november book haul

and once again it’s that time of the month were i try to think of all the books, that i have bought in the last few weeks. i really should put everything down on a shelf or something, because my brain just sucks 😀 i hope, i will get all the books together, but don’t hurt me, if not 😀




1.) fiction / mystery

watchingglassshatter goneforgood

  • watching glass shatter” by james j. cudney: i have already read “watching glass shatter” on my kindle, but i needed to have the paperback edition, because it is gorgeous!!! ❤ the only thing that’s missing, is the signatur from jay. 😉
  • gone for good” by harlan coben: another book by one of my favorite authors. i got this as an ebook and read it already, but i needed the physical copy.


2.) young adult

hieroffire itonlyhappensinthemovies thedistancebetweenus

180seconds thelastnamsara furyborn

  • heir of fire” by sarah j. maas: it’s time to continue with the readalong for this series
  • it only happens in the movies” by holly bourne: well, this just sounds like a book made for me 😀
  • the distance between us” by kasie west: i needed to go over a certain money amount to order and this books was on sale. so yeah, #bookworm
  • 180 seconds” by jessica park: heard about it, read it, loved it. ❤
  • the last namsara” by kristen ciccarelli: i got this one in a book subscription box, because i wanted to treat myself. don’t know much about it, except it’s about a dragon slayer. very intriguing.
  • furyborn” by claire legrand: this one was a surprise, because it also came in that subscription box and it is huuuuge. it won’t come out until may next year, so i have time to read it, yay! 🙂


3.) science fiction

thecollapsingempire artemis22

  • the collapsing empire” by john scalzi: i’ve been meaning to read more books by john scalzi and this was on sale for kindle, so i picked it up.
  • artemis” by andy weir: this was one of my preordered books, but i saw it earlier in the store and picked it up. really, really enjoyed it.


4.) fantasy

adarkershadeblack amerciangods

  • a darker shade of magic” by v.e. schwab: do you guys know the feeling, when you see something and your brain stopps working? this happened to me with this book. i saw it in the store. i looked at the cover, saw the “as travars” writing, opened the endpages, which were full of artwork and then i discovered the signing for v.e. schwab. i didn’t think, i just bought it 😀
  • american gods” by neil gaiman: after my brain stopped working, i picked this up. i was always curious about this book and since i was a fan of “stardust”, i just wanted to pick this book up. it’s my bathtub book now. 😀 everytime i take a bath, i am reading a little bit of this book.


5.) classics

thememoirsofsherlock frankenstein

  • the memoirs of sherlock holmes” by sir arthur conan doyle: i got this from my best book buddy, because she collects other editions and had this book twice
  • frankenstein” by mary shelley: my best book buddy read this was and said i need to read it. so i bought it 😀


6.) classics / penguin english library editions

dracula northandsouth farfromthemaddingcrowd

thewaroftheworlds thetimemachine invisibleman

i admit, i went bananas with the penguin english library editions this months. they are just so damn pretty and i want to collect as many as i can. so i got six this time. “the invisible man“, “the war of the worlds” and “the time machine” by h.g. wells. then i got “dracula” by bram stoker, “north and south” by elizabeth gaskell and “far from the madding crowd” by thomas hardy.


oh my god, i bought 20 books in november?? :O :O :O  can somebody please stop me!!!!!!! help! i need help!! and i have only five of those. aaaah, i am bad! no more books for me! ever. or like until later, because i am going book shopping today with my best book buddy! 😀

what did you buy in november? what are you most looking forward to reading? let me know! 🙂

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