book review // “180 seconds” by jessica park

180secondstitle: 180 seconds
author: jessica park
genre: new adult contemporary
type: ebook
pages: 300
start: 26.11.2017
finish: 26.11.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“You can’t reach what’s in front of you until you let go of what’s behind you.”



what it’s about:
allison had a rough past. she was in foster care for about 16 years and only got adopted in high school. she struggles with trust issues and connections to other people. in her third year of college she is picked to be part of a social experiment – to look into the eyes of another person for 180 seconds. these 180 seconds change her life forever.


what i think:
do you know the feeling, when you hear or read about a book and you have the sudden urge to just pick it up right this moment? that’s what happened to me with “180 seconds” by jessica park. the wonderful noriko from diary of a bookfiend posted a review last week and i immediately jumped on amazon and bought the kindle version. yesterday i spend the day reading it and oh my god, what an emotional ride.

i totally agree with noriko, that you shouldn’t know too much about this book. just take it in. because there is a lot to take in. right from the start i was glued to the pages. allison gets introduced so well, that i immediately was hooked. i saw how broken she is and i got this feeling, that i need to protect her. i was sad and i pitied her, which is not good, because that’s not what she needs. but i also could totally understand her feelings and i was sad from the beginning. then things start to happen and i just couldn’t stop reading. there is so much happening. there are so many feelings and emotions adressed, that i felt myself just lost in this story.

when the experiment was mentioned i found myself holding my breath, because i was so invested in that scene, it was incredibly. jessica park did an amazing job, writing out this scene. it is so intense, i got goosebumps and i didn’t know what to feel. it was just so good.

all the events starting from there had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. i was sad, angry, hopeless, hopeful, happy. i cried so many times during this book, because there are moments that just hit me so hard. i don’t want to spoil anything, but this is not a happy love story. this is so much more. yes, you might get the feeling, that this is all insta-love and happily ever after and bla bla. but i assure you. there are so many layers to this book. it messed with my mind and my heart. it went deep. it hurt me and left me speechless at times but it also gave me so much hope and a warm feeling.

the characters in this book are wonderful. allison is so strong, i can’t even how she does it. i am so happy for her development in this book, i just even can’t describe it. esben is also a wonderful character. i fell in love with him immediately. everything he does and says is just so cute. i had this warm feeling all the time. of course he has some baggage too and i was shocked, but all he does makes up for everything. steffi is also such a strong character and i am so thankful for her. of course i wished, that some things would have gone differently, but i completely understand, what she does and she has a very special place in my heart right now. my favorite character is simon though. this guy. oh my god i love this guy. he is the most awesome person ever. his relationship with allison gave me so many tears. i can’t even describe it. you really need to read this book, to see what an awesome cast of characters this is.


what you should know:
“180 seconds” by jessica park is an emotional rollercoaster. it’s not just a cute contemporary romance. there is so much more to this book. in the end you won’t be able to describe what you feel, because this book will leave you with so many emotions. it deals with some heavy topics too, so be prepared for crying and being angry. but also be prepared that you will have a lot of positive feelings too. i definitely recommend this book to anyone, because it’s just so beautiful and wonderful and deep and you will think about it and your behavior in general a lot.


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26 thoughts on “book review // “180 seconds” by jessica park

  1. Iee I’m so looking forward to reading this one! I had it together with Exposure in a subscription box and Exposure was ok but not like really fenomenal.. so I wasn’t tempted to read the other book right away but now I am! Great review, I’m so ready for intensity!

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  2. Yay, Alex!! I am so glad you enjoyed and loved this book as much as I did! Your review is just fantastic!! You expressed something I forgot to mention -yes, the 3 minute experiment is OH SO POWERFUL – literally goose bumps worthy!!
    I am also glad your fave character is Simon!!! Yes, he is absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely fantastic guy whom you want to root for no matter what. Thank you for the sweet mention, Alex ❤

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