book review // “the thousandth floor” by katharine mcgee

thousandthfloortitle: the thousandth floor
author: katharine mcgee
genre: ya-sci-fi
type: e-copy provided by HarperCollins UK/netgalley
pages: 448
start: 13.09.2017
finish: 23.09.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“I believe in happiness. I’m just not sure love will actually get you there.”



thank you so much to HarperCollins UK and netgalley for providing me with this eCopy in exchange for my honest opinion.

what it’s about:
“the thousandth floor” is a story about five teenagers that live in new york in 2118. but new york isn’t a city anymore. new york is a thousandth floor tower that reaches high up in the sky. the higher you live in the tower, the more money and power you have. after live between those teenagers intertwine, nothing is ever the same again.


what i think:
when i read the synopsis for “the thousandth floor” by katharine mcgee i didn’t need more information other than that new york is a tower. i thought this was a fascinating idea and i really was interested in reading about this concept. then i started the book and the first thing you read is that a beautiful girl is falling down the tower. i was hooked immediately. i think it was a great start into the story, because from the beginning i knew, that something bad is going to happen and i wanted to know what and who is responsible for it. i love my mysteries.

“the thousandth floor” developed into a big drama and the different stories from each character became at some point ridiculous, but also interesting and suspenseful. i was drawn to this book and it was hard to put it down, because oh boy, it was really addicting. it became my little guilty pleasure and i love my guilty pleasures, because they keep me on edge, i start to guess and i am completely invested in the story. and “the thousandth floor” does this beautifully. i was so focused on the drama, that it didn’t want to put down the book.

of course the stories became overly dramatic at points but i didn’t mind this at all. i just had so much fun reading about this. i felt like i was back in my “gossip girl” time and i loved that show back then. it was hard to imagine, that these kids are just teenagers and their lives are that crazy and full of drama, that’s why i caught myself imagining them in their 20s. i also think that there is one particular story, that had a different effect on me, than it would have on a young adult or teenager reading this. i am in my early 30s and i enjoy ya books very much. but with more life experience i have a different look on stories and how they develop and i think that avery’s storyline had a completely different effect on my 30 something self than it would have on my late teen self.

as far as the setting goes, i loved the tower. i loved the idea behind this and it was something completely different than i have read before. just the thought, that a whole city lives in a big tower is a crazy thought, because i myself am afraid of heights and i just couldn’t imagine being on the thousandth floor. i still liked the idea, because it gave the book a unique setting that i really had to think about. i lost myself in thoughts about air, elevators, parks, transportation, no sky and i had to pull myself back to the book, because i was that fascinated by the whole idea.

let’s get to the characters. it’s hard to pick a favorite character, because all their stories are somehow influenced by other characters.

avery – avery lives on the thousandth floor. she has it all. money, friends, and the most beautiful face and body. but one thing is missing and that’s the story i was talking about before. i won’t spoil it but i think that it’s a very controversial topic, many people will have their problem with. me, i wasn’t that person. i thought that it was realistic and i somehow even rooted for her. i liked avery the whole time and had no problem with her actions, because i think that they are justifiable.

leda – i hate leda. ok that’s harsh. but i really don’t like this girl and i think that you’re not supposed to like her. because that girl causes a lot of drama and i just could not connect with her at all. she was annoying to me and i rolled my eyes so many times.

eris – i have mixed feelings toward eris. i feel bad for her but on the other side i wanted to shake that girl so many times. that’s why being rich messes with your mind and eris is the perfect example for it. her world is completely out of control and she has problems getting used to a different live. i didn’t like that her development took so long, because she is a smart girl and she should have figured out what matters way earlier.

watt – oh watt. this guy has a little place in my heart. i really liked him, because i could understand his feelings. he was honest with them and i really enjoyed that part. his actions on the other side are so bad. yes, morally totally unacceptable and at some points i couldn’t believe what this guy was doing. he was the bad boy. but you all know, that i love my bad boys and i guess that’s why watt became one of my favorites in the end.

rylin – i liked rylin. she was the only one who had this “normal” life. of course she is scarred by the past but she is a girl, who doesn’t want all the drama. but she gets mixed up in it. i know, that she is doing things, she is not supposed to do. and she should be honest about everything, but i get why she did what she did and she was a person i could relate very much too.

“the thousandth floor” has a lot of different characters with different lives and storylines and it’s really interesting jumping from one point of view to another and slowly connect the dots. i think katharine mcgee did a great job in writing this story and connecting everything together. until the end i had no idea what to think. i didn’t know what would happen and i enjoyed the whole reading process until the end.


what you should know:
“the thousandth floor” by katharine mcgee has a unique setting, that will keep you fascinated. it’s fun to read about this, because we all don’t know what will happen in the future. this setting is interesting and it also mirrors the social situation. the more money and power you have, the higher you live. and this tower shows the differences in the social state beautifully in mentioning facts about the lower floors and how this system was build.

with this interesting setting comes a lot of drama. yes, you will feel as if you are in an episode of “gossip girl”. there is cheating, drugs, alcohol, stealing, inappropriate relationships, hacking, money issues and in the end a falling girl from the tower. so yes, there is drama all the way. but it’s addicting. it won’t let you go because it’s fun to read about these crazy kids, that would do everything to protect their lives and not let anything happen to them. there is a lot of jumping between the point of views of the different characters but it is well done, so that you never loose focus and slowly start to build the connections between the characters which leads to a showdown in the end, that will leave you wanting more. if you like “gossip girl”, addicting books, a little mystery, drama and a great setting – i would definitely recommend “the thousandth floor”.


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10 thoughts on “book review // “the thousandth floor” by katharine mcgee

  1. Omg this sounds so interesting ajd addictive! I saw this book in the bookstore the other day and didn’t buy it though it was so pretty… #regrets I think I’ll read it. Very convincing review 😁😁

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