one lovely blog award

wohooooooo, another award nomination! guys, you have no idea how happy i am about each and every nomination that i get. this is soooo cool! thanks so much, you make my day! ❤

this time i was nominated three times for the “one lovely blog award”. yes, three times!! say whaaaat? you shouldn’t have! but i am so happy that you did! :* first i was tagged by mischenko over @readrandrock&roll. the second nomination came from anatomy of a book thief and the third nomination came from my girl nika over @bookster. i am pretty sure you know these amazing people! if not, what are you waiting for? go check out their blogs. they are wonderful. ❤



now, after so much love, let’s jump to the award!


the rules:

  • thank the person who nominated you
  • share 7 facts about yourself
  • nominate 15 bloggers and inform them of the nomination


since i was nominated three times, i should share 21 facts about myself right? that’s a lot of facts, wow. so, i thought i would divide the facts into three groups. i will share 7 facts about my bookish life, 7 facts about my personal life and 7 random facts of things i like/dislike. let’s see, how this turns out 😀


7 bookish facts about me:

  • i was never a huge fan of hardbacks. i always wanted the floppy paperbacks. but recently my opinion has changed and i am happy about every hardback in my life. they are just so pretty…


  • if a cover is colorful and not white or black, it immediately draws my attention. i just love colors and the book will always get more attention from me, if it has bright colors on the cover.


  • i usually mark and tab the books i am reading, but sometimes i just feel like reading a book in one sitting and then i just focus my attention on that and leave the sticky notes and markers behind. (regretting it afterwards haha 😀 )


  • everytime i decide to do a book challenge or a readathon, life happens and i do not have time to read or i loose interest in the challenges and go with my mood instead. somehow it happens all the time and then i am angry at myself, why i always do that mistake 😀


  • i feel bad leaving a bookstore without a book. this is usally really rare, but when it happens, i feel bad and weird and something is totally missing 😀


  • i own a book journal, that i started in january 2017. it’s a purple, dotted leuchturm and it’s almost full. there are some challenges written down, a monthly overview page, a wrap up page and each book i read has a page dedicated to it with facts about the book, what i liked and disliked. it also had my tbr and the books i bought each month in it, but i stopped that, because let’s be honest, my tbr is out of control and who wants to keep up with chaos, right? 😀 😀 😀


  • sometimes on the weekend, i do not leave my bed, except for getting something to drink or using the bathroom. the rest of the day i spent lying in bed with a book in my hands. i do social media breaks, but usually i just read all day and these are the days i love so so soooo much! ❤



7 personal facts about me:

  • i have never broken a bone in my body, which i am very happy about. that’s the worst thing i can imagine.


  • i am really afraid of the dentist. i hate it. it gives me panic attacks. every time i have an appointment, i can’t sleep and i am anxious and it’s really, really bad!


  • when i was in the usa, i went skydiving. it was a one time thing and i was scared, but it was such a great feeling and the memory that i have, will always make me think of it. i would never do it again, because for me that’s a memory i want to cherish and if i would do it again, it wouldn’t be special anymore.


  • i am still working for the company, that i started my first job with after my studies 8 years ago. a lot of things changed and i developed many skills, but i am still here and love my job!


  • my two cats, paulchen & pippi, kind of saved my life two years ago, when i got them. i was in a really bad situation and i knew, that i need to change a lot of things in my life and then they came around and everything turned out great. i love those two so much and i can’t even describe what they give me every day! ❤



  • i stopped counting how many times i have moved houses in my life. it was a lot, really a lot. that’s why i don’t have a childhood home to look back on or anything. my home will always be my family. it’s always them i come back to and never a place.


  • i am kind of scared of the dark. i do not like sleeping when it’s completely dark, i do not like being outside when it’s dark, i just don’t like the dark in general. i am a person who gets scared very easily and i hate it. that’s why i always prefer daylight to nighttime, because i can see things haha 😀 i do enjoy a sky full of stars, i just always feel uncomfortable being in the dark.



