book review // “when dimple met rishi” by sandhya menon

whendimplemetrishititle: when dimple met rishi
author: sandhya menon
genre: ya-contemporary
type: audiobook
duration: 10h 45m
start: 12.11.2017
finish: 15.11.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐.5


This is our life. We get to decide the rules. We get to say what goes and what stays, what matters and what doesn’t!”



what it’s about:
dimple has a dream. she wants to study at stanford and go attend a summer program for web developers to meet her idol and work on her app idea. she doesn’t want to get married and fulfill the wishes of her parents. rishi is different. he wants to please his parents and when they show him, that dimple could be his future wife, he can’t wait to meet her. but things don’t always go as planned, especially when there’s one person who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.


what i think:
when “when dimple met rishi” was published, i didn’t pick it up immediately, although i knew, that i would probably like it. i mean it’s a love story and contemporary and exactly what i want. but i waited and just picked it up, when it was available at my library. i was in the mood for something fluffy.

after the first chapters i was very happy. the audiobook was narrated very well and i had a feeling that i would have a good time. it was funny, i laughed a lot and the premise sounded good. i immediately felt a personal connection because dimple and rishi were at SFSU, the university i studied myself for half a year. so it was amazing to go back in time. every time it was mentioned, my heart beat faster. that was so cool. also the whole competition sounded great. i studied computer science myself and reading about female programmers is always great. i was excited, i wanted this story. but in the end i was disappointed.

the whole story wasn’t about web development, it was basically all about a love story that shouldn’t be. and usually i don’t mind it at all, but here i really felt, that it was out of place. first of all we have dimple. she is this strong character. she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. i liked that about her a lot. i could relate to her and i knew, that her feelings were true. then there is rishi, who is weak and needs to experience some things before finding out what he truly wants. and stand up for himself. i liked how he developed throughout the story and his decision in the end was great. i liked how the whole cultural aspect was done and how both characters tried to live their own life, but also tried to please their parents, because they valued their opinion. that was well done and i really liked the parents in this story.

what bugged me was the whole love story. usually i am a sucker for a good love story. and don’t get me wrong, i really enjoyed myself at some points. what i didn’t like is how fast everything went. for such a short period of time, things got so serious, it’s crazy. dimple basically looses everything she believes in. what she wants doesn’t matter any more and the whole summer program went into the background. i didn’t like it, because that was a fascinating part for me. suddenly it was all about this relationship that went too serious way too fast. the worst thing is dimple’s decision, even though she knows, that she doesn’t want this. i know that feelings sometimes happen but forgetting everything else you believe in over this just seems wrong and i didn’t like that part. it was so predictable in the end and honestly i didn’t want that drama. i wanted more character development, i wanted more web development, i wanted more comics and just all in all i wanted the characters to grow up and develop themselves and then just see where this relationship goes. not the other way around. not forgetting everything and just focus on this love. that’s a mistake in my opinion, especially in that age. i was sad, that the ending happend how it happend, and i wish that dimple made different decisions. but that’s just my opinion.


what you should know:
“when dimple met rishi” by sandhya menon is a funny and light contemporary that will definitely make you laugh at some points. if you enjoy love stories, you will like this. the cultural aspect was done very well and the parents of both main characters were integrated very well in the story. if you are interested in web development and a female programmer and want to know more about app development, this book isn’t for you, because this is not the focus of this book. it’s focused on the love story between two teenagers, that aren’t grown up yet and let their feelings get in the way of their own personal development. i enjoyed the audiobook, because it was narrated very well and made me laugh. i just wasn’t happy with the ending and the serious relationship development in such a short time.


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25 thoughts on “book review // “when dimple met rishi” by sandhya menon

  1. I agree! I felt the pacing of this book was all over the place and things got to extreme too fast. I was disappointed that they kind of just settled the marriage arrangement thing at the beginning, because I felt like that killed a lot of the tension. And I wish there had been more focus on the web development/school plot as well!

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  2. Your review is spot-on, Alex! Although I did enjoy this book, but I can’t deny that I felt the same way as you did.
    I mean, as you put it, Dimple set out her journey to pursue her dreams to be a coding programmer, but once Rishi appears in her life, it gets all about romance which proceeds rather fast.
    The whole competition thing was totally set aside, it was rendered into a mere setting to highlight the romance between the two main characters, and the plot in the latter half felt rather crappy, as least for me.
    As I mentioned, I did enjoy it overall, but it still left a lot to be desired, I think.

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    • yes, that was exactly how i felt! thanks noriko, i am glad you agree! 🙂
      i just wished it was focused more on dimples and rishis dreams and the competition and then the romance could be a part of that. but not to that extent and that pace. oh well, i enjoyed it to. i laughed. it just wasn’t what i wanted…

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  3. […] my review: is a funny and light contemporary that will definitely make you laugh at some points. if you enjoy love stories, you will like this. i enjoyed the audiobook, because it was narrated very well and made me laugh. i just wasn’t happy with the ending and the serious relationship development in such a short time. read my full review here […]


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