blog tour: “watching glass shatter” by james j. cudney // review & exciting poll

hello fellow bookoholics! ❤ sometimes things just happen in your life. for no reason. but then amazing things start to follow. when i started my blog, jay from this is my truth now was one of the first people to like my posts. i went to check out his blog and i read about the 365 daily challenge. and suddenly we started talking. i loved the whole idea and it was so much fun talking to jay. he made my day many times. his picked words that often come at the right time and i don’t even want to start with ryder, his beautiful dog. jay was always friendly and we developed a friendship over time which i am very, very happy about. 🙂

when i found out, that jay wrote a book, i was excited. i love his writing on his blog, so of course i wanted to read his novel. i got the chance to read the first chapters of “watching glass shatter” and i was immediately hooked. so imagine me finding out that jay got published. i was soooo excited and so proud of him. the minute the book was available for kindle, i went over and bought it. i own the paperback now, because i am in love with that book, with that cover and with the characters. you can read my full review below. just so you know, this is my honest opinion. i think jay is amazing, but my thoughts for “watching glass shatter” are my own. just a little spoiler: i LOVED it! 😀


The Book:


title: watching glass shatter

author: james j. cudney

genre: fiction/family drama/mystery

pages: 278

publisher: creativia

published: october 8th, 2017




“I know they love me. But will they remember me as a kind, generous, caring mother who nursed their wounds, blanketed them with kisses and offered them the keys to the world. Or will they remember me as the tough, controlling and impractical woman who simply gave birth to them?”




what it’s about:
after the death of her husband benjamin, olivia glass finds out about a big secret, that ben kept from her for so many years. olivia is shocked to hear the truth about one of her five sons and doesn’t know how to deal with this big secret on her own. she needs to make a decision, that could change the lives of everybody in the glass family forever.


what i think:
as i said before, a few months ago i got the opportunity to read the first chapters of “watching glass shatter”. i was so happy, that jay made it possible. and now that i have read it in its entirety, i can honestly say, that i loved everything about this book.

i still can’t believe, that this is a debut novel. the writing is beautiful and so well done. i got lost in all the words and jay went with so many twists and turns, that worked out so great. nothing is predictable, there are cliffhangers at the right time and jay made this book into such a page turner. i could not put it down and i am still very impressed, that this is in fact a debut novel. first of all, there are a lot of characters to keep track of, but every character got the right amount of pages and they are introduced in a way, that i never lost focus. every character gets a fluent story, that is interesting and feels very relatable. these are characters, that are real. they have real problems, they have secrets, they could be anyone you and i know. and that makes this book so amazing. i could understand every character in the glass family. i could understand what they went through. i felt for them. i started loving them very early and i loved them until the end of this book.

“watching glass shatter” starts off with an introduction to the story and every character in the glass family. i slowly got to know olivia, teddy, caleb, zach, matt and ethan. i got to know about their lives, about their personalities and about the big secret each of them is hiding. and i slowly fell in love with everyone. so of course i was on edge all the time, because i knew what could happen in the end. i was scared. this was brilliantly done, because i got to know these people, i started to love them and i wanted to protect them. they went through enough and i wanted a happy ending. the way jay went with the story and revealed one secret after the other, is amazing. i was emotionally invested and so it was easy to feel anger, shock, happiness and all the feels there are to feel. the last pages of this book had me sobbing. i was crying so much, that i couldn’t see the letters anymore and needed a break. this book and these characters touched me so much, that i want more of this family. more this relatable and real family that warmed my heart.

the strongest person in this story is definitely olivia glass. i mean, i rooted for her although she isn’t a very likeable character. she is this hard and tough woman, who isn’t easy to crack. who doesn’t give everybody the best treatment and needs things to go her way. basically, she’s a person i wouldn’t like if i had met her in real life. but she is also very strong. she goes through a lot and all of her decisions are totally understandable. i really liked how she developed throughout this novel and how she does everything she can for her family. jay really did a wonderful job with the characters, but especially with olivia, since he made me root for a not very likeable character, who i ended up loving in the end. this is great work!

i could say so many more things i loved about this book, i could go into detail about every character, but i think, that people need to read it on their own to understand, why this debut novel is so amazing and touching. not just the cover is fantastic, but the whole story and all the characters are too.


