book review // “kiss me in new york” by catherine rider

kissmeinnewyorktitle: kiss me in new york
author: catherine rider
genre: young adult contemporary
type: eCopy provided by kids can press/edelweiss
release date: 03.10.2017
pages: 200
start: 29.11.2017
finish: 03.12.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“We’re looking into each other’s eyes, and I think we’re both a little stunned by how great that kiss was.”



thanks so much to edelweiss and kids can press for providing me with this eCopy in exchange for my honest opinion.


what it’s about:
it’s christmas eve in new york and charlotte is desperately awaiting her flight back home to england. after a bad break up she just wants to leave the place she wanted to study in the future. but you don’t always get what you want. so when her flight gets cancelled, she finds herself in the biggest cities in the world. but she’s not alone. because fate means otherwise. she meets anthony at the airport and witnesses a scene that crushes him. together they go on an adventure in new york and try to forget their past relationships.


what i think:
i love christmas. it’s definitely my favorite holiday. i love new york. it’s one of my favorite cities. i am a romantic. this is a love story. so when i read the synopsis for “kiss me in new york” it was clear: i NEED to read this book. and i had a lot of fun doing it.

charlotte is great character, that i immediately liked. she got dumped by her ex-boyfriend and all her hopes and plans were crushed. it’s totally understandable, that she wants to leave new york immediately. also, i am a huge fan of british characters. so i was a fan of charlotte from the start. her heart broken she needed to make a decision and as fate always does, she meets this cute guy, that’s going to help her. anthony is also very sweet and having his heart broken this way just hit me in the heart. i totally get, why it was a great idea to pair these two together. and the way it was done, is just perfect. i won’t go into too  much detail, but i loved the basis of this adventure. it was cute and fun and actually this kind of stuff can really work.

the best part about the story for me was new york though. i mean, it was clear right from the start, that this is a love story and that it will end the way it ended. it’s just predictable from the start. but that doesn’t mean, that it was executed badly. it’s the other way around. it was executed very well. i laughed a lot about everything that happens to charlotte and anthony. i was in love with mistake right from the start and it’s just so much fun going on a tour through new york with them. i enjoyed it very much.

the story also touches some deeper stuff, which i didn’t predict at all and which touched me so much. i teared up and i love how it got resolved in the end. i love it, when there are unpredictable things happening in a cute love story. i mean i could predict the ending, but what happened in between was cute, fluffy, exciting and also emotional. that’s the way it should be.

all in all this book gave me everything i wanted: a cute love story in one of the best cities in the world and all that during christmas. i enjoyed it very much and it warmed my heart. there are only two things i didn’t like, because it didn’t resonate with me personally very much. the first thing are anthonys thoughts during the first part of the book. of course he is crushed, but come on! be a man! i mean, a person who does THAT to him doesn’t desevere his time or thoughts AT ALL!!! i was really mad at some points. the other thing i didn’t like was one part of the ending. it considers charlottes decision. and i know, that the author wanted to let charlotte make her own decision, but i could definitely feel, that charlotte based her decision not on herself. i was sad about that, because that’s also a personal thing for me that i just can’t understand. i think these two things touched me personally too much and that’s why i got emotionally more invested and didn’t like in the end.


what you should know:
“kiss me in new york” by catherine rider is a perfect, cute love story for the christmas time. it’s fun, adventurous and it takes place in one of the best cities of the world – new york. if you like predictable contemporaries, that are fun to read and also deep at some points, then this book is definitely the right one for you.


“kiss me in new york” on goodreads
catherine rider on goodreads

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