“heir of fire” – buddy read discussion – part I (spoilers ahead)

happy sunday my lovelies ❤ it’s time for our first discussion for “heir of fire” by sarah j. maas. as you guys might know, i am doing a readalong with the wonderful adrienne from @darque dreamer reads and kathy over @books and munches. we’re in the middle of book three in the “throne of glass” series now and it’s time for another q&a. our final discussion will be next sunday, so watch out for the post. 🙂 there will also be a q&a on adrienne’s blog, so go over and check it out! 🙂




here’s a short synopsis of “throne of glass”, if you haven’t read the book or don’t know what the book series is about:

throne of glass” is about 18 year old celaena, who was trained to be an assassin and ends up as a slave. she is freed by crown prince dorian to participate in a competition, where the winner becomes the new assassin of the royal family. celaena doesn’t think twice, because she wants her freedom. but with her being in that competition, things start to happen, that make her life complicated: friendships, feelings, killings, magic & mystery.



1.) What do you like/dislike most about part one?

adrienne: “I like the addition of the witches because their part seems quite interesting, and I want to know more about the wyverns. I dislike the “relationship” beginning between Dorian and Sorscha because I had hoped he would pine after Celaena for a while as a changed man.”

me: “i dislike that it doesn’t have the same feeling than the first two books had. it’s not that funny at all. i have maybe one section marked with my green tab. thinking about book one and two, there were way more. i am also not a big fan of the three different settings. celaena in wendlyn, dorian and chaol back in the glass castle and then manon. it just feels not right. the thing i like so far is, that we still have dorian and chaol’s perspective. i was afraid they wouldn’t be in this book, but i am so happy that they are. “

2.) Do you like Dorian’s plot so far?

adrienne: “I am not liking things going on with Dorian at the moment. His role is feeling kind of forced and awkward.”

me: “i actually do. i like that he met sorscha and that something is happening between them. this makes my heart beat faster for celaena and chaol. but i also have a feeling, that something bad is going to happen to sorscha. we’ll see. so far i enjoy this story.”

3.) What do you think about Chaol teaming up with Aedion?

adrienne: “I think it is quite interesting for Chaol to be teaming up with Aedion and it seems like such a Chaol thing to do because he knows he screwed up with Celaena over Nehemia.”

me: “i was really surprised, when chaol started to talk to aedion and told him the truth about celaena. i didn’t expect that at all, considering chaol probably knows the consequences. but he also loves her and wants to protect her, so i am very happy, that he doesn’t stand on the king’s side, but does things against that.”


4.) Who’s your favorite new character and why?

adrienne: “I don’t really have a favorite new character yet. I am still liking Celaena and Chaol.”

me: “i don’t like manon, because i can’t connect with her so far, maybe because i have no idea where this is going. aedion is still a mystery to me and i am not sure if he is good or bad. i have a feeling that i need to know more about sorscha to like her. and rowan, well, that guy made me angry a lot of time. but i am slowly getting used to him and i think i will like him at some point. right now, there is not really a favorite.”


5.) What do you think will happen with Manon and the wyverns?

adrienne: “I have no clue what to expect from the witches because I don’t know how they will find out who killed Baba Yellowlegs, and I find it really hard to believe the king will keep his bargain with them.”

me: “right now, i have no idea. i am pretty sure, that manon will find out about who killed baba yellowlegs and that her path will cross with celaena at some point. but i have no idea where this is going at all.”


6.) How do you feel about Celaena’s and Rowan’s story, especially the ending of part one?

adrienne: “I am not a big fan of the interaction between Celaena and Rowan. It just doesn’t feel like it fits, and if they are supposed to be cousins, there shouldn’t be any romance going on, but the ending kind of felt like it was leading to that.”

me: “as i mentioned before, i was mad at rowan so many times. i was also afraid, that something between him and celaena would happen, but i don’t think that anymore. i am glad, that he made her break down. that she showed her true feelings and all his training is showing progress and i like that. i like seeing what happens with celaena. but somehow his grumpiness turned too fast into an alliance with celaena. something is wrong about that and i am not sure what. we’ll see.”


