book review // “artemis” by andy weir

artemis22title: artemis
author: andy weir
genre: science fiction
type: paperback
pages: 302
start: 08.11.2017
finish: 24.11.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“The city shined in the sunlight like a bunch of metallic boobs. What? I’m not a poet. They look like boobs.”



what it’s about:
jazz bashara lives in the only city on the moon. she works as a porter and delivers things to people, but she also is a criminal, because she tries to get more money by smuggling. one day she gets an offer she can’t resist and wants to pull off the perfect crime. of course things don’t go as they should and suddenly she finds herself in situation, that not only brings her in danger but also the people close to her.


what i think:
i have to admit, that i was very scared to pick up “artemis”. “the martian” was one of my favorite books of last year and of course i had certain expectations regarding “artemis”. i have also read very mixed reviews and i didn’t know, what to think. but as usual, i just pick up what i want to read. and i am glad i did, because i enjoyed it so, so much. it wasn’t the second “the martian” but i still had a very good time reading it.

most people complain about jazz. that they don’t like her. well, i am one of the people who love that girl. i loved what she said, she is hilarious. i laughed so hard many times and she is just so sassy, which spoke to me immensly. i just love her as a character. how she tells the truth, how she doesn’t sugarcoat anything, how she is just herself. i also loved that she is so smart. oh my, this girl knows a lot and she shows what she can do. i really enjoyed that about her. but the most important thing that i liked about her, was that she does everything she does to protect herself and of course you can see throughout this book, that she has a heart. in the end i was so happy about her and her reasons for everything, that she saved herself a spot in my heart.

all the other characters are also very well drawn out. jazz’ father and his relationship to his daugther is very interesting and i completely understand both of them. i really loved dean and svoboda is just hilarious. i laughed so hard. the relationships in this book kept me going and i was surprised that there was such a huge cast, each and every one different from each other.

of course this book has also science in it. a lot. if you read “the marian” you know that. this book wasn’t different and i loved that parts too. everything was understandable, even since english isn’t my first language. i had no problems following the story and i loved all the sciency parts.

what surpsrised me the most was the whole plot. wow, i did not expect that. i have to say, that i didn’t know much before going into this book, but the plot is just so good. there are things happening, that i never would have thought of. also a lot of twists, that kept me reading. i did not expect this story at all, but i enjoyed it very much. i mean, i love mysterys and crime and thriller and somehow it felt, like this was such a story set in space. there was nothing more i could wish for. there is just one thing, that bugged me. well not really bugged. i enjoyed this book a lot, but it wasn’t “the martian”, which is perfection for me. so i had to take down one star of my rating, because i loved this book, but it couldn’t compete.


what you should know:
“artemis” by andy weir is a fun and adventorous story set on the moon. you will get a little mystery, that will keep you reading. you will get science to understand how life on the moon works. you will get a great cast of characters and a main character, that is sarcastic, hilarious and tells everything how it is. i definitely recommend it, because it’s a good science-fiction book, that is very enjoyable.


“artemis” on goodreads
andy weir on goodreads

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