calendar girls: best paranormal novel

hello lovely bookoholics! ❤ this is my second post for the calender girls. whoooop whooop! i am so excited. you should join us, because there are great picks every month! 🙂



calendar girls is a monthly blog event, that was created by melanie and flavia. this book group was inspired by the 1961 song “calendar girl” by neil sedaka and is supposed to motivate bookish discussions among bloggers. every month a theme is chosen by all participants and you are supposed to pick a book that in your opinion fits that theme perfectly. on the first monday in the month you publish your pick and the reasons why you think this book is the best in the chosen category. the hostess’ collect all picks and every third sunday of the month the picks are discussed on twitter with the hashtag #CGBChat at 8pm EST.

if you want to know more about the calendar girls, head over to melanie’s and flavia’s blogs. 🙂


“October, Romeo and Juliet on Halloween.”

the theme for october is: BEST PARANORMAL NOVEL


now here is the thing. as it turns out, i do not read many paranormal books. like none at all, haha. which is also new to me. but i went through a lot of lists and there were books, that i have never heard of. since i was never a huge fantasty reader and just started this year with this genre, i am not surprised, that i haven’t gotten to many paranormal novels. BUT, yes, i found a fantasy book, that was also shelved as paranormal. win win, because i have read this novel and i loved it so much. i am talking about “this savage song” by v.e. schwab. but i am not going to pick that one, because there is one, that i loved even more. and that’s this one, which is my pick for the month:



our dark duet” by v.e. schwab



after reading “this savage song” i preordered “our dark duet” immediately. i loved the first book, but i had some minor issues with it. but i was looking forward to the sequel of this duology. so, when “our dark duet” came, i sat down and read it in one sitting. yes, i read this book straight with no breaks. i loved it. i loved everything about it.

the plot went into a direction, that i didn’t expect and there was so much action, that i couldn’t put down the book. then there were the characters, that i started to love in “this savage song”. there were twists and turns, there were revelations, there were feelings and all in all i just loved this book so much. the end hit me right in the heart and i didn’t know what to do with myself after reading this book, but it was a perfect conclusion to the duology.

i am so glad, that i could pick this book for this month, because it is one of my favorite duologies, so yeah, that’s why i pick this. 🙂




that’s it guys. unfortunately i don’t have many other books to talk about, because well, it seems i don’t read many paranormal books. let me know, if you read paranormal novels and what your favorites are! 🙂

29 thoughts on “calendar girls: best paranormal novel

  1. I’m honestly sometimes still lost when it comes to all those genres. Paranormal and fantasy are simply almost the same in my mind? Or are they simply the same? I DON’T KNOW.
    I do remember Nascent Shadow by Matthew S. Cox being a paranormal novel according to Goodreads-shelves; but apart from that? Sue me. Oh, Odd & True is also supposed to be paranormal but I haven’t read that one yet. YET. It’s on its way.. Like.. I’ll probably reach 150 on my owned-TBR-shelf before I ever get one down. Ugh.

    [And I keep rambling randomly on your posts, whooptiefreakingdoo.. :’D]

    Hope you’re having fun in Ireland! [or had fun?]

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  2. I’m right there with you when it comes to a lack of Paranormal books read lol. This does fit the category though & what Pehnom pick! gahhhh! I loved this book so much for the roller coaster of emotions it put me through while still maintaining its dark tones. I ddin’t see that ending coming but I really don’t see it ending any other way either. Heartbreakingly awesome! 🙂

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  3. Excellent review and I haven’t read this one yet! I did the read along of A Darker Shade of magic with Flavia but I still have many more books from V Schwab that I have to read 😉


  4. I am SO GLAD someone picked this book. I *LOVED* This Savage Song. Like I absolutely devoured it. Our Dark Duet has been sitting on my shelf since my preorder arrived but I haven’t had time to get to it. I was going to use it for my summer reading challenge but then I got an ARC of The History of Bees I had to read so I sacrificed Our Dark Duet for it. So sadly I won’t be able to get to it until next year now because I have 5 other challenge sets to finish by December 31.

    My post:

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  5. Ahh! So, I picked this one up from my local library right when it came out…and started reading it….then stopped! I just couldn’t get into it. But, I wasn’t too crazy about the first book, and I think that my expectations for the sequel to kind of save the series for me….were too high. So I’ll definitely have to give this one another try because you chose it for this month 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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