining in my TBR… lol

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  8. A great selection of books! I ADORED The Shining, and I am in a mystery kick and have heard os many things about SJ Watson! Though I don’t think many book bloggers ever mention Before I Go to Sleep, I cannot wait to read it in the near future.

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