“crown of midnight” – buddy read discussion – part I (spoilers ahead)

happy wednesday lovely bookoholics ❤ it’s the middle of the week and time to update you on our reading of “crown of midnight” by sarah j. maas. as you may know, my girls darque dreamer @darque dreamer reads and kathy @books & munches are doing a readalong for the second book in the “throne of glass” series. we made it through part one and of course we have a q&a for you prepared. discuss with us in the comments. but be aware, if you haven’t read the book! there will be spoilers!




here’s a short synopsis of “throne of glass”, if you haven’t read the book:

throne of glass” is about 18 year old celaena, who was trained to be an assassin and ends up as a slave. she is freed by crown prince dorian to participate in a competition, where the winner becomes the new assassin of the royal family. celaena doesn’t think twice, because she wants her freedom. but with her being in that competition, things start to happen, that make her life complicated: friendships, feelings, killings, magic & mystery.


1.) what do you think of celaena and chaol so far and what will nehemia’s fate mean for them?

darque dreamer: “I am actually loving Celaena and Chaol’s interaction for all of part 1!! I was getting super suspicious of Nehemia and I am afraid her fate is going to tear them apart!”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “i love celaena and chaol. i really do. chaol definitely became my favorite and i want him instead of dorian next to celaena. sarah j. maas just did it the way, that i couldn’t help falling in love with those two. i need them to be together. but it’s too good to be true. it’s too early that this is happening and i know, that my heart will break. especially after what happened with nehemia. this means bad trouble. and i hate it. i will suffer, so bad.”

2.) what do you think is up with dorian and magic?

darque dreamer: “I am assuming that Dorian has suppressed magic somehow. I have a theory that it may be possible he and Celaena are related…”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “i am definitely thinking the same thing. i always had a feeling in book one, that celaena and dorian were related. actually i somehow wanted them to be. but we’ll see. i definitely think, that magic is involved in dorian’s life and this will also mean something bad, since his dad banned all magic. this will be a mess. and i am excited for it. :D”

3.) what did you like most about part 1 and what did you like least?

darque dreamer: “I love the turn of events with Chaol and Celaena so far and I am so upset about the ending of part 1!!”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “celaena and chaol are definitely my highlight of part 1. i just love them together. but i also liked, that celaena couldn’t get through with the assassinations. i knew she couldn’t. i knew there was more to it and i am so happy, that i was right. the one thing i did not like is, that i had the feeling, this first part dragged a bit. somehow not that much happened and i was a little disappointed about that. of course a lot happened between celaena and chaol, but i missed some other things.”


that was our q&a for the first part of “crown of midnight”. what do you think? do you agree with our answers? anything you want to add? NO SPOILERS PLEASE! 😀

as for my expectations for part two in the book. i definitely think, that it will get dark. very dark. after part one, all the feelings will change, i am sure of it. and it already breaks my heart. but i am happy too, because i think it will definitely pick up the pace and i kind of want a lot of action and revalations now. oh my, i have a feeling, that part two will be sooooo good. and i hope, i will make it through without my heart breaking.



there will be a q&a on darque dreamer’s blog, so head over there to discuss more with us! the next post will be our final q&a and review for the whole book on sunday! don’t miss it 🙂

25 thoughts on ““crown of midnight” – buddy read discussion – part I (spoilers ahead)

  1. 1. What do you think of Celaena and Chaol so far and what will Nehemia’s fate mean for them?
    DOOM! At then end of part one I was sure that Celaena would put all the blame with Chaol. It’ll be a hard thing for her to get over but I seriously hope that she will eventually…

    2. What do you think is up with Dorian and magic?
    I hadn’t even considered the fact that maybe Celaena and Dorian might be related.. I still can’t imagine it, to be honest. What I do think, however, is that Nehemia might have something to do with his sudden magic? [I hope I put this vague enough because I don’t want to spoil D:]
    I don’t know. That’s the first thing I thought about when I read that part.

    3. What did you like most about part 1 and what did you like least?
    CHAOL AND CELAENA. Without a doubt!
    And.. the ending of part one. Seriously. Really?! Still baffled.. Still hate it..

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  2. I love this idea 🙂 buddy read it looks so much fun and you guys are doing a great job at it 🙂 as for the book, I also thought the first part was a bit slow moving so had to switch to audiobook – now sneakily listening to it while ‘working’ lol. End of part 1 broke my heart 💔 Part 2 however, starts with a bang 💥 and keeps going in that speed and excitement. I’m so close to do the end I can’t wait for it 🙂

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