top ten tuesday – books on my winter tbr

it’s tuesday and i am again participating in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. this weeks topic is:

Top Ten Books On My Winter TBR

hello my lovely friends! ❤ how are you all doing? please tell me, that you are all fine? i’ve been fighting muscle tension – again. i had this for the past half year and i went to physical therapy, which helped a lot. but now it’s back. and it always comes to huge headaches and my circulation is a mess. i hate it. i have been wondering, where it comes from, because i don’t have a lot of stress. i already thought if it’s because i am reading for a long time in a bad position? i don’t know. did you ever deal with something like that? you have any suggestions what to do?

ok, now off to the topic, because talking about books is always great and gets me into a good mood. 🙂 you know, that i am not a big fan of tbrs because i am a mood reader and this will probably change – again, haha. but let’s see, what books i would like to get to.

“books on my winter tbr”


1.) “oliver twist” by charles dickens


guys, i did it. this morning i finished “emma” by jane austen and therefore i completed my jane-austen-project. i wanted to read all of her novels this year and i did it. there will be a post for that soon. but since i have read “great expectations” by charles dickens earlier this year and loved it, i decided to do a charles dickens project next year. my best book buddy wanted to read “oliver twist” in december, so that’s where i will start.


2.) “heir of fire” by sarah j. maas


it’s happening again!!! coming this sunday, the wonderful adrienne from darque dreamer reads and kathy from books & munches and i are continuing with our readalong of the “throne of glass” series. it’s book three and i can’t freaking wait.


3.) “if you dare” by a.r. torre


i started with the deanna madden series this year with the traveling book project germany. now book three in the series arrived at my place and i want to finish it in december, so i can cross off another series this year.


4.) “mr. penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore” by robin sloan


this is another traveling book that i need to read, so that it can travel to the next person. don’t really know much about it, but there is “book” in the title, so yeah 😀


5.) “harry potter and the chamber of secrets” by j.k. rowling

now, the first four books i really need to read, because that’s just how it is. now of to the books that i want to read. i am not sure if i will, because mood and stuff, but i am putting them on this tbr. i would love to continue the “harry potter” series with “the chamber of secrets” by j.k. rowling. i actually can’t wait! 🙂


6.) “history is all you left me” by adam silvera


i recently read so many heartbreaking and heartwarming books, that i want to continue in my journey with emotional books. and what would be better than an adam silvera book. 🙂


7.) “big little lies” by liane moriarty


yes, this one is here again! 😀 i am putting this on every tbr i do. because it is staring at me. and i really, really, really need to pick it up! 😀 maybe i’ll get the audiobook with my new credit from audible 😀


8.) “my grandmother sends her regards and apologies” by fredrik backman


i love “a man called ove” and now i want to read all of fredrik backmans books. it’s time to contine 🙂


9.) “the hobbit” by j.r.r. tolkien


“the hobbit” was a book for a challenge this year and i never got to it. but i really want to. i don’t know what has been keeping me 😀


10.) “11/22/63” by stephen king


i put off reading this book for way too long! i got this for my birthday in april. APRIL!!!!! and i haven’t read it. i need to finish it, before spring is coming!!! 😀


i am pretty sure, that i won’t read all of those. mood reading. yes. but i want to. i really, really want to! 😀 what books are on you tbr this winter?

36 thoughts on “top ten tuesday – books on my winter tbr

  1. The first time ever I read The Chamber of Secrets I was soooo freaked out.
    I hate spiders. I seriously hate those little bastards. And in that book? SPIDERS ALL THE WAY.
    I wish you the best of luck and loads of strength. :’D

    *I cannot and will not promise that I won’t binge all the other ones after that, since I own them all now.. :’)*

    Also; Big Little Lies is on my physical TBR so if I decide to pick it up, I’m poking you to buddy read.
    I think. If I don’t forget. Like I usually do..

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  2. That is so interesting, as I was reading this I noticed the fredrick Backman novel. It sounded very familiar so I was checking it out, and realized that I own this book. However, mine is titled My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry. Did it undergo a name change or is the version you used an edition other than the US edition?

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  3. I also get bad muscle tension, mine is from having my arms up most of the day cutting hair at work. Love your list! I can’t believe you’ve never read the Harry Potter Series!! I love it, and it only gets better with every book in my opinion. History Is All You Left Me is a great book as well. I read the Hobbit a few years ago and liked it and now I really need to get around to reading the Lord of the Rings books, but they’ve been sitting on my shelf for years. 11/22/63 is my favorite Stephen King book. I think you’ll really love it when you get started! Good luck with the TBR 🙂

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    • thank you sooo much! ❤
      i can imagine your muscle tension. i really hate it. it's so bad! 😦
      haha, yeah, i'm one of those who hasn't read the series, but i am working on it 😀
      i'm glad you liked "history is all you left me", "the hobbit" and "11/22/63". i'm excited for them! 🙂
      "lord of the rings" is really good. i loved it back then when i read the trilogy 🙂

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