book review // “godsgrave” by jay kristoff (spoilers)

: godsgrave
author: jay kristoff
genre: fantasy
type: paperback
pages: 437
start: 04.09.2017
finish: 16.09.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Life is pain, and loss, and sacrifice.” … “But we should welcome that pain. If it brings us salvation.”



what it’s about:
mia corverve is a blade for the red church. as an assassin she does the jobs she is supposed to do, but it doesn’t bring her closer to avenge her family. after suspecting the worst of the red church, she decides to go her own way. she gets captured as a slave to become a gladiatii to fight the ultimate fight before the people who killed her family. but becoming the ultimate champion isn’t easy and mia needs to earn her place among other slaves, that become friends and maybe even have answers to what mia is herself.


what i think:
OMG this book!! i knew, that i wouldn’t be able to put it down, once i find the time for reading it. this was one of my most anticipated books this year and boy did it deliver. jay kristoff wrote an amazing sequel for “nevernight” in “the nevernight chronicle” series. this book is full of action, full of “what the f….?” moments, sex, violence and all in all just awesome. just a small warning, i will be talking about spoilers in this review, so if you haven’t read “godsgrave”, go away! 😀

i used 52 sticky notes throughout the book, 12 of them alone for “what the f….?” moments and 5 of those in the first 50 pages. yes, it was THAT good! “godsgrave” starts a couple of months after the events in “nevernight” and i was immediately sucked into this book. at first, it was a little bit confusing, because i needed to get used to the writing style again, but this time it just took me a couple of pages and i was fully invested.

“godsgrave” is divided into three books and the first book is jumping back and forth between the past events that led to the present. that’s the only negative thing i have to say about this book and it’s not because of the jumping back and fourth, it’s because of the font. the past events are written in italic font and i hate italic font. that’s just personal preference, but i don’t like reading it and i struggle. so i was happy, that at some point the past caught up with the present.

and boy, all the events that led to this. i would have never thought to see this development. i mean, mia is such a smart character and so badass, but her working together with ashlinn blew my mind. i mean, how could she? after all ash did? until the very end of the book i was against ashlinn, because i always thought, that she will cross mia and i didn’t want that. that’s why i was always on edge. i didn’t see the romance coming at all and i was confused, but i loved it. that was amazing! these two girls together – way to go jay kristoff! but it was still hard to believe and i waited for the big bang to come. i think that was done on purpose and boy it worked out so, so good!

as for the whole gladiatii plot – how awesome was that? first of all the suspense, that led to knowing what’s going on. it was done perfectly. i didn’t know, why mia would go through all that trouble, but it made so much sense. i loved it. and i loved all the new characters. it was hard not to get emotionally attached, because we all know what happened in “nevernight”. you have to be careful. but it’s not possible. those characters are so great and what they do with mia itself is amazing. of course i was sad, when things happened, but that’s how it is with mr. kristoff guys. the plot twist in the end was a little predictable, but i was still happy about mias choice to save her friends and i loved that she didn’t go that dark. it would have surprised me and i am glad, that she proved me wrong and stayed the same person, i wanted her to be.

my favorite characters are definitely sidonious, maggot and furian. sidonious history blew my mind and i loved the whole connection between him and mia’s family. i also loved “the talk” he had with mia, because i think, that she needed that. she needed to see the truth and that her parents maybe weren’t those perfect people. maggot was so cute and her abilities blew me away. whaaat? that girl is eleven years old! come on! and furian made me furious (see what i did there?). that guy. i hated him so much, but also i loved him at the same time. he crossed mia so many times and i wanted to punch him myself. i love how jay kristoff wrote that character and his whole development made me really, really happy, because in the end my hate turned into love.

oh, let’s talk about hate/love. our dear domina leona. boy was that girl weak. she played the tough girl, but she is not. definitely. she is a scared little girl and enjoyed it so, so much when mia talked to her, like she needs to be talked to. it’s really hard to be on leona’s side, because she has can be very cruel, but i am still not sure, if this just isn’t played by her. i guess we’ll find out in the next book, because that character will definitely play a huge part of it. i am sure.

now let’s talk about the magni itself. how brilliant is mia’s idea to let herself become a slave, kill everybody on the way and win the biggest gladiatii competition ever? easy peasey right? that girl is so badass. she knows from the beginning, that she can do this and that she will do this, just to kill consul scaeve and cardinal duomo. i absolutely had no doubt, that this girl can make it. i mean, she’s mia. but all the events, that happened after the big fight, made me speechless. so much happened and i was sitting in front of my book, mouth open and couldn’t believe what i was reading. mr. kristoff, are you serious? whaaaaaaat???? you, who read this, will know what i mean. i can’t even say it, but the last pages of this book destroyed me and now i am in a place, where i need to have that last book in the series. i NEED it. NOW. GIVE IT TO ME!!!


what you should know:
“godsgrave” is the perfect sequel to a fantasy story and world, that makes fun, shocks you very often, has you on edge, makes you speechless and will blow your mind. there is so much happening in this book, that it’s hard to put it down, because you always want and need more.

it is very graphic and the violence plays a very huge part in this book. there is a lot of violence. compared with sex scenes and cursing you definitely won’t be reading a ya book here. so be warned.

but “godsgrave” is written beautifully, there will be twists and turns, that you won’t see coming, the end will leave you speechless and you will want more, because there is no time to calm down. all the nonstop action builds up so great, that it’s hard to take a breath. be prepared for shocking moments and a sequel, that is just perfect.



what did you think of “godsgrave”? did it also blow your mind? if you have more spoilery thoughts on this book and want to discuss it more detailed, write me a message. i would love to talk some more about this thing here, that is now constantly on my mind 😀


“godsgrave” on goodreads
jay kristoff on goodreads

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