the pastry book tag

wohoooo, it’s thursday, which means, it’s almost weekend time! i am really looking forward to the weekend, because i will be book shopping with my best bookish friend on saturday! yay! i mean, it’s not that i don’t have enough books, but i love our book shopping tours! 🙂

so, since i am in a good mood, i will be doing another book tag, whooop whooop. i was tagged by the lovely michaela over @journey into books. if you don’t know her, she’s amazing, so go over to her blog. also, this tag made me hungry so i needed to do it hahaha 😀



1.) croissant – name a popular book or series that everyone (including you) loves

sixofcrows crookedkingdom

i’m going to go with the “six of crows” duology by leigh bardugo. i think there are very few people, who don’t like these books. including me. i love those characters and the heists and the action and KAZ! omg i love kaz so much! ❤ 😀


2.) macaroon – name a book that was hard to get through but was worth it at the end


that would be “red rising” by pierce brown for me. i really, really like this book. but i had my difficulties getting through it. first of all, the world was complicated and i felt like i was thrown into it and was expected to know everything. secondly, it was a slow read and i don’t know why. i just struggled. but i am glad, that i read it, because i love the characters and the action in this book is awesome! 🙂


3.) vol-au-vent – name a book that you thought would be amazing but fell flat


i am a huge rainbow rowell fan. i love “fangirl”, “carry on”, “attachments” and “kindred spirits” by her. these are great books and i had so much fun reading them. so of course i thought, that “eleanor & park” would be great. but i was wrong. i struggled with this book because of eleanor. i couldn’t connect with her at all and i was so disappointed, that i didn’t enjoy the book as much as other people did.


4.) pain au chocolate – name a book that you thought would be one thing but turned out to be something else


sometimes it’s good to know what a book is about. i am a person, that doesn’t like synopsises that much, because they give too much away. so i mostly stay away from them or forget them immediately after reading them 😀 and this was the case with “i’ll give you the sun” by jandy nelson. i knew, that everyone loved this book and i thought that it is a fluffy, cute and light contemporary. oh boy was i wrong. this book was deep and dealed with some serious stuff. i didn’t expect that at all.


5.) profiterole – name a book series that doesn’t get enough attention


definitely the reckoners series by brandon sanderson. i see it here and there sometimes, but there are very few people who talk about it. i read it after “the martian” by andy weir and i thought it was great. it has a funny main character, the plot is really cool and there are twists and turns. it’s a fun book. the first book “steelheart” is amazing. the series gets worse, but it is still fun to read and totally worth the time.


6.) croquembouche – name a book or series that is extremely complex


“one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” by ken kesey is just crazy. yes, it is! but it is good!!!


7.) napoleon – name a movie or tv series that you liked more than the book


definitely “the jane austen book club” by karen joy fowler. i love that movie so much. and when i read the book last year, i was kind of disappointed. it was different than the movie, which i have seen before reading, the narration was not what i expected and all in all, i wasn’t the biggest fan.


8.) empanada – name a book that was bittersweet


i will go with my most recent bittersweet read and that was “they both die at the end” by adam silvera. this book will make you cry, but it is also a book full of hope and about living your life to the fullest 🙂


9.) kolompeh – name a book or series that takes place somewhere other than your home country


well pretty much every book i read takes place somewhere other than my home country which is german. so it’s not possible for me to choose one, that’s why i am going with some of my contemporaries 🙂


10.) pate a choux – name one food from a book or series that you would like to try


all of lara jean’s cookies! give them to me! 😀

whoop whoop, that’s it guys. i hope you liked this tag and my answers and i am tagging EVERYONE who is hungry right now! 😀

25 thoughts on “the pastry book tag

  1. I think everyone would love to taste Lara Jean’s cookies, I had a major food lust case while I was reading those books. Also, I can absolutely relate to always reading books set in other countries and SoC is so greaat! Amazing post, but now I’m craving some macaroons.

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