book review // “nyxia” by scott reintgen

nyxiatitle: nyxia
author: scott reintgen
genre: young adult science fiction
type: paperback
pages: 384
start: 08.10.2017
finish: 21.11.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐.75


“With millions of dollars at stake, walking away isn’t an option.”




what it’s about:
emmett is chosen to leave earth. when babel communications approaches him and offers him a lot of money, he has no choice. he needs to do this job to save his family. he is recruited with nine other teenagers to go into space and eventually land on eden, a planet that is full of nyxia, a very important substance. to do this he needs to compete with the other teenagers, because not everybody will go to eden and get the money they were offered. emmett finds himself in a competition where he needs to decide who the enemy is and what he’s willing to loose.


what i think:
“nyxia” and i didn’t have a good start. i was really excited for this book, because i have heard so many good things. and then i picked it up and it just didn’t click. i had some problems getting into it and my science-fiction mood just went away. so every time i picked it up, it didn’t go well. i made the right decision to put it back down and wait until my sci-fi mood is back. because when it came back, i loved the last third of the book.

emmett is a great character, who knows what he wants. he feels that he needs to protect his family and that’s his only goal. he’s going to do everything that he needs to accomplish it. i felt for him from the beginning and i could totally understand, why he did what he did. but i also knew, that he wouldn’t get far with his attitude. no person can be on his own forever and i loved it, how he opened up and saw, that he can’t just abandon all social contact and do this on his own. he grew so much throughout this book and became a very strong person, who still knows his values and what’s the right thing to do.

next to emmett there is a huge cast of characters. some of them i was intrigued by. some of them i really loved. some of them i hated, but they grew on me. i think scott reintgen did an amazing job with this cast of characters, because they are different, amazing, brutal and totally surprising. you will be shocked, you will smile, you will be angry and there is not one emotion you won’t feel with these characters.

the whole concept of babel communications was very intriguing. there was always this weird feeling in the back of my head, because something didn’t seem right. why all the money? why all the trouble? and i loved it, how piece by piece it was revealed what kind of organization this is. it shocked me many times, i had to hold my breath many times and all the twists and turns that came throughout this book were very well done, because i didn’t expect them at all. i could not predict one thing, which is pretty amazing.

so as you can see, in the end i really liked this book. and would i have been in my science fiction mood, i would definitely rate it more stars, because in the end i couldn’t put it down. i read the last third in one go and i wished, that i could have done that from the beginning. unfortunately something was missing that kept me from it, so i have to give “nyxia” a rating of 3.75 stars.


what you should know:
“nyxia” by scott reintgen is an adventure. there is so much action in this book, that you won’t get bored at all, because there is constantly something happening. the cast of characters is diverse and the whole concept of babel communications is intriguing. if you love young adult science-fiction books, you will definitely enjoy this book, because the twists and turns make it a real page turner, that will definitely shock you at times.


“nyxia” on goodreads
scott reintgen on goodreads

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