#OWNtober reading

hello lovely bookoholics! ❤ it’s october – whaaat? oh my, i can’t believe that soon it’s time to think about. this year just flew by. but it’s not over yet, so it’s time for another challenge. 😀

i know, that i am very bad with tbrs, because i mostly never stick to them. but OWNtober is perfect. OWNtober is a monthly challenge hosted by my dear friend kathy over @books & munches. this challenge is pretty simple. focus on all of your own books on your tbr. since i have a lot of those, this challenge will be easy for me haha. i just need to decide on the books, what i want to read. i talked about my fall tbr in my top 10 tuesday post and these books are definitely on my list. here is a quick reminder:


but since it’s october and halloween and scary times, i would also love to get to some thrillers and horrors. so i am putting these two books on my tbr as well:

birdbox theressomeoneinside

i have heard so many creepy things about “bird box” by josh malerman, that i am intrigued. i don’t know, if i will make it through this book, since i am the scariest person ever, but we’ll see. the same goes for “there’s someone inside your house” by stephanie perkins. this is ya, so i am hopeful, that it’s managable for me. 😀



ok, we are at 10 books. that is managable. BUT, yeah, of course there is a but. while you are reading this, i will be in ireland and who knows, which books i will be bringing home with me. and if they throw my tbr completely off. knowing me, i’d say yes hahaha 😀

if you want to join #OWNtober, head over to kathy’s post and have some fun with us. 🙂

what books do you want to read in october in general? let me know! 🙂

15 thoughts on “#OWNtober reading

  1. I’m so freaking ready to be done with that eARC and plunge in my own TBR!! 26% more to go [I think], haha.

    Also, looking forward to receiving my Turtles All The Way Down-box so I can read that one as well! No clue when it’ll arrive, though.. That’s, like, the only book on your TBR that I actually *will be owning* as well. :’) [Secretly proud of not going “oh I own that one as well” all the damn time..]

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