7 random facts about me:

  • i love socks! i am obsessed with socks. i buy socks on each shopping trip i go and i just can’t have enough!



  • i love mugs! 😀 yes, i am also obsessed with mugs. my kitchen slowly has no space for them anymore, but i love a good mug and since i drink a lot of coffee and tea, i need a great mug collection to drink it from, right? right? 😀



  • i am a coffeejunkie, which you all should know by now. but what you may not know is, that i hate cold coffee. i can’t drink that. ice coffee, or anything coffee tasty, that is cold, i hate it so much! bleh!


  • i am a hoodie person. i usually dress very casual and as long as it’s comfortable, it’s for me. i would love being in sweatpants all day, but unfortunately that’s not possible. so i wear hoodies. i own a lot of hoodies. i think i have a hoodie in every possible color. a girl needs her choices!


  • the same goes for sunglasses, which is why that gif is so perfect. i think i own around 40 sunglasses. they were not expensive, just some random sunglasses, that i pick up, whenever i can. i have them in each color to of course match my hoodie and converse chucks. i am a color coordinator when it comes to my outfits and it works very well for me haha 😀


  • i am a bath person. i love taking baths. i hate the shower because i am always cold. brrrr. nope, thank you. a long, hot bath, music and a good book, that’s my thing!


  • i have a desk in my living room, that has a great working space, including two big screens for me to work. i can be very productive there and do so many cool things. the only thing is, that i never use it hahaha 😀



alright guys, i think you should probably know everything about me by now hahaha. i hope you liked all those facts about me! 🙂


here are my nominations:


28 thoughts on “one lovely blog award

  1. Congratulations! ❤❤❤ I love your answers so much!! Skydiving is such a brave thing to do, I’m so impressed! I also love coffee and my mug collection slowly gets out of control too… so I can totally relate there 😂 thank you so much for nominating me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats, Alex!! Wow, you don’t like iced coffee, didn’t know that!😀 Neither do I, in fact. Even during summer, I prefer hit coffee to iced coffee.☕ I don’t know what it is, but I probably don’t like it getting weak and watery as the ice melts🤔

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha thank you for the tag 💕💖 i loved your answers 🙂 ps: I’m also on the no broken bones train lol however I do believe one of these days my toddler daughter is going to break my nose lol 😂 in one of her ‘love attacks’ and head-but me on the nose lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A weekend in bed reading sounds amaaazing right now. If only it were Friday haha. And I’m the exact same with readathons- I want to do them but then something happens or I don’t have enough time. Also, I feel kind of intimidated by them, because I’m not a super fast reader and probably wouldn’t achieve as much as other people seem to so it deters me. Which is a dumb reason, so hopefully I get to do one some day. Thank you for tagging me!! These were fun to read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi honey bunny!!! Thanks so much for the nomination – I’ve been so MIA lately, given that I’m moving in just 2 days! Yikes!
    OMG, same here – I was just at the bookstore the other day and I was about to walk out, knowing that I shouldn’t buy anything since I won’t be able to take it with me to France… Just as I was leaving I was all like “No, this just feels WRONG.” So I went back and ended up buying Girl in Pieces.
    Awww – your kitties are so delicate – I’m sending them 1093384389739847937593 billion virtual cuddles! ❤


  6. Thank you for the nomination! ❤ I'll try to get to this asap.

    I just bought 400 new post-its just for my book marking habit. I just have to mark my thoughts at that point in post-it and put it in the book. If I don't, I'm like a lost puppy after finishing the book, like I don't know what I was thinking, lol 😀
    I too fear dentist a lot! I can't even take my kids for their check ups, they always go with my own mom. I just can't get myself there even when I know it's not my appointment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • you’re welcome! 🤗

      haha, i know the marking habit! i also recently bought like 1000 post-its, because i have a color code and i need them! the yellow ones (which is an important development or plot twist) are always out the first haha 😂😂

      oh, i totally get that! i couldn’t do that too. and showing the kids your fear is probably a bad idea so it’s good that your mom takes them! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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