ireland book haul 2017

hello my lovely bookoholics! ❤ i am back from a long weekend in dublin! i had a wonderful time with my best friend over there, as always.

here are some of my favorite moments that weekend 🙂 ❤

on saturday we went to howth and walked the cliff walk. we walked 18km on that day and we had beautiful weather, so we took a lot of pictures. i love this place. it’s so quiet and so beautiful. you can get lost there and completely relax and that’s exactly what i needed. here are some pictures:

IMG_2025 IMG_2024


IMG_5396 IMG_2247


on sunday there was supposed to come a strom, so we had to decide if we want to go out or do something indoors. fate wanted for us to go outside, so we rented some bikes and i drove on the left side of the road for the first time. it was so cool. we drove to phoenix park, where we spent about 4 hours. it was so much fun. we were so lucky about the weather, because it wasn’t storming at all. in the evening we went to a pub to go see some live music and there i finally got my guinness, yay me! here are some pictures of the day:

IMG_8576 IMG_5950

IMG_2099 IMG_2098 IMG_2097


on monday my best friend and her boyfriend had to work, so i had the day for myself. and what did i do? of course i went bookshopping! 😀 i started with dubrays on grafton street, then i went to hodges figgis, which was huge! by that time i bought some bookmarks, but no books, because i was overwhelmed. so many books. then i went to the secret book & record store, which has cheap used books, but after looking through all the books, i still couldn’t find a book, that i wanted. it was so hard to decide. so by that time, i was in three book stores and didn’t by any books. so i went to eason, where i spent quite some time. i had five books in my hands in the end, because the ya section of that store is amazing. i wanted to by all of them. but i only picked up” night owls” by jenn bennett. i liked “alex, approximately” by her, so i picked this one up.

IMG_0179 IMG_0180


my last stop was chapters at parnell street and that shop just blew my mind!!! first of all, it is sooooooooooo huge. really huge! but the worst thing was, that they had SO MANY cheap books. like, there were huge hardcovers for 5 euro, which is NOTHING!!! i wanted to take them all. but i had to restrain myself, because i only had a small suitcase, so i couldn’t take all the hardcovers with me. but i bought “landline” by rainbow rowell and “stay close” by harlan coben. these are some of my favorite authors and i didn’t own these books, so i picked them up. since i couldn’t take more i picked up a “book nerd” tote bag to make me happy, haha!


IMG_9950 IMG_5969


after being sad, that i couldn’t take more books with me, i went to a pub and drank some guinness and enjoyed some live music which is always amazing! ❤ then i met my friend, who got me signed “this savage song” by v.e. schwab a couple of months ago. it was so nice to meet up with her and finally have that book in my hands 🙂 i had an amazing time in ireland and i can’t wait to go back there in may. i will definitely change my suitcase situation by then, because i will have to go back to chapters!!!!! 😀



so, what do you think about my haul?

40 thoughts on “ireland book haul 2017

  1. Whoooop! Those pictures are gorgeous and.. those.. bookstores.. darnit! Haha!
    So glad you enjoyed your time in Ireland! [Although I have to admit that my notifications were clearly lacking some Alex-presence these last couple of days..]
    I’ll definitely have to see when I can get to Dublin because those bookstores sound like heaven. Pretty sure I can say right now that THAT will be the moment I buy way too many hardcovers.

    Aaaaaand whoop for that signed one! Like, having a signed book from a BIG author is HUGE. GIANT.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Omg I’m in love with that bookstore already!! Your pictures are really gorgeous and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and got some good weather! Need to include Ireland on my list of places I want to visit 🙂 Lovely book haul too, I’m very curious about Landline!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love your haul! Amazing that you have a signed copy of This Savage Song and yay for picking up a cheap copy of Landline. I collect multiple copies of Rainbow Rowell’s books so it always fun for me to see different covers!

    Your photos are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Makes me want to visit Ireland even more! Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

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