book review // “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling

harrypotter2title: harry potter and the philosopher’s stone
author: j.k. rowling
genre: ya-fantasy
type: paperback
pages: 332
start: 15.10.2017
finish: 15.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”



what it’s about:
harry potter has been living with his aunt and uncle for ten years, not knowing that he is a wizard. on his eleventh birthday he gets his acceptance letter to hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. he learns the truth about himself and a new adventure is about to start for him. becoming who he truly is, meeting new friends and fighting the evil, harry’s life changes completely and all of his adventures start.


what i think:
now, you might ask yourself: why is she posting a review for the first “harry potter” book? everyone has read it by now. but no, that’s not true. until the 15th of october 2017, i haven’t read a single “harry potter” book. i also have never watched the movies. so for me, this review is a big deal, because i finally did it. i have read “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling. and i loved it. (no surprise for many people!)

i have talked about this a lot on my blog. i was afraid of reading the “harry potter” series. i was afraid, i wouldn’t like it. well it’s me and the hype. 50/50 chance. but i also had very high expectations for this book, because really everyone loves it. so there was pressure. 😀 and also the fact, that i didn’t grow up with the books. most people i know, grew up reading “harry potter”. i didn’t. so all in all it was a big deal. so then this day happened. i woke up, i did some stuff and i was supposed to read my current read. but somehow i didn’t. i went to my shelf and picked up “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone”. i don’t even know what happened. i don’t remember if i was thinking at all. i just picked it up and started reading. and well, some hours later, i was done. this book had me right from the start.

j.k. rowlings writing is wonderful. i got lost in the story completely. i didn’t even pay attention to my cats who wanted some food (no worries, they are alive 😀 ). but i was just lost in this book. i wanted to know what is going to happen and i was completely excited. it was so much fun being part of harry’s world. i loved going on this adventure with him. first his meeting with hagrid and then everything else that happened after that. i fell in love with the characters, hagrid being my favorite. i love this guy. he is so much fun and the way he cares for harry warmed my heart. i teared up. i was happy. so many emotions.

but all the other characters were awesome too. ron, hermione, even draco and professor snape. all these guys are such cool characters and it was so much fun getting to know them better. getting to see their growth. i just loved everything. and no, i didn’t see the twist coming in the end. and that’s good, because i liked it even more this way. i was afraid, that i would have problems with all the characters, because there are so many. but i had no problems at all following them and the story. it was such an easy and fun read and it was an adventure for myself.

there really is nothing that i disliked about this book. it is a great story, so much fun, it’s emotional, it brought me joy and i just loved it. of course i immediately watched the first movie after reading the book, because i wanted to compare the images in my head with faces and pictures. it was a good movie and a perfect end to my “harry potter”-day 🙂


what you should know:
“harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling deserves all the hype. it’s a fantastic story, full of adventure and fun and a variety of great and awesome characters. i am really excited to find out, how the story goes on and what is going to happen. now i can say with honesty, that people really need to read this book, because it’s good. and fun. and so much more! 🙂


“harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” on goodreads
j.k. rowling on goodreads

32 thoughts on “book review // “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” by j.k. rowling

  1. Whoopwhoop!

    So, when are you going to start the second one? And the third? 😀
    Also, good thinking to watch the movie immediately after. I love both the books and the movies and doing it like this – especially since it’s your first time – is the perfect way to see the differences between the two!

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  2. I did a review on The Philosopher’s Stone yesterday! I read it for the second time, but the first time was around 2000ish, so a good while ago. I will be re-reading The Chamber of Secrets soon!

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  3. I am so glad you liked it! As someone who did grow up with Harry and his friends I always love to see others fall in love with the series. I also totally appreciate the fear of reading something that is so beloved, I felt the same when I read the Hunger Games for the first time!

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  4. YAY!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! I’m so jealous that you get to read Harry Potter for the first time, I hope you love the rest of the series, which, in my opinion, only gets better.

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  5. Lovely review! I am in the middle of reading this as well and its my second time. I have only ever read the first 4 though so i soon will be venturing into unknown territory with the final three books just like you. Im so glad you liked it though, It’s a fantastic book x

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