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hello lovely bookoholics ❤ how is everyone doing today? i thought it’s time to catch up with my awards and since i was nominated four times for the blogger recognition award, i wanted to do this one this time! 🙂




i was nominated by my girls and i am so happy about that, because these girls are just amazing. i love talking to them, discussing books with them and just knowing them because of this wonderful community. my first thanks goes to delphine @delphine the babbler. this girl lights up my mood with her posts and i am so happy for her, that she got her job in france and can enjoy a new and exciting life now. then i want to thank my girl darque dreamer @darque dreamer reads. i am so happy, that i met her here, because we started our “throne of glass” readalong together and it was sooooo much fun. we’ll be continuing in october, so just watch out for that. she is amazing and i love talking to her about books and everything else. my next thanks goes to naty @naty’s bookshelf. she’s amazing. i love talking to her and discussing books with her. i recently found out, that she lives in germany and it totally took me by surprise, when she posted a comment in german on my bookstagram haha. my last thanks goes to marianna @marianna reads, whose blog is amazing and whose pictures i love so much, because they are beautiful. ❤
ladies, you’re amazing! if you haven’t checked out their blogs, go over there and give them all the love they deserve! ❤ ❤ ❤



the rules:

1. thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
2. write a post to show your award
3. give a brief story of how your blog started
4. give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
5. select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to


how my blog started:

most things in my life happen from one second to another. i don’t think long, i just do. it was the same thing with this blog. i had a book journal since the beginning of the year and i gave every book i have read a page in that journal to put down my thoughts. i still do this, because i like the journal but after some time i saw that it’s not enough. yes, i could have given every book more pages. but i somehow needed something else. and then the blog idea came. i thought it would be too much work but i just did it. i wanted a place, where i could write about books. not just the books i have read, but also discuss books with other people. and i haven’t regretted it since then. i love my blog and i love communicating with others in this community. it brightens my mood. i met so many great people here and it’s only been a few months. i love how a thing i wanted to do for myself turned into a thing, that brought me so many people and books. that’s amazing and will always be happy about my spontanous decision to start this blog.


pieces of advice for newbies:

1.) communicate with others. go check out blogs and don’t be afraid just to jump right into it and talk to other bookish people. this community is amazing and everyone will be happy about a like or comment from you. just start discussions and explore and you will find great friends and people, that are the same way than you are.

2.) don’t force yourself to write. if you see, that you are pressured by posting, then don’t do it. this is a hobby and it should be fun. if you get the feeling, that you are stressed out, then take a break. nobody will be mad. this should be a place you love coming to and putting down words shouldn’t be a chore. everyone will get the feeling that you are forced to write a post, when you do it. so just write when you want to write and when you feel it. it will make much more fun for you.


my nominations:


please don’t feel pressured to do this award, i just wanted to send some love to your blog! 🙂 ❤


if you missed it, i am doing a 300 follower giveaway right now, which ends on october 13th. check it out! 🙂

35 thoughts on “blogger recognition award

  1. I honestly went “NO. NOT ANOTHER AWARD.” when I first saw the notification. I’ve been drowning in them. But, you’re forgiven! It’s not one of those millions with eleven questions to answer so this one I’ll happily do, haha!
    [Those questions are getting a bit on my nerves; but more because I have to come up with new questions myself every time and I just.. ugh.]

    Oh and, just saying, but, NATY’S AMAZING.
    [She sent me two books she’d read and didn’t want to keep. Which reminds me that I have yet to send her a little thank you even though she told me I shouldn’t. Tough luck if you’re reading this, girl, I’ll send something your way eventually!]

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  2. Thank you for the tag, and great advice! Communicating with other bloggers and networking was by far the hardest thing for me to get the hang of. I’m so shy and I always felt like I didn’t have anything valuable to say, or like they would just skim over my comments and it would have been a waste of my time. Now I know differently and have made some amazing friends through blogging, like you ❤

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  3. Thank you for nominating me! I completely agree that writing should be fun! And communicating with other bloggers too! It’s great to be able to talk about the things you love together with other bloggers!

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  4. Yessss, talking to other bloggers is GREAT advice!! I was so nervous to reach out and talk to other people when I first joined the blogging community, but I didn’t need to be nervous at all! Everyone in this community is so nice and it makes it a much better experience when you actually engage with them 🙂

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