book review // “autoboyography” by christina lauren

autoboyographytitle: autoboyography
author: christina lauren
genre: ya-contemporary
type: paperback
pages: 404
start: 04.10.2017
finish: 06.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Are you willing to be a secret? Maybe you are for now. But this is your life, and it will stretch out before you, and you are the only person who can make it whatever you want it to be.”



what it’s about:
tanner is bisexual and moves with his parents from palo alto to provo at age fifteen. he’s been living there for three years and nobody knows, who he really is, because provo is city, where the majority of people is mormon. even tanner’s best friend autumn doesn’t know about him. when she convinces him to be a part of a writing seminar in their last semester, tanner gets to know the bishop’s son sebastian, whose book from the seminar is being published and who becomes a teaching assistant in tanner’s class. when their worlds collide, nothing will ever be the same.


what i think:
first of all i want to say, that i knew nothing about the life of mormons before going into this book. of course i have heard some things, but i wasn’t familiar with mormons at all. because of that i can’t judge the accuracy of this book. i just can state my honest opinion about what i have read. and my honest opinion is pretty simple. i loved everything about “autoboyography” by christina lauren.

i went into this book with high expectations and i don’t even know why. i guess i was excited for it, because i knew that it would confront me with the life of mormons, it would confront me with the life of people living in utah and it would confront me with a bisexual character. i have read about bisexual characters, but i knew that this was going to be emotional and deep. and i personally don’t know anybody who is bisexual and so for me this book was something completely new, because i knew it would deal with deep, personal feelings.

after reading the first page i knew, that i would love this book. i love the concept of it. i love the story of it. i love the characters and not just the main protagonists. i love the writing. i basically love this book in its entirety. i didn’t know, that christina lauren are two best friends writing together under one name. that was new to me too but i love it and i will definitely check out their other books.

but now to “autoboyography”. the story is bittersweet. a teenager who is supposed to go to college soon, who basically was out of the closet, needs to live a life in secret. and there are good reasons for it, which i can totally understand, when i read the background story. this goes deeper, than i thought and i loved how tanner’s life was explained. his family plays a big part in his life and i just adored his mom and dad. these two are such special characters and in every scene i wanted to hug and thank them. they are awesome parents i loved how their characters were written and how they protected and loved tanner with everything they had.

tanner himself was my little precious one and i wanted to be his best friend. i know he has autumn, but come on! who wouldn’t want to be tanner’s best friend? this guy is amazing and i still applaud him for his strength, courage and love. i could totally relate to him and i believed every feeling he felt. it was just so heartbreakingly beautiful. he is a wonderful character and the plot around him and his book was just so perfect. it was so, so good. i loved it!

as for sebastian. oh my! can i hug him all the time please? i LOVED this character. his journey and development brought me to tears so often. i could feel what he goes through. i could understand him. i could feel how hard he was fighting. he is who he is but he has so much pressure from his family, that it’s almost unbearable. it broke my heart. i was sad and angry and i wanted to punch something, because it really brought me pain. argh. i am still furious. but on the other side it’s so hard to judge his parents. yes, they made me mad and i really have problems understanding, how someone can believe in something, that for me just isn’t right. but that’s the thing. it’s not right for me. i feel differently, but they lived their whole life a different way. they were raised differently and they stand by their beliefs. i can’t understand it and i will never understand it, but the sad thing is, that this is reality. i could write so many things about this whole topic, but i will come back to the book and just say, that i loved the execution of the story. i personally learned a lot while reading this book and to me it is realistic and that’s maybe, why it broke my heart.

one last thing i want to mention is autumn. her relationship with tanner was a completely different story, but i thought it was done very well. i loved how their relationship developed and i found it absolutely believable what happened between them. that’s just life. things like this happen. and it made their relationship stronger and that’s what i loved about it so much.


what you should know:
“autoboyography” by christina lauren is a beautifully written story about two characters, who fall in love and their struggle – because of beliefs, because of family, because of fear. it’s heartbreaking but hopeful at the same time. it will make you cry, if you are an emotional person and it will also give you a good feeling. it’s a story that seems very realistic and that could also be a non-fiction in my opinion. it could be a biography and that’s what made me love it so much more. i recommend this book, if you want a rollercoaster of emotions, if you want to learn more about mormon life, if you want a beautiful story, that will give you so much.


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13 thoughts on “book review // “autoboyography” by christina lauren

  1. Yaaay! I’m so glad you loved this! I just received this today as an early birthday gift from a friend and I’m so stoked to read it. I’m bi, and I love books with bi characters, but I don’t see many bi MALE characters, so it should be really cool to see how it is!

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