what you should know:
“watching glass shatter” by james j. cudney is a suspenseful family drama, that will make you feel all the emotions there are. you will be angry, you will be happy, you will cry and you will be hopeful. all characters are beautifully written, realistic and relatable. there is no way, you won’t become a huge fan of everyone in the glass family. the writing is thrilling and beautiful, so that you will have a page turner in your hands, that you will not want to put down. “watching glass shatter” is a wonderful debut novel that i highly recommend to anyone. (and still do all the time)



now that you know, that i am a huge fan of “watching glass shatter”, i am very happy to announce something very special for you. jay and i have been working on this and it was soooooo much fun. as if he didn’t have to do other stuff. this guy is like a machine. i have absolutely no idea, how he does the things he does. please check out all interviews he did during his blog tour, because you’ll get to know him and how his schedule works. (spoiler: it’s insane). but let’s get back to the exciting news. i am very happy, that i can share this upcoming poll with you, because let’s be honest, we all want “watching glass shatter” to become a movie or tv series. right? right? so without further ado:



if you need any help remember some characteristics of the characters, here’s a quick reminder:

Ben – 70 – lawyer, tall, wiry, speaks formally, family person, thoughtful, romantic

Olivia – 68 – patrician, dark sable shoulder length hair with grey coming in, cerulean blue eyes, ivory skin, distant, strong yet can be abrasive

Diane – 65 – olivia’s sister and confidante, looks a bit older, long braided hair, usually calm and relaxed, the aunt everyone loves

Teddy – 31 – lawyer with a nervous tick, tall, greying hair, green eyes, distant, almost stoic and disconnected

Matt – 30 – accountant, emotional, average height, witty, sports-oriented, nervous and excited easily, father of 3 young girls, an all-around good guy, golden boy in the family

Caleb – 29 – architect, wavy dark hair and olive skin, sensitive but introspective, enjoys nature and the outdoors, intelligent, respected by all

Zach – 28 – DJ, single-father, tattoos, light beard, in very good shape, dark/sexy musician, sarcastic, the bad boy

Ethan – 23 – doctor, lanky, wiry frame, reddish-blond hair, several freckles, loving and kind, baby of the family

Rowena – 49 – scottish, wears simple clothing, deep-set eyes, blueish green in color, pasty skin with little makeup, medium height, thin waist, ordinary woman



i hope you have fun voting, because i had sooo much fun talking about the possible actors and actresses with jay. 🙂


and last but not least, here’s some more information about “watching glass shatter” or jay.

1.) you can get the kindle version or paperback edition on amazon.

2.) there’s a giveaway on goodreads until november 30th

3.) jay gave an interview on the radio at artist first radio. he did an amazing job and i am very proud of him. you can listen to the whole interview here


WGS-banner (2)(1)

“watching glass shatter” on goodreads
james j. cudney on goodreads

james j. cudney’s website
the glass family
jay on twitter
jay on instagram




thank you all so much for reading! i highly recommend you get yourself a copy of “watching glass shatter”. you won’t be disappointed! 🙂 and thank you jay for letting me be part of this great blog tour. it was so much fun! 🙂

40 thoughts on “blog tour: “watching glass shatter” by james j. cudney // review & exciting poll

  1. Your post is amazing and you have been so kind and generous to me. I’m really glad we met and I love reading your blog. Hopefully everyone sees how fun your post is and jumps over to check out more on your blog as there is always something great to read, especially Wednesdays! The whole site is definitely worth it for book lovers.

    You’ve said so many great things here, I cannot begin to thank you. I am beyond excited at the poll we’ve created and can’t wait to see who agrees with you or me for each of the potential actors. Some day… if it ever happens, we’ll all go to the premier together! I’ve got my faves to win, but I’m sure everyone has a different take on the Glass family.

    I appreciate everything you’ve done on the blog tour, our interactions and this awesome review. Thank you, Friend.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Thank you for writing such beautiful words for Jay. He is really the nicest man I know. I just love teasing him and he allows it because he knows what I am going through in life. All my comments are in plain jest out of my love and friendship for him.
        After seeing so many posts on the blog tours, I am actually amazed at this man, his goodwill, his kindness and her genuiness which shines through in each of the message he sends to his blogger friend.
        Thank you for letting me get to know you via your words. They are so beautiful and well worthy.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Awesomeee review, I skipped a few paragraphs because I’m reading it right now and didn’t want to get too much information… but awesome job, Alex, and Jay as well!! This is such a gripping book and I hope with all my heart that it is a huge success ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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