“crown of midnight” review & buddy read discussion – part II (spoilers ahead)

hello wonderful bookoholics ❤ i am sorry, that i haven’t been that active lately, but i have such a crazy schedule, that i am not able to keep up with my blog stuff. i guess that’s life! but what happened, is that i finished “crown of midnight” by sarah j. maas – whooop whooop!!!

i’ve read “throne of glass”, the first book in the series, with my girl adrienne over  @darque dreamer reads and it was so much fun! we made a blog event out of it and did a q&a for each part of the book. and since we had so much fun, we decided to do it again for “crown of midnight”. this time my girl kathy @books & munches joined us in the readalong and will discuss the book with us in the comments. and of course there will be another q&a on adrienne’s blog, so don’t miss that one!




here’s a short synopsis of “throne of glass”, if you haven’t read the book:

“throne of glass” is about 18 year old celaena, who was trained to be an assassin and ends up as a slave. she is freed by crown prince dorian to participate in a competition, where the winner becomes the new assassin of the royal family. celaena doesn’t think twice, because she wants her freedom. but with her being in that competition, things start to happen, that make her life complicated: friendships, feelings, killings, magic & mystery.



“crown of midnight” is the second book in the series. here are some of my stats:

title: crown of midnight
author: sarah j. maas
genre: ya fantasy
type: hardback
pages: 418 pages
start: 22.10.2017
finish: 26.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.25



before i get into my review, i want to share our q&a with you. again, be warned, that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!! 😀

1.) 1hat was your first thought, when you found out, that celaena is aelin?

adrienne: “My first thought was that I was not surprised and that I hoped she kicked the king’s butt! I think we all knew this was coming.”

alex: “NO F***ING WAY!!!!” my mind was blown. i totally couldn’t take it all in and i had to go back the last pages and read them again. i had no idea and it was like: WHAAAAT???!!! but i am really, really happy about the revelation and so excited what sarah j. maas is going to do.”

2.) any thoughts on celaena’s last words to chaol?

adrienne: “I am assuming the date she gave him is what lead him to discover her true identity.”

alex: “my heart. my pooooooor heart. i cried. honestly. of course i thought about what she said and what it would mean. but in the back of my head i just had ‘i’ll always pick you.’ my heart. OMG, i love those two!!!!! she needs to get back together with him!!!!”

3.) what did you think of celaena’s behavior after everything that happened with nehemias?

adrienne: “I think Celaena was justified in her behavior after Nehemia’s death. I am so glad that she went full assassin mode and kicked some ass!”

alex: “to some extent, i could understand her feelings and everything she did. i mean, nehemia was her best female friend and she had some secrets and celaena wanted to keep her safe. but it was all taken from her. so i could understand, that she had no feelings left to feel. but on the other hand, there was chaol. and i love chaol and he didn’t deserve that behavior, because it was not his fault. HE DID NOT DESERVE THIS!!!! and my heart broke. really. i was devastated! but i was also happy, that the action picked up and celaena became the assassin everybody knew she was.”

4.) what did you like about this book? what didn’t you like?

adrienne: “I liked the twists and turns in this book. I think I disliked the predictability a little bit though. There were a lot of nice unpredictable moments, but a few moments that I saw coming that I wished had been twisted.”

alex: “best thing: chaol and celaena. the whole action in part two was amazing, because i was constantly on edge. i had all the feels and i loved that about the second part. the first part on the other hand was just because of chaol and celaena. but not much happened. it was to slow for me. i think the end of part one should have come way sooner.”

5.) what do you think will happen in “heir of fire”?

darque dreamer: “I hope Celaena will meet up with her family and learn how to use her powers. i am also hoping we find out more about Dorian and his magic.

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “i have no idea. the events in this book are totally not predictable to me. so i will just take it in. but i hope, that we don’t just get celaena’s point of view. i want to be on this adventure with her and learn more about her, but i also want to know, how chaol will react and also what will happen with dorian. this could be exciting!”



soooo, that was our q&a! how did you like being part of our journey? did you have the same feelings while reading this book? what did you think? let us know in the comments.

from my rating you might get the feeling, that i didn’t like “crown of midnight” as much as “throne of glass”. here’s the thing. i really, really like this series and i will definitely continue with it. i am totally becoming part of the fandom. yes, give me more. but i really had the feeling, that the first part was too slow. i wanted more to happen. of course you know, that i love chaol and celaena but there should have been more. all the feelings, everything that i felt during the second part, all those emotions, should have been throughout the whole book. i know, that there is more possible, the second part showed it and therefore i was a little disappointed with part one. i know, that there will probably come a book, where i have all the feels all the time, but “crown of midnight” wasn’t it.

all in all, i loved all the developments. i was sad about nehemia, but i also think, that it fit very well into the story. that was good. celaena needed to feel that to become who she is now. and now new adventures are waiting for her, which i am really looking forward to! dorians development was also great. i never thought, that this would happen, but i really like it. i want to see more magic from him and of course i want to see, how this will influence his relationship to his father. i want a lot of conflicts here. and then there is chaol. my chaol. you may know by now, that i love that guy. i hope it stays that way and nothing happens to him.

i definitely like this series and i can’t wait to read “heir of fire” very soon. 🙂

18 thoughts on ““crown of midnight” review & buddy read discussion – part II (spoilers ahead)

  1. I really liked your Q &A as it made me rediscover this book. I’m now at the 5th and still have to read A Tower of Dawn so it’s been a long time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1.) What was your first thought, when you found out, that celaena is aelin?
    I was simply chanting this to myself, haha. I had that stinking feeling all along. She just had to be royalty in some way.

    2.) any thoughts on celaena’s last words to chaol?
    I’m with Adrienne on this one. Pretty sure she wanted him to find out who she is exactly so he knows that she’ll be back anyway. One way or another.

    3.) what did you think of celaena’s behavior after everything that happened with nehemias?
    Again: Yes on Adrienne’s kick-ass comment about Celaena! I definitely felt like it was a perfect moment to let her assassin-side shine through and remind everyone who she really is. Even I needed that after she appeared more and more “human” [less murderous] along the way.
    As for blaming Chaol. Sorry, I love him. I DO LOVE HIM. A LOT. But he betrayed her; kept vital information from her that could’ve helped prevented Nehemia’s death. I LIKED NEHEMIA. I wanted more of her. Chaol ruined that. Even I’m blaming him an itsy-tiny bit for it.

    4.) what did you like about this book? what didn’t you like?
    Definitely the twists and turns: love. Sarah J. Maas has a brilliant way of making the predictable still feel unpredictable. Like, I suspected some things. Strongly suspected them. The way they ended up being revealed: loved it! And of course, Chaol. Love him, even though he acted like a moron during this book. He’ll get back on top of his game! He has to!
    I honestly can’t really think of any real negatives in this novel. I’m blinded by Maas-love. Sorry not sorry.

    5.) what do you think will happen in “heir of fire”?
    I want a whole bunch of switching Chaol/Celaena POV’s! I want Celaena to get the riots going; to collect a whole bunch of rebels and start taking back what’s rightfully hers. Fight for all the slaves and victims of the king’s rule!
    And I’m kind of keeping my fingers crossed for a Nox-return, really.


  3. Honestly, I can’t wait for you to read Heir Of Fire and see what you think about it! It was a great book for me for sure but it took me quite a while to warm up to some of the characters that were introduced in it but I’ve since come to love them ALL. Even the character I didn’t care about for the longest time in Heir Of Fire!

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