book review // “without merit” by colleen hoover

wihtoutmerittitle: without merit
author: colleen hoover
genre: contemporary
type: audiobook
duration: 9h 13min
start: 11.10.2017
finish: 13.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Not every mistake deserves a consequence. Sometimes the only thing it deserves is forgiveness.



what it’s about:
merit lives in a very complicated family. her parents are divorced, she and her twin sister honor, her brother utah, her father and his new wife victoria and their son moby live in a church. and her mom lives in the basement of that church. merit’s life is very complicated and she feels like an outsider. she tries to deal with all the problems surrounding her family. when she meets sagan, things change for her, which brings her pain but also a new perspective.


what i think
“without merit” is the first book i have read by colleen hoover. i have heard so many things about her, her stories and her writing and i have some of her books on my tbr. but somehow i chose this audiobook as my first colleen hoover novel. i also read some reviews about this book and i was hesitant. a lot of people love it, but a lot of people also hate it. and this comes from some die hard colleen hoover fans. so i was a little bit scared going into this book. but i was surprised and i don’t want any of the negative thoughts influelnce my opinion, because honestly, i liked this book very much.

this book is kind of crazy. i mean, how much drama can be in one family? this is pretty ridiculous and that’s also why i didn’t give it a full five stars, because in the end i thought, that a little less drama would be enough.

but let’s start at the beginning. merit’s family is nothing i have ever read about. there are a lot of people. there are a lot of problems. there are a lot of secrets and lies. but for me somehow it also felt very real. yes, i somehow could believe everything that has been going on in the family. while i went through this book, more and more problems are revealed and they left me shocked. i didn’t think, that all this was possible, but somehow it hit me hard and it made me understand merit so much more. yes, she herself is a complicated character. she has her own issues but on top she has also all those family problems. i could understand, why she felt the way she felt. but i could also understand, that she needs to work on herself and see things differently and not just the way she wants to. just because things are the way we see it, it doesn’t mean, that there isn’t a story behind it. and i guess, that was the key issue for me in this book. honesty. nobody is honest in this family and it was just a matter of time, that it would somehow blow up.

i myself went through some stuff in my life. i had my own drama of course, as everyone else did. but what i learned very, very early, is that i need to be honest. honest to myself and to others, because otherwise it will only cause problems. i always prefer the truth, even if it’s hard and hurts, than lies. because these hurt so much more. but now let’s get back. i think so many problems in that family could have been prevented, if these guys were honest with each other. if they talked to each other and not just suck everything up. it made me mad to hear, how nobody talked to each other. i really felt myself frustrated and that’s personally a thing, that i like. when a book can does that to me. when it makes me feel things.

all the characters in this book are unique. not just their names but also their personalities. everybody struggles and has his own problems and i love the speach of luck, because he sums it up so very well. nobody is perfect in life and this books shows it. everybody has issues and that’s what i liked so much. these characters represented real people. of course their problems have been a little bit harsh and too much for some people, but everybody has issues. and this book reminded me of that, which i am very grateful.

i was personally a big fan of sagan. he is this mysterious guy who suddenly shows up and changes things so much for this family. but in my opinion in a very good way. because this family needed that. maybe not going that far but just to talk to each other. sagans own issues hit me hard too, because i get this a lot here in germany. i know about this and it is part of my life, so this felt very real to me and i loved him for being who he is in the end, despite everything.

now, i do not agree with everything in this book and at some points it maybe went too far, but i still liked it a lot. it grabbed me right from the start. i was sucked into that story and i couldn’t stop listening. usually i take my time with audiobooks, but i needed to finish this one. it was so addicting, because the story build up so well. i needed to know what comes next and next and next. and because i was shocked about every new revelation and development, i wanted more. since i have no comparison i can’t say that that’s usually the writing style of colleen hoover. but i hope it is, because i really want her other books to be so addicting as well.


what you should know:
now, i didn’t go too much into detail, because i didn’t want to spoil the story. just know, that there are a lot of complicated problems in that family. these problems will affect you, each one different. there are consequences to those problems, that will affect you, each one different. i have to warn about depression and anxiety issuses and of attempted suicide, because people need to know about this going into this book. “without merit” by colleen hoover will affect you emotionally at some point. may it be anger, frustration or in the end hope. in my opinion it’s a great book, that is addicting and will probably shock you at some points, but it’s definitely a good book, that i would recommend.


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20 thoughts on “book review // “without merit” by colleen hoover

  1. So want to read it! She always writes stories with an emotional sting at the end of the novel 😉 but there’s not always so much drama in it I think and I don’t know if it’s really like her usual writing.. Just one way to find out though, I’ll have to read it 🙂

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  2. I haven’t read anything by her yet, but I’ve heard an awful lot about her!
    I might just pick this one up someday because it does sound really interesting! And I always think that divided opinions are a bonus, haha. That makes it all the more interesting to see what opinion I end up with. :p

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  3. This was such a great review, Alex! I read it more out of curiosity, as I had no plans at all to read this book but… now I am wondering. It sounds like the kind of book I’d like. Great job! 🙂

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  4. […] my review: “without merit” by colleen hoover will affect you emotionally at some point. may it be anger, frustration or in the end hope. in my opinion it’s a great book, that is addicting and will probably shock you at some points, but it’s definitely a good book, that i would recommend. read my full review here […]


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