september book haul

and again, this girl aka. me, went book shopping. i just can’t be stopped. i bought books and books and books. it seems, the less time i have to read, the more books i buy hahaha. but well, i am a book collector. every book bought is justified, right? 😀 so let me tell you about the books i have bought in september 🙂



1.) fantasy

godsgrave crownofmidnight everyheartadoorway

  • godsgrave” by jay kristoff: THIS BOOK IS PHENOMENAL!!!!!
  • crown of midnight” by sarah j. maas: i want to continue my readalong with darque dreamer reads in october, so i needed book two. it was inevitable!
  • every heart a doorway” by seanan mcguire: i saw this book on booktube a lot and i was very interested in it, but it was really expensive, so i didn’t want to spend so much money. but one day it was on sale for kindle and i couldn’t say no.


2.) horror/mystery/thriller

birdbox theressomeoneinside joshuaprofil

  • bird box” by josh malerman: i don’t know much about this book, but it’s supposed to be creepy as hell and i want to challenge myself, hahaha
  • there’s someone inside your house” by stephanie perkins: since this is ya-horror, i am hoping not to be that scared. but we’ll see! 😀
  • das joshua profil” by sebastian fitzek: this is a german thriller author, whose thrillers i enjoyed very much so far. don’t know anything about this one, but that’s the best way to go into a thriller


3.) sci-fi

bravenewworld warcross nyxia thedazzlingheights

  • brave new world” by aldous huxley: i wanted this book for quite some time now and since i HAD to buy it, which is a complete different story, i finally got it.
  • warcross” by marie lu: EVERYONE is raving about this book. the hype is so big and i couldn’t let this book just pass.
  • nyxia” by scott reintgen: i saw this book on so many blogs that i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy it…
  • the dazzling heights” by katharine mcgee: i recently finished “the thousandth floor” and i really enjoyed it. so i had to pick up the sequel, when it was lying in front of me…


4.) contemporary

thebelljar.jpg iftheresnotomorrow

  • the bell jar” by sylvia plath: this classic is the book of the month for the rory gilmore reading challenge. have i read it? no! did i need it? yes! 😀
  • if there’s no tomorrow” by jennifer l. armentrout: do i need any excuses for buying a book by now? i don’t think so 😀



wow, 12 books again. and i have read one! yay me! 😀

what did you buy in september? have you read your bought books already? which was your favorite and which one are you looking forward the most?

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