september wrap up

wrap up

hello bookoholics! it’s that time of month again – it’s wrap up time! by the time you read this, i will be in dublin, ireland, enjoying the rainy and windy weather and maybe one or two guinness’ 😀

september wasn’t the best month for me unfortunately. i’ve been struggling with some health issues and my workload was pretty high this month. i feel like i’ve been running all over the place but the one thing i couldn’t do was reading. somehow i still managed to read seven books. that’s ok, although i wish, that it would have been more. but sometimes life get’s in the way, right? i also wanted to participate in sequel september with my girl kathy over @books & munches. but well, let’s say, i managed one sequel hahaha 😀 let’s hope, that #OWNtober will be better.



books: 7
pages: 2792

paperback: 4
hardcover: 0
audiobook: 2
ebook: 1

female authors: 6
male authors: 1
ya-contemporary:  3
ya-fantasty: 1
ya-sci-fi: 1
ya-historical fiction: 1
fantasy: 1

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: 2
⭐⭐⭐⭐: 4
⭐⭐⭐: 1




1.) throne of glass

throneofglasstitle: trone of glass
author: sarah j. maas
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5

my review:
all in all “throne of glass” was very enjoyable. the writing was great, i absolutely had no problems following the story and also the change of the point of views was very well done! i enjoyed sarah j. maas’ writing and all my expectations were fulfilled. read my full review here


2.) windfall


title: windfall
author: jennifer e. smith

my review:
i liked the idea of this book and also the writing was good. the only thing that annoyed me were the characters. i couldn’t connect with all of them and i had my problem with some decisions the main character made. it felt forced. but all in all, this was a fluffy contemporary. i just wanted more.


3.) godsgrave

godsgravetitle: godsgrave
author: jay kristoff

my review:
my goodreads review was like this: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
i loved this book. i loved everything about this book and i just can’t. i still can’t. my full spoilery review can be found here



4.) the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue

gentlemantitle: the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue
author: mackenzie lee

my review:
unfortunately i didn’t love this book as much as everybody else did. yes, i loved percy and felicity. i loved the adventure plot and i loved the topics this book dealt with. but i thought it would be way more funny and i also couldn’t connect with monty that much. i only gave this 4 stars, because the narration of the audiobook was so good. read my full review here


5.) the thousandth floor

thousandthfloortitle: the thousandth floor
author: katharine mcgee

my review:
this book really surprised me. it brought me back to my guilty pleasure “gossip girl” times and i really enjoyed all the drama. i was curious and i had to turn the pages, because i wanted to know what was going to happen. the setting was amazing and it had me thinking. this was a really great read. my full review can be found here


6.) ask the passengers

askthepassengerstitle: ask the passengers
author: a.s. king

my review:
this was my first audiobook from overdrive, after i went to the library the first time. and i am so happy, that i chose this book, because it was so good. it was honest and believable and i really could feel the main character’s feelings. the story is beautiful and i couldn’t stop listening to it. i am so glad how the plot unfolded and this book just made me happy in the end.


7.) words in deep blue


title: words in deep blue
author: cath crowley

my review:
it’s been a couple of days since i have read this book, but it is still on my mind. as i said in my spoilery review, this book broke me. it was heart breaking but heart warming at the same time. the characters were amazing, the plot was amazing. the writing was beautiful and all in all this is just one of my new favorites. i don’t know, but sometimes a book comes at the right time and hits you so hard and you don’t even know why.



that’s it guys. that was my wrap up for september. not the best one, but i am hopeful, that october will be a better reading month for me. i am feeling better and the cozy, snuggle times are back, so i will relax at home and spent time with my books – yay! 🙂

let me know how your september went! what was your favorite read?

28 thoughts on “september wrap up

  1. My September went bleeeegh hahaha!! I finished just 1 book from my TBR list, second one I will finish today and lets see if I can stuff a third one before Monday. Why is that I read everything except what I am supposed to read this month?… *hides under blankets*

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  2. I love the Overdrive app!! I only started/finished two books in September and started/still working on two more. My favorite would be the one I am still working on, The Underground Railroad. It’s a great book, but it didn’t take much to win my “favorite” for the month as the other two weren’t that spectacular!! Here’s to a better and more profitable October!!!

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  3. I’m glaaad you had a good bookish month. My copy of Godsgrave finally arrived and I can’t wait to start it! Hope you have an awesome October! ❤

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  4. So.. I did it again.. “I own ToG; oh, and Windfall. Oh, and The Gentleman’s Guide..”
    YES. ToG ARRIVED! Unfortunately it’s the wrong edition and I’ll have to buy the right one sometime [somehow I bought myself the library binding? Because book buying enthusiasm and ugh..]

    ON TO OWNTOBER. I can’t wait to take one off my own piles.
    [Stupid me didn’t bring a book so I can’t start tomorrow but boo. I have my eARC to finish first anyways, haha.]

    Hope you’re having fun in Ireland!

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  5. Words in blue is one that I’ve mean meaning to read for a while now, it sound incredible and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it! It looks like you read some really great books this month! Have a good time in Ireland 💕

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