october book haul

guys, i have to confess something! i bought books. but i have absolutely no idea, how many and which 😀 i need to look at my amazon list, because i really lost track! 😀 i am awful. but the good thing is, that at the moment i do not have the urge to buy any books. it’s great timing since i am going book shopping tomorrow with my best book buddy hahaha. so, let’s see what this list will contain.




1.) fiction / ebook


  • watching glass shatter” by james j. cudney: my wonderful friend jay over @this is my truth now got published – yay to that!!! i have read the first two chapters before and i was hooked. so of course i bought the ebook when it got released. i love this cover so, so, soooooooo much!!!!! and i am also currently reading the book and loving so far!! i am very proud of you jay! 🙂


2.) young adult / hardback

turtlesallthewaydown starfish dresscodes releasepatrick

  • turtles all the way down” by john green: well, i guess, i don’t need to say, why i bought this book 😀
  • starfish” by akemi dawn bowman: have seen this book everywhere. then came a giftcard. bought it 😀
  • dress codes for small towns” by courtney stevens: saw this on booktube, heard good things, picked it up. i love gift cards 😀
  • release” by patrick ness: i preordered this months ago and it finally got here in october.


3.) young adult / paperback

stalkingjacktheripper janeunlimited

  • stalking jack the ripper” by kerri maniscalco: i have been seeing this book EVERYWHERE!!!! so when i got an amazon giftcard, i had to pick it up. what can i say?
  • jane, unlimited” by kristin cashore: saw this on booktube a lot and needed to pick it up!


4.) young adult / audiobook

wihtoutmerit daremightythings

  • without merit” by colleen hoover: i had a credit left on my audible, so i picked up my first colleen hoover book. and i do not regret it.
  • dare might things” by heather kaczynski: had another credit and since i couldn’t get the physical copy via amazon, i just got the audiobook. 🙂


4.) romance / ebook

inthismoment crushed

  • crushed” by a.d. mccammon: my girl kathy over @books & munches wrote a review about this and i immediately put it on my tbr. when i saw it on sale in the ebook store, i immediately bought it.
  • in this moment” by a.d. mccammon: then i saw that “crushed” is part of a series, so of course i picked up the first book, since it was on sale too 😀



okaaaay, that’s eleven books in october. didn’t think it would be that much hahaha. BUT, there is a  but! i have read three of those books and i am currently reading one. so i say that’s good, considering i only read one of my bought books last month. i am getting better at this hahaha 😀

what did you buy in october? what are you most looking forward to reading? which of the books should i read first? let me know! 🙂

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