book review // “the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue” by mackenzie lee

gentlemantitle: the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue
author: mackenzie lee
genre: ya historical fiction
type: audiobook
duration: 10h 47min
start: 26.08.2017
finish: 17.09.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“We are not broken things, neither of us. We are cracked pottery mended with laquer and flakes of gold, whole as we are, complete unto each other. Complete and worthy and so very loved.”


what it’s about:
henry “monty” montague is supposed to take over his family’s estate after coming back from a year long trip through Europe. The only condition set by his father is to behave and not to let himself go. but monty has a different opinion and wants to enjoy his trip with his best friend percy, who he has a big crush on. felicity, monty’s sister is joining both on their trip, which totally gets out of control, after monty makes a decision he shouldn’t have.


what i think:
i had very high expectations for “the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue”. everybody was raving about this book. it was supposed to be hilarious and fun, but also deep. i was hooked. i wanted to try the audiobook for this, because people said, it was good. and yes, the audiobook was really good, because the narrator did an amazing job in my opinion. he could bring out the best in all the character, it was easy to follow him and i enjoyed the narration very much.

now, as for the story, i have to say i expected more. yes, it was hilarious at some points, but i wanted more. i caught myself laughing out loud a few times, but that was it. after everybody saying, that it is hilarious i expected more laughing on my side, but i didn’t get enough. there could have been so much more. but i will say, that the scene in versailles was absolutely fantastic. i laughed so much about monty’s situation, that tears were running down my face. unfortunately, that didn’t happen again.

when it comes to the characters, my favorite is definitely felicity. that girl is amazing and i loved, how there were more and more moments, where we got to know her better. i loved her personal story and how it reflected with the time back then. and boy, that girl is badass. come on! i loved the relationship between her and monty and i wish, that there would have been more.

percy was my second favorite. that guy is so cute and i totally get, why he looses his calm because of monty. i would react the same way percy does. his personal story totally shocked me, because i didn’t expect it, but i loved how he accepted the situation and lived with it. percy is a very strong character and i adored him. he didn’t deserve many things, but he managed so very well.

now as for monty, i am still not sure. i guess i am in between. of course he is hilarious and the things he does, made me laugh. but i also shook my head so many times. i don’t want to say, that monty is dumb in some situations and doesn’t think about what he is doing, but there were parts, where i wished, he would put in more thoughts on his side. sometimes i really got angry with him and i didn’t want to, because all in all he is a cute guy and the past he had, he definitely didn’t deserve. that was also a point, i wish would have ended differently, but that’s just my personal preference.

the love story in this book was cute. but it had me in rage, because of course there were situations where i screamed, that the boys should finally open their mouths and talk to each other, because it would have been so much easier. but well, i guess that belongs in ya-romances and so i could live with it. although monty’s behavior had me screaming sometimes. 😉

the general journey these guys go on was funny and of course a little ridiculous. i get why monty is pushing his way, but i also wished, that he would have listened more to percy or felicity. it’s not always about him and i thought, that he was selfish. this selfishness on the other side led to a great and fun journey, that had me on edge a couple of times and that i enjoyed very much. all the people they meet on their way were great characters and all in all, i had a lot of fun on their adventure.


what you should know:
“the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue” by mackenzie lee is a fun ya historical fiction, that will have you laugh but also on edge, because it’s suspenseful and you never know what is going to happen to the characters. the relationship between monty and percy is cute but it’s the typical ya love story, where at some points you want to shake those two, just to make it easier for them. the characters are adorable and all in all it’s a fun read. you should know, that there are talks about illness and abuse, so if you have problems with these topics, be warned.

in my opinion “the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue” is a cute and fun read, but it could have been more. i personally couldn’t connect that much with monty and i didn’t agree with his choices every time, which makes it hard for me to say, that this book was totally overwhelming. i adored felicity and percy, but i had my problems with monty. and if the narration of this audiobook wasn’t that great, i would have given this book just three stars, because it was adorable and cute, but nothing that special. at least not for me.


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24 thoughts on “book review // “the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue” by mackenzie lee

  1. I think you really captured how fun yet enraging this book is….the miscommunication drove me INSANE while setting up for some fun situations at the same time. So glad that you liked it overall, though!!

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  2. Great review! We really enjoyed this book, and after hearing so many people rave about the audio book, we want to go and listen to it too even though we just read it haha! And we are sorry you didn’t enjoy it more. It’s always a bummer when something doesn’t live up to the hype in your opinion!

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  3. I love this book so much. Monty is such a complex character. You like him but sometimes you just wanna shake him for being so ignorant or foolish haha. But I really enjoyed how the author made Monty such a convoluted character in that he was so very flawed yet sympathetic. I enjoyed the sweet, if not frustrating, romance between Percy and him, and I thought the shenanigans they got themselves into was hilarious but also surprisingly suspenseful. Such a fun read! I’m so glad you liked it! 😀

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  4. […] my review: unfortunately i didn’t love this book as much as everybody else did. yes, i loved percy and felicity. i loved the adventure plot and i loved the topics this book dealt with. but i thought it would be way more funny and i also couldn’t connect with monty that much. i only gave this 4 stars, because the narration of the audiobook was so good. read my full review here […]


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