giveaway winner and q&a

my wonderful blogger fam! a few weeks ago i reached 300 follower and i was sooooo happy about that. right now i am almost at 400 and i still can’t believe it! you guys are just the bestest of the best and still make my day every day!! ❤ ❤ ❤

i started a giveway, where i forced some of my favorite books on you haha 😀


now this giveaway has ended and i know why you are all here. to see, who has won! and i don’t want to ramble much longer, so here’s the winner:



the wonderful destiny over @howlinglibraries won the giveway!! congratulations girl! ❤ i am so happy, that i have met you here in this community and that you are the winner. please contact me with your adress and then we’ll see, which book will get shipped to you, haha 😀

to everybody else, i am so sorry, that you haven’t won, but i am sure, there will be more opportunities in the future 🙂



now, there was a second part in the giveway. i wanted you guys to ask me some questions and i wanted to thank you so much for that. there are some really cool questions and i am happy to answer them. 🙂 let’s get straight to it:


abbey from three cats and a girl asked: what is your favorite snack to eat?
definitely chips. i love snacking chips. like all kinds of different chips. i also like chocolate, but i really need to be in the mood for it. 🙂


leni from lenisbooks asked: i know you are a succer for bad boys so: if you could choose 2 bad boys to have a book writen about who would you pick and who should write it?
well, this girl knows me so well, so she knows, that i would want v.e. schwab to write the book. of course, who else? 😀 my first bad boy is pretty obvious, everyone knows my love for kaz from “six of crows”. so he definitely would need to be in my book. the second one would fit perfectly, because she knows this guy already from her “shades of magic” trilogy. i am talking about kell. i mean, come on! kaz and kell together??!!! 😀


kathy from books & munches asked: what’s your top three favorite bookish gifts – apart from books?
definitely bookish mugs! i loooooove mugs in general and bookish mugs are just the best. i also love booksmarks with great quotes. i mean you can’t do anything wrong with bookmarks, right? and the last thing are socks. if i could get bookish socks, i would be the happiest person on earth 😀


naty from naty’s bookshelf asked: what’s your favorite book genre to read on a rainy day?
haha, since i am a mood reader, i really don’t mind any book. but probably ya-contemporary 😀 😀 😀


michaela from journey into books asked: what book or book series means the most to you? what book would you love to see turned into a move or TV show?
the book that means the most to me is still, after so many years, “the fault in our stars” by john green. i connect a lot of memories and moments to this book, it will always be special for me. as for book turned into a movie, i would choose “autoboyography” by christina lauren and “warcross” by marie lu. i think these would be amazing movies.


addy from addynikitabooks asked: do you have any advice for a blog that’s barely starting out?
yes, communicate with others. check out other blogs, don’t be afraid to talk to people and leave comments. this community is amazing and open and you’ll be able to make friends so soon. 🙂


hanna from hanna reads asked: what is the best thing about blogging? and the worst?
the best thing is all of you! i love the community and i am having so much fun being part of it. talking to you about the favorite thing in the world is just awesome. the worst part is, that it gets easily overwhelming. sometimes i am so busy at work, that i fall behind on reading posts and commenting. it’s hard to get back on track, because everone of you deserves to be on their blog.


bube asked: if you could be any disney villian, who would you be?
that’s an awesome question. i think i’d choose ursula from “the little mermaid”. i love the ocean and i loved that movie so, so much as a kid!


kenzie from KenzieCantShutUp asked: if you were stranded on a deserted island with only one book, what book would you want to have? what’s your favorite character pet? would you rather only ever read series or only ever read stand-alones?
as for the deserted island. i always chose a “harry potter” book, because then i would finally read it. but since i can only pick one, i would cheat and go with a bind up. maybe all of charles dicken’s novels in one book. that would keep me busy a while 😀
character pet? hmmm, probably the bad boy thing? i love my bad boys 😀
and i would prefer stand-alones. at least i wouldn’t have to wait for coming books 😀


grace from hey grace and sophie from beware of the reader asked: how do you choose what to read next?
i always go with my mood. since i read almost every genre, i have a lot of different books on my tbr. and then i just pick, what i want to read.


the winner destiny asked: what is the first book you remember ever just really falling head over heels in love with?
ha, it was “kiss an angel” by susan elizabeth phillips. it’s a romance novel and i don’t even remember when i read that. but i loved it so, so much, that i read all of her books i could get. as of today, she is my most-read author. what can i say, i had a phase, when i was young! 😀 😀 😀


swetlana from living the caffeinated bookworm life asked: what would you say has been the best part about having a book blog? apart from meeting a ton of great people, obviously!
haha, you did it right girl, because you knew i would answer with that. 😀 apart from the great people? i would say all the book recommendation i get. i would probably never hear about some of the books you guys are mentioning and i love that. it’s bad for my tbr, but i still love it 😀


alicia from miss honeybug asked: if you had $20 to spend on one new book or 4 used books, which option would you choose and why?
definitely the 4 used books. i love used books and i don’t mind them at all. i love it, when a book tells a story and that’s why i would prefer used books. and i would get four of those – so win win 😀

toni-emma from book & bloom asked: what did you find most successful in building up your followers?
honestly, i am not sure. i started this blog for myself and it was never about gaining followers. i am still shocked, that so many people of you are here to read my stuff hahaha 😀 so i do not have an answer for that. maybe just be honest about what you write and communicate with people? it’s what makes you unique, being yourself.


heavenisaplacewithbooks asked: if you could live in a fictional world, which one would it be?
definitely the london word from the “shades of magic” series by v.e. schwab. i would just need to be an antari, so i could travel between all those londons 😀



that’s it guys. thank you so, so much for all your questions and your participation! it was so much fun reading them and answering them! 🙂 congratulations again to destiny and have a great rest of the weekend everybody! sending you lots of love! ❤ ❤ ❤

26 thoughts on “giveaway winner and q&a

  1. This is very cool! Congrats to Destiny! Loved reading the questions and answers too. I’m getting better at going with my mood when picking my next books rather than using a list. Definitely happier reading! 🙂 💜

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  2. Congrats to the winner, and oh gosh, what a fun post this is!! I enjoyed all your answers!!😁✨ And I totally agree; the book recommendations and the interactions with other bloggers are the best thing we get from blogging!!💖


  3. So many great questions here!
    I’ve seen the book trailer of Warcross (have to put that book to my TBR – note to self) and I think that would make an awesome movie!

    Definitely agree with you about this whole community. It gives so much!! And it’s amazing how many of us there actually is and yet how drama free this whole community is.

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