book review // “warcross” by marie lu

warcrosstitle: warcross
author: marie lu
genre: ya science-fiction
type: paperback
pagse: 353
start: 26.09.2017
finish: 03.10.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Everything’s science fiction until someone makes it science fact.”



what it’s about:
emika chen is a hacker and also a bounty hunter. when she’s asked to work for hideo tanaka, the inventor of warcross, she can’t turn the job down. she’s thrown into the championship of the most popular game all over the world. as she starts to connect with her teammates, she’s digging deeper to find out who’s threatening hideo and slowly everything gets out of control.


what i think:
i was very curious about “warcross”, because it was my first book by marie lu and also it was hyped so, so much. i haven’t read “ready player one” by ernest cline so the whole idea about a videogame was new to me. i was also afraid, that i would not like it at all, because of the hype and hyped books are always a 50/50 chance with me. but i am glad, that i can tell you, that i enjoyed “warcross” very much.

i had a little bit of trouble getting into it, because my mind had some problems getting used to the whole videogame idea. i had a feeling, that i was thrown into it and just get the concept of it. it took some time but at some point it was easy enough to follow and i really, really enjoyed the whole concept of the game, of the glasses and lenses and i was also kind of freaked out about the whole idea, because it’s hard to imagine, that something like that could be possible at some point in the future. i was sold on the whole idea. give me more, because i am very interested in that kind of stuff.

as for the plot, hell yeah! the story is so interesting, that it never gets boring. i was always on edge, because things happen all the time. i didn’t get a break and it was constantly thrilling and suspenseful. i didn’t see many things coming and was surprised of how the story unfolded. but there is one thing, that still bugs me, because it’s pretty clear, what’s going to happen in the end. i could see it pretty early in the book and i was sad, that it was so predictable. this could have been done differently and it kind of took away the fun. BUT, yes, there is a but. in the end there is another plot twist and that one was really surprising. i couldn’t believe it at first and i was sooooo happy, that it took me by surprise, especially since the other plot twist was so predictable. i am really curious how the story unfolds in book two of the series and i am really looking forward to it.

as for the characters, i really loved emika. she is such a cool character. i could really relate to her, because she is a programmer and knows her stuff about computer science. i studied computer science myself and it’s great to see female programmers represented in ya books. that really made me happy. but she is so much more. she is very smart and i loved the choices she made in this book. which leads me to hideo. i like this guy. he is like the wounded bad boy, who shuts down and you know there is a reason behind it. and boy, there is a reason. i was really surprised about his whole development and i want to know, what will happen.

lastly i want to mention the writing. since this was my first book by marie lu, i was very happy about the writing. it’s easy to follow, she has done some thrilling and suspenseful plot twists and all in all it was a book, that i couldn’t put down easily and if i had the time, i would have read this in one sitting.


what you should know:
“warcross” by marie lu really is an adventure. you’re thrown straight into the story and it’s exciting right from the beginning. the technological aspect can be a little bit overwhelming at the beginning and it takes some time to get used to the whole videogame concept, but it’s still easy to follow and at some point, you won’t be able to put it down, because there is a lot happening and there is so much action. there are some plot twists, that are predictable but there are also some twists, that are not predictable. it’s an action packed book, that has great characters and a fun story, that leaves you wanting more.


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marie lu on goodreads

16 thoughts on “book review // “warcross” by marie lu”

  1. Ah this sounds amazing! I love Marie Lu. She hasn’t let me down yet, so it’s great to know that a good number of readers, including yourself, seem to enjoy it! Can’t wait to dive into this one when I get the chance! Great review!

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