book review // “words in deep blue” by cath crowley (spoilers)

wordsindeepbluetitle: words in deep blue
author: cath crowley
genre: ya contemporary
type: paperback
pagse: 269
start: 24.09.2017
finish: 24.09.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Death is something we shy away from, except in literature or television, when we tend to stare right at it.”



what it’s about:
after three years away rachel moves back to the city she grew up in. back to the boy she loved. back to the bookshop, where she made a lot of memories. back to the people she knew so well. but rachel isn’t the same anymore. and her life isn’t the same anymore. did her feelings stay the same?


what i think:
when i started reading “words in deep blue” by cath crowley, i completely had forgotten what it was about. i have read some reviews about it and i knew, that i was interested in this book. so basically i went into this blind. and i had no idea what i was up to. i read this book in one sitting and even minutes after reading it, the tears were still running.

this book was perfect. it is definitely one of my favorite books from now on and i am pretty sure, that it will be my favorite from this year. maybe even next year. this book hit my right in the heart. it ripped me apart emotionally and i still have no idea, how it had me so invested. in the characters, in the story and in all the emotions. this book blew me away.

from the moment i started this book, i knew, that it will be tough. rachels brother is dead and she is broken. cal drowned and rachel is still not over it. at the same time she needs to move back to the city, where she left her big love behind. not just her big love, but also her best friend. i knew that this book would be a love story, but it was so much more.

rachel is a person who had my whole attention right from the beginning. i could feel her pain. i could relate to her so much and i have to thank cath crowley’s writing for that. the story is written beautifully, it’s easy to follow and you just get lost. i have marked so many great quotes. i have marked whole pages, because i loved them. they spoke to me. i loved this book and writing so much. the words just gave me so much, i can’t even describe it right.

henry’s broken heart is definitely one point you could argue about, but this is still a ya contemporary, so of course there is a little drama and he needs his time to develop, but i still loved his development. it was honest. he is confused but he deals with his problems and he tries to do the right thing. i loved how he threw himself back into the friendship with rachel and that he didn’t give her the time to back away. he just pushed her and he never gave up. i loved how they slowly became best friends again and their whole story was just beautiful. when she finally told him her secret, he handled it so well, that i started to love him myself. henry is a great character and i love how it turned out in the end.

as for rachel’s development, i can’t say anything negative about it. she made so much progress but her feelings were always visible and i could always feel them myself, which wasn’t easy. i cried so many times, i don’t even know, how i managed to read this book. rachel’s pain hit me right in the heart and it was hard for me to take. but i love how she works it out and deals with it and not avoiding it. she makes a great development throughout the book and at the end i was very proud of her and it made my heart warm.

i think i could go on and on about rachel and henry and their friendship, but there are also all the side characters, that are worth mentioning, because they are perfect. i loved henry’s sister george and her school mate martin. i mean just the combination of george and martin made me laugh. pairing those two together was wonderfully done and i am so happy, that there was one twist in the end, that i didn’t see coming at all. it all made so much sense and it hit me so much more when i realized what was going on. i loved their story, i just loved all the relationships in this book.

now you would think, that this is enough, but i left out the best part of the book so far. and that’s the bookshop. the bookshop that made me sob so much. henry and george live in a bookstore. yes, you read right. their parents bought a secondhand bookstore, that has a letter library. all books in the letter library are not for sale. you just go there and write in your favorite books. you mark, you write, you draw or you leave behind letters and notes for others to read. i loved this part so much, because the idea was done so well. it was integrated in the whole story and it warmed my heart to read the letters, that were left behind. i think that’s an amazing idea. there’s a whole plot dedicated to the letter library and it made me cry so much in the end. the involvement of all the characters, all the words that are shared, all the memories and the whole perfect integration into the general story, was just amazing. i cried so much, because the words cath crowley used to bring all those emotions to life, were perfect.


what you should know:
i think i could talk endlessly about “words in deep blue”, because to me this book was perfect. i am already thinking about rereading it. you will get a wonderful and heartbreaking story. if you love books, which i think you do, you will love the part about the bookstore. if you like love stories, your heart will be warmed. if you love great character development, this book is right for you. but be warned, it’s not an easy read. there are heavy topics discussed, like grief and death. they are described honestly and all these emotions will hit you right in the heart. you will feel a lot and it will break you but also put you back together. in the end everything in this book comes together perfectly and it is definitely one of my new favorites.


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17 thoughts on “book review // “words in deep blue” by cath crowley (spoilers)

  1. So happy you read this! Words in Deep Blue was easily one of my favorite books of summer (reading most of at the beach was an added bonus), and it was such a heart-wrenching, but heart-warming read. I want more books with a bookshop (not to mention a letter library) as the background and I totally agree that the side characters in this one were phenomenal!

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