7.) What do you expect from part two?

adrienne: “I am expecting Celaena to prove herself to Maeve. I am expecting Chaol’s plans to return to his father to get ruined somehow, and I expect Dorian to get in to some sort of trouble with Sorscha.”

me: “i expect that at least manon’s and celaena’s path crosses at some point, because i don’t like these two separate stories, since i can’t connect with manon at all right now. i also expect that something between dorian and chaol will happen. that they talk or that dorian will be a part of chaol’s team. i hope for more action, because this book is too slow for my taste right now. there needs to be more action. maybe celaena will meet maeve again and something will happen. i also want more fun. i want the old feeling back.”



that was our q&a for the first part of “heir of fire”. what do you think? did you feel the same way? what was your favorite thing happening in the first part?

i really hope, that this book picks up and brings things together. i don’t like that it’s split that way. maybe that’s the reason why it feels so slow and that nothing much exciting is happening. i am disappointed so far and i hope, that it will be better in part two. give me back the old feeling! 😀



as i said, adrienne will also post a q&a on her blog, so go check it out. on december 17th our final discussion and review will be up, so you can see how our feelings developed for this book. have a great sunday everyone! 🙂 ❤

8 thoughts on ““heir of fire” – buddy read discussion – part I (spoilers ahead)

  1. I felt the same way as you about Manon when I was reading Heir of Fire too. She was completely unfamiliar in the story which made her difficult to relate and I couldn’t tolerate the different storyline between Manon and Celaena. I think at a certain point in the story I became completely disinterested in Manon and skipped her chapters.

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  2. 1.) What do you like/dislike most about part one?

    As Adrienne, I have to say that I liked the introduction to the witches! They’re definitely an interesting addition and might spice things up a fair bit once the story progresses more – or so I hope.
    Dorian and Sorscha: hate. I feel like their relationship is rushed, forced and it just doesn’t feel genuine to me. At least not from Dorian’s POV. As if he can be over Celaena already?! It just doesn’t feel right.

    2.) Do you like Dorian’s plot so far?

    Nope, as I said. It doesn’t feel right.

    3.) What do you think about Chaol teaming up with Aedion?

    Oh, I’m loving that bit! Having the always-righteous Chaol having to put some of his principles aside to reach his goal? Love! I just hope he doesn’t get screwed over in any way along the way. Which is pretty likely to happen, no?

    4.) Who’s your favorite new character and why?

    I’m rooting for Manon? I don’t know why! Okay, maybe I do? I feel like I finally found a villain that is interesting enough, fun in her own way and… I just like her POV to spice the story up a bit?

    5.) What do you think will happen with Manon and the wyverns?

    Oh, I hope Manon is going to the top as is expected of her. I expect her to come face to face with Celaena eventually. I do hope she doesn’t end up getting killed but that’s more because I’m kind of happy for having finally found a villain I like, haha.

    6.) How do you feel about Celaena’s and Rowan’s story, especially the ending of part one?

    I don’t want any romance between those two. I just don’t. And, indeed, at times it felt like that was exactly what was happening. I’ve said it before, saying it again: if there’s even one actual MOMENT that something happens, I might throw my book against a wall. So let’s pray I don’t have to do that.

    7.) What do you expect from part two?

    More witches! A lot more! And I do hope there’s going to be some real Maas-action. I’ve been missing that. Although the wyverns are interesting enough and spiced things up a bit, I’m missing the action the first two books often gave us.


  3. I love reading your reactions as I had a totally different view of the book. I for once love Manon and Rowan too. I can’t wait to read your final opinion!

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  4. I really loved Heir of Fire! I loved basically all the new characters immediately, nut Manon’s storyline did feel disconnected at times. Having read the entire series, I appreciate it more on the reread. My least favorite part of the book was definitely Sorcha and Dorian’s storyline. Ugh.


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