top ten tuesday – ten books i want to read this fall

i am participating in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. this week’s topic is “top ten books on my fall tbr list“. i stopped doing tbrs, because i really never stick to them. as soon as i do them, i suddenly want to read other books. i guess it’s the pressure. i should stop making tbrs at all and never do any challenges again and just read what i want haha. easier said then done. because there are some great books piling up and i want to read them all. so as for this moment right now, these are ten books i can’t wait to read this fall. (this list could change by tomorrow, but let’s just go with it, shall we? 😀 )


“top ten books i want to read this fall”


1.) “turtles all the way down” by john green


this is one book i can say, that i will be definitely reading as soon as it’s in my hands. yes, i am looking forward to this so, so much! give it to me please! i know, i should keep my expectations down, i just can’t. aaaahhhh, someone help me!!!


2.) “words in deep blue” by cath crowley


i read a review about this book and it totally caught my attention. but i have to confess, i compeletely forgot what it’s about. yes, that happens with me and books. but it’s no problem for me, because i like going into books not knowing too much. and i mean, just look at that cover! :O it’s been sitting on my shelf and calling to me. this will happen hopefully soon.


3.) “history is all you left me” by adam silvera


this book is also staring at me, since i bought it in july. after enjoying “they both die at the end” by adam silvera, i know that i need to read this next. i am emotionally prepared, i am ready, i just need to find the time. but this will happen soon too! (i will be saying this for the next books also, so be prepared haha)


4.) “the smell of other people’s houses” by bonnie-sue hitchcock


it’s about alaska. i am fascinated by alaska. i am thinking about planning a trip there next year, so yeah, i need to read this book! also, of what i have heard so far, it’s supposed to be very good. i am so excited!


5.) “emma” by jane austen


this needs to happen in the fall, because i really want to finish my jane austen project, and “emma” is the only novel left. i am excited, because it’s the only book by her, where the main character has a different social status. so it’s going to be great to compare it to her other works.


6.) “golden son” by pierce brown


“golden son” was supposed to happen in #sequelseptember but since life got in the way, there is not much time left in september and i want to focus on the books i am really in the mood for right now. but i also don’t want to let too much time pass between “red rising” and “golden son”, so i will try to read it this fall. it surely fits with the whole october and halloween theme, so i am sure, i will be enjoying this soon.


7.) “artemis” by andy weir


i have “artemis” preordered and this will be another book that i will read immediately as soon as i have it in my hands. mr. andy weir, i hope you did great with this one, because i expect a lot! 😀


8.) “autoboyography” by christina lauren


“autoboyography” by christina lauren is a book, i immediately wanted to read as soon as i heard about it. of course i have it ordered and this will probably be read very, very soon. i am excited about the diversity and the execution of the story and also very interested in learning about utah and mormonism. this will be exciting!


9.) “big little lies” by liane moriarty


this book has been waaaaay too long on my physical tbr. i really need to read that, because every time i look at it, i want to pick it up but i am reading a different book at that time. and that sucks. i should just put it on my bed, so that there is no way around to picking it up haha.


10.) “nyxia” by scott reintgen


as soon as i’ve read some reviews about “nyxia” by scott reintgen, i knew i had to have this book. it’s already sitting on my shelf and waiting for me to be in the mood for a good sci-fi. and i know myself, this could happen like in the next five minutes hahaha.



that’s my list guys. these are some of the books i am looking forward to read in fall. as i’ve mentioned, this list could change like every day, but i know that at some point i want to get to all of these books. have you read any? which one should i start with? let me know! 🙂

37 thoughts on “top ten tuesday – ten books i want to read this fall

  1. I literally just wrote “John Green” on my hand. I keep forgetting to pre-order that book; it’s driving me crazy!
    If I forget it today as well, I’m going to take it as a sign from the world that I should never read it.. <.< [And of course want to read it even more, haha.]

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  2. I have a Jane Austen project too 😀 Emma isn’t as good as the others I think… did you read Northanger Abbey?

    I wanna read Artemis too, it sounds awesome!!

    Big Little Lies is sooo good 😁 my favorite from Liane Moriarty!

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  3. I keep forgetting about Artemis and then people mention it and I get so excited like I’m hearing about it for the first time!
    I plan to read Autoboyography next week and I’m going into it with high expectations so I hope it’s really good.

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  4. Every time I see the cover of Words in Blue, I say that I want to read it but I keep forgetting what it’s about, too LOL. I’m gonna read it one day but I guess I should figure out what it’s about, first? hah XD I haven’t read an Adam Silvera book just yet but people keep telling me I should have tissues ready so that’s something I need to mentally prep for! I’ve ordered They Both Die at the End, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve heard wonderful things about it! And I love Jane Austen. Emma is my least favorite of her works but I enjoy the movie! I hope you enjoy all these books once you manage to finally read them 😀

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