top 5 wednesday: favorite casts for books that were adapted into movies

top 5 wednesday is a weekly challenge where you can pick your top 5 for the topic of the week. you can find more information about it on goodreads.




this weeks topic is: favorite fancasts

Discuss your preferred fancasts for some of your favorite characters. (Fancasts means actors you’d like to play your favorite characters or imagine your favorite characters as)

so, in preparation for this post, i was thinking very hard, which book i would like to adapt and who should play the part. it wasn’t that easy for me, because most of the time i was thinking about already adapted books and the perfect cast for them. so i decided to go with my favorite casts, that already exist. i know it’s cheating but i don’t care, because i am a rebel, haha 😀


1.) the cast in “the perks of being a wallflower”


i loved reading “the perks of being a wallflower” by stephen chbosky. the story had me gripped right from the start and i thought it was a fantastic book. immediately after reading the book i watched the movie and i thought the casting was perfect. i loved logan lerman as charlie, emma watson as sam and ezra miller as patrick. those three made the movie perfect. especially logan lerman as charlie. i could totally see him in that role and i enjoyed the movie so much. but also kate walsh and dylan mcdermott as charlies parents were a fantastic cast. i love kate walsh and dylan mcdermott and everytime i see both in a movie or series, i am a fan. so all in all i think the casting for “the perks of being a wallflower” was perfect.


2.) the cast in “the fault in our stars”


yes, i am a big fan of the movie for “the fault in our stars”. i remember going to the  premiere for this movie. i heard on facebook, that there were some seats available and you should come to the cinema. first come first serve, so i went and i got a seat. i was sooooo nervous, because it is my favorite book of all time. and here i was about to see the movie. i remember how much this movie hit me. it was the same as with the book and i was so happy about that. the whole cinema cried like a baby and it was kind of funny. but i was so happy with the casting, because every character in this book was cast perfectly. from shailene woodley as hazel, ansel elgort as augustus, nat wolff as isaac to laura dern and sam trammwell as the parents and willem dafoe as van houten. i could totally see and feel it and i am so glad, that this movie exists.


3.) dylan minette and christian navarro in “13 reasons why”


i am a big fan of the “13 reasons why” show on netflix. for very many reasons, which i will maybe discuss in another post. i talked to many people about this show and the thing i always mentioned and highlighted was the casting of dylan minette as clay and christan navarro as tony. i loooooved those two. i think they both did an amazing job in portraying these characters. i was blown away of dylan minette’s acting and how much it affected me and i loved what christian navarro did with the character tony, considering his role in the book. i liked the other casting too, but these two were perfect in my opinion!


4.) reese witherspoon in “wild”


i am a huge fan of “wild”. not just the book by cheryl strayed, but also the movie. both are different, but if you’ve read and seen them, you’ll know what i mean. but that doesn’t change the fact, that i loved reese witherspoon as cheryl. i think she did a fantastic job and i was blown away, because i cringed, i fell, what she felt and she really made me experience what she went through. this movie is tough, but i really liked it. and the fact, that reese was working with a full backpack just to show the real experience made me like her even more. she is a fantastic actress and i am happy, that she was cast in this movie.


5.) matt damon as mark watney in “the martian”


you thought i would do a post without mentioning “the martian”? ha, sorry to disappoint you, because i love matt damon as mark watney. i think he did a great job portraying like my most favorite character of all time. i like matt damon as an actor and he did so well. i enjoyed the movie very much and it was well done. but the casting was great in my opinion and made the movie very enjoyable.



honorable mention:


pretty much everybody in the “lord of the rings” movies 😀



there are many more for this list, but i am going to stop now haha. do you agree with my choices? what movies or series have the perfect cast in your opinion? let’s chat in the comments 🙂


14 thoughts on “top 5 wednesday: favorite casts for books that were adapted into movies

  1. This is such a great list! I loved the cast of Perks of Being a Wallflower, especially Logan Lerman, and I also think Nina Dobrev is amazing as Candace! I felt the same about TFIOS, I was so nervous about watching the film because I love the book so much, but I ended up really enjoying it. The whole cast were fab, especially Nat Wolff! And The Martian, I completely agree, Matt Damon is fantastic in that film (I’m not going to lie, I love Matt Damon! 😍😍) and I’m totally with you on Lord of The Rings too!! 🙂

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  2. yes Matt Damon did such a great job at capturing all of the emotions of Mark during the movie-coming to terms with the isolated, feeling the joy of solving some of his major problems like food and water, when all of his work was completely destroyed. When he had his first communication with Earth he was perfect in that scene!

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