top 5 wednesday: authors i’d want to write like

top 5 wednesday is a weekly challenge where you can pick your top 5 for the topic of the week. you can find more information about it on goodreads.


this weeks topic is: Authors You’d Want to Write Like
— In honor of NaNo wrapping up, discuss some authors you’d like to write like. Whether its their writing style, what genre they write in, or how many books they manage to churn out a year!

happy wednesday my lovely bookoholics! ❤ how are you all doing? i feel better with my muscle tension – whooop whooop! 🙂
i am not a writer and i never want to be, because that’s just not a thing i want to do. i want to read the works of others, but i do not want to write. but, there are authors of course, that i love very much. i love their writing, their stories. and if it should ever happen, i would want to write like them. so here’s my list:


1.) john green

thefaultinourstars lookingforalaska turtlesallthewaydown

i think this one isn’t surprising, because john green is basically on every list of mine. i can’t help it. he is one of my favorite authors of all time and he always will be. i love the way he writes. how poetic it is. how it touches me. all those wonderful quotes. his writing touches me to the core and i am so thankful for every book he wrote.


2.) andy weir

martian artemis22

this one shouldn’t be surprising as well. “the martian” was my favorite book of last year and i also really enjoyed “artemis”. andy weir writes science-fiction, which is one of my favorite genres. but he also writes science. his books are full of scientific stuff, which can be boring for some people, but i was always a fan of science, chemistry, biology, physics in school and i love reading about it. he also has a way of writing, that you can understand him. it’s so interesting. but the most important thing is, that he writes the funniest characters. i love my heartbreak books, but once in a while i like to laugh. and andy weir can do that. his characters are amazing, hilarious, funny, sassy and that combination of it all just gives a great book.


3.) victoria schwab

adarkershadeofmagic thissavagesong vicious

victoria schwab became one of my favorite authors this year. i have read the “shades of magic” trilogy, the “monsters of verity” duology and “vicious” this year and i loooooove her writing. she builds wonderful fantasy worlds, her characters are deep, likeable and they worm their way into your heart. each book is easy to read and you just get lost in them. i am so thankful for discovering her this year.


4.) mitch albom

tuesdayswithmorrie fivepeople

i think i have read four books by mitch albom so far and i loved them all. he has a way of writing, that pulls you in. the stories touch you deeply and you just get lost reading. there is also always a message and i always feel good after reading his books.


5.) harlan coben

dontletgo tellnoone2

this shouldn’t be a surprise either, because you guys know, how much i enjoy harlan cobens mysteries and thrillers. i am so thankful for this man’s work, because he changed my life. and i love his writing. you always get confused during his books, because it always turns out differently than you imagine. there are so many twists and turns that will keep you on edge, it’s brilliant. if i should ever write mystery and thriller books, i would love to write them as good as harlan coben.



so that is it. it’s not surprising that most of my favorite authors are on this list, haha. there’s a reason why i love them and they deserve a spot on this list. 🙂 who’s the author you’d want to write like? let me know in the comments!

25 thoughts on “top 5 wednesday: authors i’d want to write like

  1. When it comes to writing like someone, I’d just want to write like.. me.
    What I WOULD like, however, is maybe borrowing Marissa Meyer’s, Sarah J. Maas’, Chelscey Clayton’s and.. Let’s throw J.K. Rowling in here as well.. Their brains, their fantasy, their imagination! Now THAT would definitely help coming up with a brilliantly magical world, wouldn’t it?

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